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20 June 2007

31 December 2008
The morning turned out much better than expected

The morning turned out much better than expected as the visibility was good while light snow fell and there was a fresh cushion of snow giving us a soft ‘feel’ again. I headed to the Motte with Stephen and Emily C, and Christian for his first ski with ‘Alpine’, and he did brilliantly. The rest of the team went to the Fornet and had some lovely snow in the gullies and a good trip through the gorge. TJ started yesterday and is going well, and Pietro is back for a week. Five to twenty-five cm’s are forecast so cross your fingers. We’re off to Penny’s so Happy New Year!

30 December 2008
Today was very similar to yesterday

Today was very similar to yesterday visibility-wise but the wind wasn’t nearly so cold. The best light was towards the Sache so most of us headed that way skiing mostly soufflé dur and doux with a few patches of frisset in which to leave ‘Alpine’ tracks. I had a little ski with Millie this afternoon and she’s gaining confidence again and will be back on top of it before too long. Rumour has it we may see some light snow this evening, which would be wonderful. (I’ll sign off and go help Ray install the shower.)

29 December 2008
We awoke to grey skies and strong winds

We awoke to grey skies and strong winds and were expecting the worse with -17C at altitude but we broke through the clouds and our spirits brightened immediately. Although it was cold just being able to see made all the difference and we headed towards the Motte knowing we needed winded supporting snow to have any chance of skiing off-piste. As it turned out it was a surprisingly good day with some excellent strips of soufflé doux and soufflé dur and I think everyone enjoyed the morning. The flat-light that was forecast today is now unfortunately on the cards for tomorrow.

28 December 2008
It was one of the coldest days of the season so far

It was one of the coldest days of the season so far under clear blue skies, which helped spiritually as least. Chris, Jean Marc and I all headed to the Fornet and skied the Pays Desert before going over the Col. We searched out strips of supporting snow and took every bit of snow available and had a pretty good morning skiing. It’s tough at the moment but the skiing is still interesting and everyone is enjoying themselves as we wait for fresh snow. I skied with Millie this afternoon for her first outing of the season and we didn’t seem to notice how cold it was. Good girl! Richard H had a drinks party tonight although we couldn’t go, but thanks on behalf of all those who made it Richard. The main highlights of my day besides skiing with Millie were the Hammers winning again for the second time in three days, and TJ showing up in time for supper and a couple of drinks. He’s on good form and looking forward to starting day after tomorrow. Light snow is forecast overnight with the possibility of flat-ish light tomorrow. Ugly!

27 December 2008
Unfortunately the strong winds over the past few days have done some serious damage!

Unfortunately the strong winds over the past few days have done some serious damage and our powder wonderland has taken on the look of a winded wasteland. With it our expectations have changed and we had a really good morning hunting for snow that was safe to ski and as enjoyable as possible. Chris and I started in the Combe du Signal and found our way down on soufflé mixed in with a few soft snow turns. We then had some good turns en route to the Col Pers where again we skied supporting snow mixed in with snow where we could leave ‘Alpine’ tracks. The exit through the gorge was superb with lovely soft winded snow that you could turn in. Travelling through the gorge has never been so easy and to actually ski it instead of side-slipping, stemming, and avoiding other obstacles is a real treat. Anyway, we made the most of the tricky conditions but some new snow would be welcome although a couple more sunny days are forecast. Jean Marc ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours but I haven’t heard a report and Andreas had the day off. TJ arrives tomorrow for six weeks and Pietro is back skiing in the morning. Gill, Millie and Katie arrived and after a day of organising will be skiing tomorrow afternoon. I almost forgot to mention West Ham’s 4-1 win away to Portsmouth, which made my trip to the airport even sweeter.

26 December 2008
The first impression this morning was one that made you want to stay in bed

The first impression this morning was one that made you want to stay in bed. It was grey and the wind was howling with temperatures of -17C at the summit of Bellevarde. Fortunately the skies cleared and we could see, which helped us deal with 80kph winds and the coldest day of the season. I expected some snow to have blown in here and there but with a very limited opening there really wasn’t much to do off-piste this morning. We tried a few sorties but spent most of the morning skiing superbly groomed pistes. The forecast is for clear and cold weather tomorrow with the wind abating somewhat. I’m now off to tidy up before heading to Lyon to pick up the girls.

