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20 June 2007

31 January 2009
We awoke to clear skies again and -10C in the village at 8AM.

We awoke to clear skies again and -10C in the village at 8AM. The teams spread themselves out around the resort as Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with Ian K’s group, TJ chose the Glacier Pers for Hound-Dog, Sandy, and Stuart’s last morning, while Chris and Tejina skied Mont Roup. Thomas did a tour out wide in the Pays Desert and I’m not too sure what Jean Marc was up to today. My team skied 126-turns on the Rosolin before ‘skinning’ up towards the summit of the Pramecou and all the groups had excellent snow again this morning. The forecast is for a change of weather tomorrow with the wind picking up and clouds rolling in, but whether or not we’ll see some snow by morning is another story. (I’m off now to have a ski with Millie and will continue after the Premiership results) And what a cracking great ski with Millie as we did seven runs on the new Marmottes Express before skiing down and home on the ’avalanche run’, which passes under the Funival. We saw Philip G and his son Cameron en-route so it was nice to have another naughty Dad in the area. Anyway, Millie is flying and loving it! Our only hic-cup was a boarder pulling out without looking and Millie clipping the front of his board and catapulting herself half-way across the Diebold. No harm done and no tears so it was a good learning experience. And to finish off a great day the Hammers drew 0-0 away to Arsenal to pick up a valuable point after four straight wins. Hats off to ten-man Stoke as well for a brilliant 1-0 win against a very expensive Man City!

30 January 2009
Radio Will announced -8C in town this morning......

Radio Will announced -8C in town this morning with it forecast to heat up significantly during the day. Will missed his calling and should have been a political reporter/comedian as his opinions on people such as George Bush are incredibly cutting and witty, and as far as I’m concerned, spot on. Anyway Will, I’m looking forward to your next rant! (We’ll only miss George because he was a great source of comic material) And for the skiing, well, it was marvellous again today. TJ and Chris ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Suspendu for a fantastic ski with Derek and Co. in much better shape this morning. They had an early night saving themselves as it is Colin’s birthday session tonight. It’s going to be ugly! Tejina has had a great week with Chris and they’ve worked for their snow, which has been excellent. Jean Marc and I headed up to Mont Roup and enjoyed one of the better ski’s there that we’ve had in quite some time while Andreas skied a Glacier Pers. (Haven’t had a report but I’m sure it was very good indeed and I haven’t heard from Thomas either) More sun is forecast over the next couple of days with the possibility of 10cm’s or so for Monday, but in the meantime there is still some great snow to be skied.

29 January 2009
It was another beautiful day as TJ and Chris went down the valley to Ste Foy.....

It was another beautiful day as TJ and Chris went down the valley to Ste Foy to ski the Foglietta in excellent conditions. Derek was suffering after being trashed by Colin last night but managed to just about keep it together, much to Paul’s amusement. (Even more amusing if you know the history of these fellows) Meanwhile, back in town Andreas took Ian K and John H’s team to Mont Roup for a great ski and I had lovely snow to-and-from the Motte. Henry skied the Lavachet and Sachette and I’ve had no reports from JM, Oli or Thomas, all of whom were in action. I took Millie and Katie to the Pub Moris to listen to the band before hitting the main street for the Thursday night activities, which include music, magicians, ice sculptures, and funny people risking life and limb on stilts. The girls loved it and we’re hoping that next week’s World Championships will have some great evenings with entertainment and an ambience to remember. Fingers crossed on that one! More sun is forecast for tomorrow as Adrian, Hound-Dog, Sandy, and Stuart-the-Sea-Captain wind up their seasons. And Happy Birthday to Chris, Fred, and rumour has it Michael C as well.

