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20 June 2007

28 May 2008
Here is a news item for John Yates-Smith.

If you think it’s miserable in Britain at the moment, come to sunny Val d’Isère! There may be fresh snow up high, but here in the valley there’s bottomless rain, and several streams have already burst their banks. Of particular interest to our photographer, who’d left the keys in the Land Rover while he took the photo, was the fact that someone got in it and drove off! You’d have to be a naïve villain to nick a bright yellow car with a top speed of about 60 mph at one end of a single road, the other end of which passes the Gendarmerie at Bourg St Maurice! Almost as thick as the gang who held up the bakery on the last day of the season and made off with the takings. They were all arrested the next day. Their leader was a sacked employee. Not only had several motorists taken the number of the Twingo (his) zooming down the hill full of masked men, but it was noticed that they had tied up all the shop assistants except one – the evil genius’s girlfriend! Bit of a giveaway…

21 May 2008
I hope you are all well

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer so far. The planning for next winter is now up and running so anyone with fixed dates please send them along and I’ll book you in. We’ve already had a couple of bookings so don’t wait! Millie learnt to ride her bike last weekend, Chris and Suzanne are stopping by for a BBQ on Friday night, and I’m looking forward to the Champions League Final tonight. Olivier and JM are in the middle of their tour in Mongolia and we wish them luck for a safe and wonderful adventure. And Happy Birthday to you Andreas!

8 May 2008
If you ever need a break

If you ever need a break, Jacques and Sophie own a small hosteria , 150km. south of Bariloche (a ski resort where Bambi was filmed) in Patagonia on the Argentinean side. I have been there myself as it was a good stepping stone to the Patagonian Ice Cap which has the third biggest extension of continental ice after Antarctica . It’s as far as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid made it to. A fabulous part of the world, extremely scenic and wild with many possibilities and good value as well. Jacques is also a UIAGM certified mountain guide who “has a few tricks up his sleeve” and for myself and Suzanne its hopefully to the Australian far west for a tour of duty and I will be back.

6 May 2008
The last day of the season

The last day of the season was short but sweet as we had a minimum freeze and had to move quickly. I skied the Lavachet followed by a superb Sachette then the Altiport/Familial to finish the best season in fifteen years or so. Ray drove back with me as I raced back to England to spend the Bank Holiday with Gill, Millie and Katie, which was a lovely day and a wonderful reunion after three weeks without them. Thanks Ray for setting us up on Broadband and Wii-Fi, what a difference. Anyway, stay tuned for periodic news throughout the summer months and before we know it, winter won’t be far away!

5 May 2008
There was an armed robbery yesterday evening

There was an armed robbery yesterday evening just before closing time at the boulangerie (bakery) in the main street of Val d’Isere. Everyone was apparently tied up so that the robbers got away! Business was as usually today although everyone was on tender hooks so to speak…

4 May 2008
May 3 and 4

Red Ray 60 days in total! Well done. Lavacher, Sache, Super Cocaine and the Altiport were the choice for Wayne these last few days as they were spotless. Henry did a Mont Roupe for a photo shoot with Mark Junak yesterday. Whilst Chris and Suzanne skied the Lores yesterday and went up to the source de l’Isere for their last day. All in all perhaps the best winter season in the last fifteen years……..

2 May 2008
Andreas finished his season this morning

Andreas finished his season this morning in style as we had superb spring snow conditions in Tignes. The clientele in Val d’Isere at the moment are skiing everywhere and at the wrong time leaving a wake of ugly, un-skiable slopes behind them, but fortunately Tignes is ‘clean’ compared to the mess up at the Fornet and around the classic spring slopes. I’ve two more days to ski and I’ll probably spend them in the same area as we skied today. Chris and Suzanne had a huge day together as the ‘skinned’ to the Col du Montet then continued up to the Grande Aiguille Rousse. They had great snow all the way down, lunched at the refuge and then walked out on the summer path, arriving home around 3:30 PM. Well done! I’m busy packing and cleaning in preparation for a quick get-away Sunday after skiing to spend the UK Monday holiday with Gill, Millie and Katie. Michele has made a surprise last minute visit with her 8-month old baby Cassias and it’s great to see her after a two-year absence. Tomorrow’s forecast looks good with another sunny day in store and fingers crossed for another good freeze.

1 May 2008
Well, it didn't snow 30 cm's

Well, it didn’t snow 30 cm’s but we had between 10 and 15 cm’s and a fabulous ski up at the Fornet. Between us we skied off the Laisinant, the Combe du Signal, the Grand Vallon, the big slopes between the Grand Vallon and the Vallonet, the Combe du 3300, the Pays Desert, the Col Pers, the Spatule, and the Familial. Not too bad a morning! Hopefully it will stay sunny for the next few days and freeze at night and I’ll be a happy man. Chris finished today and will now do a bit of touring with Suzanne while Andreas finishes his season tomorrow, and I’m skiing until the end of the season, which is only three skis away. It has been a stunning season and even though the end is near and I’m ready for it, I’m going to miss it. Sadly there has been an accident involving a group of six tourers near the Pointe Basei on the French Italian border only a few kilometers from the Fornet sector of Val d’Isere.The accident happened on the last day of April.

Sports Report- What a tense match last night as Chelsea set up a great showdown with United in Moscow on May 21st. And what a final two matches of the Premiership with the title on the line, the relegation scrap far from over, and a battle for European places going on as well. Brilliant!

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