25 December 2008
Merry Christmas to you all and all of us at ‘Alpine’

Merry Christmas to you all and all of us at ‘Alpine’ hope that you’ve really enjoyed your day. We had flat-light, light snow and a punchy fhoen wind to deal with when we were expecting another sunny day. JM, Chris and I stayed low and skied some great snow on the Lavachet and continued down into the forest before ‘skinning’ back out. After that we had a good Familial out near the altiport, where yesterday a light airplane nearly landed on us. It scared the hell out of the pilot as he passed only a few metres above our head. It is forecast to clear tonight and turn a little colder. Ray and I haven’t quite finished our building work but it isn’t because of a lack of trying. Thanks Ray as 27 afternoons in a row is beyond the call of duty! Gill, Millie and Katie arrive tomorrow night, Jean Marc’s family should be here this evening, and Suzanne arrived in London this morning. If there is no update tomorrow it’s because I’m off to Lyon to pick up my little darlings.

24 December 2008
What a day we savoured again today

What a day we savoured again today. It has been an outstanding season so far and although we now need to walk, but we ‘skinned’ to superb snow again today. JM, Chris and I had a wonderful Glacier Pers, which was especially wonderful because we skied all the way to the valley floor and exited through the gorge. The gorge hasn’t been passable at this time of year for twenty-five years or so but at the moment you could drive a tank through it. Andreas’ group climbed to the Col des Fours to find fantastic snow as well, which Andreas rated at 10/10. Result! Henry skied with a lovely group of five Norwegian women and hasn’t been heard from since! Sun is forecast for tomorrow before clouding in during the afternoon with some very light snow on Friday before turning sunny and cold again on Saturday.

23 December 2008
We had another warm and sunny day

We had another warm and sunny day and the ‘Alpine’ teams spread ourselves out around the area. Andreas and Henry went down to Ste Foy to hike the ridge and ski the Foglietta, Chris skied the Col Pers, Jean Marc skied the Lavachet then ‘skinned’ back out and my team skied Mont Roup. It was Gideon’s first time to Mont Roup and he thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and great snow. All the teams had a really good outing today and the warm sunny weather is forecast to continue for another couple of days at least. We are starting to think about trying the gorge as it’s looking pretty full after the last snow storm with a couple of metres of snow falling at that end of the valley. (Still, a reliable report would be nice before heading in there!) I’ll let you know how we get on tomorrow.

22 December 2008
The sun was out in full force again today

The sun was out in full force again today and the had a beautiful day with brilliant sunshine and mild temperatures. Chris and I started off with an excellent Lavachet followed by our first Sachette of the season. The wind has done some serious damage back there but we managed strips of frisset up top, then needed to traverse high to avoid trickier snow before finding very good snow on the bottom third. Andreas had a Swedish family and skied the Chardonnay en route to the Sachette and we all finished with a great Familial. Jean Marc ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup and skied wonderful snow with his initiation group who he met canyoning this summer. It is now definitely ‘walkies’ time and I was about to give you a list of possibilities but have changed my mind as you’d be surprised about who all reads this blog. I forgot to mention that Millie is rather pleased with herself has she’s jumped from Level Two to Level Five in reading and has won an award from the Head Teacher. Well done Millie! Sun is forecast for the next couple of days with the possibility of a little snow on Friday.

21 December 2008
Chris and I headed towards Tignes

Chris and I headed towards Tignes when we received intelligence that the Signal Poma at the Fornet was going to open in the afternoon so we did a u-turn and backtracked to the Fornet via the front of the Borsat and the Epaule du Charvet in very good snow. Jean Marc had ‘skinned’ into the Grand Vallon yesterday and reported excellent skiing so our plan was to ‘skin’ up and ski the grand Vallon before the lifts opened. Fortunately for us they opened the Signal just as we arrived (we really didn’t want the walk anyway) and we profited with three superb Grand Vallon’s followed by three equally good if not deeper Combe du Signal’s. It was a magic ‘maximum-turn’ morning and it wasn’t a surprise to see Jean Marc ‘sniffing’ about as well. After a cloudy start we’ve enjoyed a beautifully sunny day with mild temperatures, which are forecast to remain until Friday. Today was so good it almost makes me forget about the Hammers heartbreaker against Villa yesterday, which was made worse by me watching it live. Cruel it was! Ray and I had a major session on our building project this afternoon as time is running out with Gill, Millie, and Katie arriving on Friday. Andreas had a lovely ski today in Ste Foy with his daughter Ness, who will be turning four soon. Stay tuned for more powder news tomorrow!