28 January 2009
Bright blue skies featured today and all the teams enjoyed the great visibility in un-broken sunshine.

Bright blue skies featured today and all the teams enjoyed the great visibility in un-broken sunshine. Chris and TJ ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours and had an excellent ski. Andreas and I went Tignes-way with Andreas skiing the Borsat en route to the Sachette while I skied the Lavachet, Jardinie, and the first par-avalanche before we both finished with the Familial. Henry, JM, Oli and Thomas were all in action and spread out across the resort. We then had a meeting down at Chateau Andreas, which was really entertaining and thank-you Tansy for the lovely lasagne, even if it didn’t have cheese in it because Andreas is a picky eater. Ness and Victor are on great form and it was fun to watch them in action. And to top of a great day I arrived home to check the web and find the Hammers won 2-0 against Hull, making it four wins in a row. My friend and fellow-Hammers fan Pete was at the game and a victory always makes the effort of actually going worth it. (Thanks for the half-time report Pete) And finally, a big Happy Birthday to Chris and Gill’s Dad tomorrow.

27 January 2009
It was very humid today making it feel much colder than the -6C reported by Radio Will at 8AM.

It was very humid today making it feel much colder than the -6C reported by Radio Will at 8AM. For a change of pace we all headed to the Fornet even though it was murky and after a ‘white’ Combe du Signal we arrived on the Glacier to find much clearer skies and good visibility. We had two good runs in the Pays Desert with a few ‘educational’ touches here and there before having excellent snow over the Col in the Col Pers. David C, Peter H and Adrian hadn’t been through the gorge in quite some time so that was nice finish to the morning for them. Thanks Chris for breaking trail for us this morning, well done! Sun is forecast for the next couple of days, which I’m personally looking forward to. Stay tuned!

26 January 2009
The flat-light we were expecting today fortunately never featured......
The flat-light we were expecting today fortunately never featured and we profited from pretty good visibility all morning long. It was cloudy and murkier towards the Fornet so the team headed Tignes-way and had good skiing in the Borsat en route to the Sachette. We were the first ones into the Sachette and had great snow top-to-bottom and I was seriously impressed with the quality of the ‘Alpine’ tracks left by all the teams. Bravo to all the skiers involved! TJ’s sons Hamish and Rollie have been skiing with TJ over the weekend and it’s been an enormous pleasure for him to have them in is group. TJ is on great form and you wouldn’t know by watching him ski that he damaged his knee so badly just 20-months ago. Chapeau TJ! I took Millie’s school group out this afternoon, which was really good fun but makes you appreciate how good some of the people who specialise in kids are. That reminds me that Tansy, who is the best in town with children, will be back in action from mid-February on. It socked-in during the afternoon and has snowed very lightly with light snow forecast for tomorrow morning.
25 January 2009
After a cold night the sun was out this morning.........

After a cold night the sun was out this morning and with high avalanche risk we took it easy and enjoyed a great ski. With a slow opening looming we headed towards Tignes and Andreas and I had wonderful snow in the Familial, the Borsat, and the Combe des Lanches to mention a few, while Henry was in the same sector and Thomas is working with a private group. I saw some lovely tracks left by TJ’s team in the Campanules before he headed up to the Motte to ski some excellent snow off the Leisse. Chris had the day off but is back in action tomorrow and JM and Olivier have arrived for a week of touring using the Chalet Colinn as their base. Gill took Millie for a good ski this afternoon while I had Katie on the rope but her favourite part of the afternoon was riding down in the front of the Funival. There have been too many accidents over the past four or five days with skiers and boarders being buried. One in particular was due to incredible stupidity when two boarders ventured off the Face du Bellevarde late in the day and were taken in a big slide. One was hospitalised with broken ribs, a punctured lung and other internal injuries. The other was involved in a fatal avalanche around ten years ago in similar conditions and you’d think that people involved in such tragedy would eventually learn something. It really is a time for caution and as JM always says, “the mountain will be there tomorrow”. Flat light is forecast for tomorrow. Bummer!