20 December 2008
It was a stunning morning with red glowing light around

It was a stunning morning with red glowing light around 7:30AM with it forecast to close in during the morning. Fortunately the skies remained clear and we profited with another great morning of skiing. Chris and I had an excellent Borsat Nord with great ambience followed by some really good skiing in Tignes. The wind has worked the snow so there is a real mix of conditions from perfect powder down low in protected areas to tougher but very pleasurable winded snow, to strips of frisset where you most needed them. I’d like to give Andrew who skied with me this morning for the first time and did extremely well and Paul who has been skiing with Chris the last two days. Andreas skied the Tour du Charvet before where it was winded up top but wonderful towards the bottom and then skied the Arselle as the Manchet Chair opened today. Thomas is on piste with private clients and JM is here for another two weeks after finishing with the Ski Club followed by his touring week.

19 December 2008
Today was very similar to yesterday.......

Today was very similar to yesterday except the visibility wasn’t quite as good. Still, we had another fine morning of skiing with Chris and I skiing in Tignes, Andreas skied up at the Fornet and Jean Marc and Olivier ‘skinned’ to the Balmes des L’Ours followed by Mont Roup. JM reports Mont Roup as being exceptional and a great reward for their touring team who have been bogged down in snow most of the week. It has remained cold with a northerly wind, which is starting to work the snow but hopefully we’ll get good vision tomorrow.

18 December 2008
Wow, what a day!

Wow, what a day! The snow dried out nicely and with the sun making a surprise appearance we had a superb ‘maximum-turn’ session this morning. The avalanche risk remains high so we took it cautiously but still managed a warm-up off the Verte, followed by a stunning Borsat Nord down into Tignes, then a Grande Motte from the top down to the Leisse, a Cairn, and quick one in the bottom of the Combe des Lanches before finishing with a Familial. Olivier and Jean Marc did some touring from the Chalet Colinn above the Franchet and after a tough week being snowed in they’ll have really appreciated getting out and doing some ‘skinning’. Andreas and Thomas have privates at the moment and TJ arrives on the 28th for six weeks. Gill, Millie and Katie arrive on Boxing Day so Ray and I have a looming deadline to finish our building project, good luck to us! We should get some decent visibility tomorrow but temperatures are forecast to rise significantly on Sunday for several days, which will ruin the skiing short-term, but will help purge the mountain and stabilise the snowpack.

17 December 2008
With slightly colder temperatures and a welcomed ‘light-bulb’ in the sky

With slightly colder temperatures and a welcomed ‘light-bulb’ in the sky we enjoyed much lighter snow with decent visibility. We stayed up high all morning as the snow at the bottom of the resort is really deep and heavy while the snow upstairs was proper powder today. The Fountaine Froide was excellent as was the Grand Pre and Olivier was skiing the same sector having brought his team up from the Chalet Colinn. They been snowed in and have needed to ‘skin’ in and out of their Chalet. I skied this afternoon with Mike, Julie, Caroline and Robert and with improving visibility we didn’t finish until 5PM. Hopefully after 150 to 200cm’s of snow it will clear up for tomorrow because enough is enough and I wouldn’t bet against having the gorge being passable soon as the Fornet has had even more snow than the village. The town is finally getting back to normal as the roads and parking lots have been cleared and stranded cars have been towed making for better circulation for the delivery trucks and buses. Anyway, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

16 December 2008
The snow continues in this incredible winter wonderland

The snow continues in this incredible winter wonderland and the good news is we could ski today. It was hard work but we managed a full morning to stave off the potential cabin fever. Not much was open so we skied around La Daille and the best snow was actually up high where it was wind compressed and you could ‘cream’ around in it. As soon as it went deep it was seriously hard work, and if you fell a helping hand was needed. I forgot to mention the black flags around town yesterday; it’s been awhile since the solid black avalanche flag has been hoisted. Lighter snow is forecast and colder temperatures tonight should make for an easier day tomorrow.

15 December 2008
It snowed 105cm’s overnight and continued through most of the day

It snowed 105cm’s overnight and continued through most of the day. The road to the Fornet has been closed all-day after an avalanche across the road and Chris has been snowed in at the Laisinant. I haven’t seen this much snow in many a year and it has been rather spectacular. Unfortunately the lifts were closed all-day as the pisteurs main priority has been securing the village. More snow is forecast tonight so who knows what tomorrow will bring? Andreas says it was sunny today in Bourg, which just shows how important this micro-climate we have up against the Italian border is, giving us the most reliable snow record in Europe. Thanks to all you Man U fans and Jimmy Thomas for e-mailing their congratulations and thanks for the Hammers excellent 1-1 draw with Chelsea yesterday. And a great win for the Steelers as well!

14 December 2008
The fhoen wind this morning was gusting to 100kph

December 14th.
The fhoen wind this morning was gusting to 100kph and the only lift open was the Funival. It didn’t snow overnight so there was very little to do except stay on piste and do a little technique. I lasted until 11:00, Andreas skied until 11:30, and Chris stayed out until 12:45 with Robert and Caroline, bravo! It’s always worth a trip to the top during these storms just to experience how rough it can be. Oliver and JM have a touring week so they drove down to Ste. Foy to ‘skin up’ in the trees. The station is still closed so they probably had a pretty good time down there. Well done boys! It started to snow heavily during the afternoon and 50 to 80 cm’s are expected towards the Fornet but the wind is forecast to continue through the night and into tomorrow. With the new snow we’ll at least have something to ski if the lifts open tomorrow morning.

13 December 2008
The sun was out again today and Radio Wil announced -7.5C at 8AM

The sun was out again today and Radio Wil announced -7.5C at 8AM. It was game-on again for another superb morning of wonderful powder skiing. Andreas, Chris and I started off the Verte en route to an excellent Lavachet, followed by the Sache and Familial, all in outstanding snow. Olivier took his Ski Club group ‘skinning’ to the Col des Fours and Lores and Oli reported great skiing. I’m not too sure what Jean Marc skied and Thomas has a private with some long-time clients. Andreas came over this afternoon get us started laying the floor and it looks great, thanks Andreas! A fhoen wind has started to blow and the forecast isn’t brilliant for the next couple of days but lets hope our run of fabulous powder skiing isn’t coming to an end. My dad phoned from Canada and informs me that there were some interesting results in the Premiership so I’m now going on-line to check them out. God help my Hammers tomorrow!

12 December 2008
We awoke to fog and low-hanging cloud this morning

We awoke to fog and low-hanging cloud this morning but it was one of those days when you felt it may be clearer at altitude. Sure enough, we broke through the cloud bank and it was game on for a superb morning of exceptional powder snow. David R, Peter and Clare C, and Tony W all skied their first morning of the season with Andreas and they had a wonderful time to and from the Motte. Clare Campbell has made a giant leap in her technique and confidence and it showed in their team’s tracks, bravo! Chris also started his season in style with John F and his pal Billy, who is a real character and new to ‘Alpine’, along with Paul and Fiona L. My team pleased me immensely today as John and Margaret were brilliant (at 71-years-of-age), Phil did the business, Jean R was cool and calm, and Red Ray was light on his feet. (You can tell I’ve had a few drinks, n’est pas?) It was pretty much a ‘maximum-turn’ session in stunning snow and for example my team skied off the Verte, the Borsat Nord and bits to the bottom, two off the Leisee, one from the top of the Motte where we had a slope of 135-turns, then a Cairn followed by the Familial to finish. It was that type of morning for all the teams. I’m not too sure what JM and Olivier skied with their Ski Club teams but there is no doubt that they had similar outings. Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as there is some great snow a waiting. (Bummer about walking from the cinema to the Gourmadine)

11 December 2008
Very little snow fell last night but the good news was.......

Very little snow fell last night but the good news was the visibility was excellent for a grey, cloudy day. Being able to see made all the difference as we could find fresh snow of the highest quality. JM and Olivier skied the Chardonnay, the Sache and the Familial with their Ski Club groups, while I skied the Fountaine Froide, the Borsat, the Chardonnay and the Familial to finish. The season so far has been wonderful and we’ve had some of the best early-season skiing that I can ever remember. Snow is forecast over the next few days and hopefully our luck will hold as far as the light goes. Please note the news above about the new bus system the village is implementing for the World Cup races and World Championships.

10 December 2008
Five to ten centimetres fell overnight

Five to ten centimetres fell overnight and we were greeted with light snow falling and flat-light this morning. The worry was that it didn’t snow enough to cover old tracks and with white-out conditions it could have been a tough ski. Instead, some places seemed to accumulate 10 to 15 cm’s and other places the wind helped to smooth over the tracks leaving a nice creamy feel’. To top it off the light wasn’t too bad either and we all had a pretty good day skiing. JM and Oli were up at the Fornet and had some great snow in the Grand Vallon while Andreas, Thomas, and Kristina had some fun on the Arselle before heading to up the Fornet. I skied around Bellevarde before venturing towards the Combe des Lanches via the Borsat Nord. Pietro leaves tomorrow but returns in ten days time while Chris arrives this evening and is dining at Chez Rob Cochran and we all look forward to seeing him tomorrow. Good luck to my darling Millie who has her nativity play at school tomorrow. For the second year in a row she has somehow been cast as an angel, bless her! The round-a-bout near the tourist office is a complete mess as a stage is being built for a ‘Razor-Light’ concert Saturday evening. (I’ve never heard of them but any live music will do). It’s still snowing lightly at 11:00PM and should continue for the next few days.

9 December 2008
Jean Ribart opened his account this morning

Jean Ribart opened his account this morning at the Fornet skiing the Combe du Signal, Pays Desert and Col Pers in wonderful snow, and he is very happy to be back. It took him until the Col Pers to realise that his boots were in ‘walk-mode’ but it takes awhile on the first day of the season to remember how to dress, what pockets you use, where your goggles are, that sort of thing. Jean Marc skied the Lavachet and Sache this morning with his Ski Club team and reported great skiing and I haven’t heard from the rest of the boys. Snow is forecast tonight and I heard a rumour that the snow will continue until Sunday. Stay tuned!

8 December 2008
The 8th was another sunny day with outstanding snow conditions

The 8th was another sunny day with outstanding snow conditions. I started with the Face du Charvet, which was superb, followed by a very good Tour du Charvet and then we finished with a great run off the front of the Borsat. John and Margaret picked up joint ‘skier of the morning awards’ for solid performances on the Face. Henry was lucky enough to arrive at the Signal Poma just as they opened it for he season, and Andreas, Jean Marc, Olivier, Pietro, Thomas, and guest guides Sebastien and Didier all had brilliant outings. Pietro and Fiona ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup and had a stunning ski without another soul in sight. I’d like to remind everyone about Louise who has taken over Sue’s Bonne Sante, as she is excellent and has a very good team with her as well. Thanks Louise for the treatment over the past few days. Ray and I went down the valley and spent three hours in a builder’s merchants choosing everything we hopefully need to finish our project. Unfortunately for me after a perfect day I decided to watch a woeful West Ham lose to Tottenham, who are starting to look a pretty tough side. More sun is forecast for tomorrow.

7 December 2008
It would have been a 'powder frenzy' today except the resort is still quiet

It would have been a ‘powder frenzy’ today except the resort is still quiet, and we continued to ski great snow without pressure from other pleasure seekers. Pietro and I headed to Tignes via the Verte and Borsat and had great skiing in the Combe des Lanches and off the Genepy. It was hard work as being first onto slopes meant breaking trail at the bottom and Pietro and I shared the trail-breaking. Thanks Pietro! After a few days in white-out conditions it was nice to see the sun again and more of the same is forecast for tomorrow.

Sports Report- I’m pretty happy in my sporting world at the moment as the Calgary Flames have been winning of late, the Steelers are doing well, the Suns are winning a few basketball games, and the Hammers have kept three clean sheets in a row. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed anyone!

6 December 2008
It snowed another 15 to 20 cm's overnight, with less wind and colder temperatures

It snowed another 15 to 20 cm’s overnight, with less wind and colder temperatures that dried out yesterdays tougher snow, and the result was a superb morning of powder skiing. It continued to snow during the morning but the visibility was slightly better than yesterday and Derek and Paul enjoyed a stunning start to their seasons. Pietro is skiing with Fiona and Andreas was skiing this morning as well, while Olivier and Jean Marc start on Monday. Today is the start of JM’s photo exhibition but the road to the Franchet is closed because of snow, so we’ll have to stop by another day. His exhibition runs all season long so do try and see it sometime this winter. The forecast is for blue sky tomorrow and I for one am looking forward to it!

5 December 2008
The snow arrived and 25 to 30 cm's fell overnight

The snow arrived and 25 to 30 cm’s fell overnight but unfortunately is was accompanied by wind. Very little open during the day and our only option was the Solaise Express, and the snow on piste was deep and pretty tricky to say the least. Instead of one run we did two as I needed to return to pick up my pole that I left dangling on the top of a three or four metre drop, but it could have been worse. Once up Bellevarde the skiing was much better but it would have been easier without the flat-light and wind. It started to brighten towards the end of the morning and we finished off with a couple of excellent runs down the Combe at the bottom of the Familial and all in all it was a very good morning. We had a very good ‘drinks’ session at the Blue Note, with Gillian and Robert finishing a great week and Derek, Paul W, and Penny just arriving. Derek is rather pleased with himself as he’s developing a reputation as being an early season ‘snow god’. Good on you Derek! I’m off to bed now as fatigue and beer is catching up with me. A demain!

4 December 2008
The sky was much clearer than forecast this morning.......

The sky was much clearer than forecast this morning, especially towards the Fornet so it was time for our first Col Pers of the season. We had the place to ourselves, from the bus to the only ones on the cable car, and we didn’t see anyone else until meeting a lady walking near the Pont St. Charles. On top of the solitude, the snow was wonderful from top to bottom, and John, Margaret, Ray and Robert left perfect tracks on a clean canvas. It’s a privilege to be here at this time of year and what a reward for those who are here at the moment. It was forecast to close in over the morning and start snowing this afternoon with 50 cm’s expected by morning, but it cleared slightly towards the end of the morning and as I write at 3:30PM there is too much blue sky about. Never mind, there is still time for the snow to arrive before the morning.

3 December 2008
The sun wasn't expecting this morning and it was a pleasant surprise to open the curtains to blue sky!

The sun wasn’t expecting this morning and it was a pleasant surprise to open the curtains to blue sky. We profited with another fantastic morning of powder skiing around the Motte and finished off with a great non-stop run from the top of the Funicular in Tignes to the bottom. Tomorrow’s forecast is for light cloud in the morning, light snow in the afternoon, and moderate snow during the night. Yahoo! I met Victor last night an had a cuddle with him and you forget how tiny and light 4-week-old babies are. He is a delightful little fellow and Ness is wonderful with him and obviously in love with her little brother. Tansy is doing really well and there new loft-conversion is looking fantastic. Pietro rolled in this evening and it was great to see him as well. Oli and Jean Marc will be arriving in the next day or two, while Chris arrives on the 10th. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

2 December 2008
What a day! The extra cushion of overnight snow made all the difference

What a day! The extra cushion of overnight snow made all the difference, combined with sunshine and my buoyant mood after West Ham’s excellent point away to Liverpool. It was our first ‘maximum-turn’ session of the season and we were totally on our own as the resort is empty. The sunshine was welcome after yesterday’s ‘head-plant’ in the flat-light and the snow today was of a totally different quality. As usual it was wonderful to look around the mountain and see our ‘signature’ standing out in trackless areas. It’s Red Ray’s first time ever skiing at this time of year, and along with John, Margaret, and Robert it was a morning to savour. The weather forecast is a little on-and-off for the rest of the week so hopefully we’ll get some visibility again tomorrow.

1 December 2008
We had our first flat-light day of the season and with it I picked up the 'splat du jour' award for a 'park and fly'

We had our first flat-light day of the season and with it I picked up the ‘splat du jour’ award for a ‘park and fly’. It was a horrid start to my day, which drained some early morning confidence. It didn’t snow enough overnight to cushion the tricky snow underneath so it wasn’t the easiest of mornings but tomorrow should be better as it snowed lightly during the day and sun is forecast for the morning.

Sports Report- What a Premiership season we have going this year. Arsenal did Man U a massive favour yesterday by beating Chelsea at the Bridge with two late goals and the bottom of the table is incredibly tight as well. I’m a little worried for the Hammers tonight as they travel to Liverpool. After last weeks draw against Fulham and the carrot of first place dangling in front of their noses, I fear Liverpool will be really up for it.

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