24 January 2009
After wind gusts of 170kph last night........

After wind gusts of 170kph last night, 5/5 avalanche risk, the road to the Fornet being closed, and all the snow that has fallen over the past thirty-six hours, I never expected a ‘maximum-turn’ morning. We were on the first Les Etroits chair at La Daille and skied three great runs on-piste with 20 cm’s of light powder snow. That was followed up with being on the first Funival for two runs before four Bonnevie drags and one under the Mont Blanc chair en route to the bottom. TJ and I took Chris’ clients with us as Chris was snowed in and couldn’t make it to the Rond Point. Bad luck JC! And to top off a really unexpectedly wonderful morning was the fact that my new boots were absolutely brilliant. Wilkie from Sure Foot put an injection into my new touring boots and the difference is truly incredible. Instead of being sloppy and unresponsive I now have heel retention and precision and I’m kicking myself for not going back to injections years ago. Thanks Wilkie! Anyway, -10C is forecast tonight with good visibility for tomorrow. Rock’ on!

23 January 2009
Thanks to Ray I seem to be back on-line........

Thanks to Ray I seem to be back on-line but I’ve lost my e-mail address book, which I’ll re-build as I receive your e-mails. In the meantime I don’t have your address! Now on to today and it snowed 5 to 10 cm’s overnight and continued to snow throughout the day. The snow/rain limit was close to 1850metres and we narrowly escaped rain today although the snow was very wet. The avalanche risk was 4/5 so we took it easy, especially after hearing of several avalanches over the past two days in which skiers were buried. We had some nice skiing on-piste but as soon as it was tracked it became quite unpleasant and by the end of the morning we were happy to get down and TJ and I were lucky to have returned from Tignes as the lifts were closing down behind us due to increasing wind velocity. (Chris returned in style in a YSE Land Rover.) Sounds a bit like a tough day doesn’t it? We did manage a good Glattier but it won’t go down as the best morning of the season. Heavy snow is forecast tonight and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

22 January 2009
What a day!

What a day! All of the Alpine Experience team where ever one decided to go turned up double six.West face of the Borsat and Tour de la Balme for TJ and Wayne. Thomas, Henri and Andreas had initiation groups and what fantastic conditions to be initiated in. Chris had some old faithfuls going up to the Col des Fours as well as a few who have never used touring skis and skins. Well done to the Aussie. In a pristine resort like Val d’Isere and the frenzy into getting ready for the upcoming world championships it almost seems perverse that a small matter like dog faeces really seems to stand out on the beutifull white roads and public footpaths. It seems the owners need to be sent to dog owner schools……… and the local authorities be made aware that perhaps an effort on that front would not go unnoticed.

21 January 2009
We thought yesterday we fairly unbeatable but today was even better!

We thought yesterday we fairly unbeatable but today was even better! It was cold overnight and like yesterday, the skies cleared rapidly and we has stunning sunshine all day long. We had a superb Borsat Nord form high up, which Jean R said was his best ever Borsat, followed by a great Chardonnay, a fantastic Sache, and a lovely Familial to finish. TJ, Chris and I were all in and around the same areas so beautiful ‘Alpine’ tracks stood out in our wake. John and Margaret made me proud today, as did Adrian and Jean R, and we had Mark ski with us for the first time. Hound-Dog, Sandy and Stuart-the-Sea-Captain are back and skiing with TJ while Andreas had a couple of young Australians, Ross and Louis, on an all-day private and he gave them a day to remember. They started with a Face du Charvet where the group behind them set off a slab that carried a skier a short distance, and that always adds to the ambience and sharpens one’s focus. They also skied the Chardonnay and Couloir #3 off the Motte amongst other runs, and finished the day with a Col Pers. Nice one boys! Thomas and Henry were also in action on a really good day of skiing. I spent some time this evening with Millie and Katie rocking to the Rolling Stones, with them bouncing around singing ”I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it”. Then they went out in the hallway to await Red Ray’s return. Anyway, we should have another sunny day tomorrow with snow forecast off and on for most of next week.

20 January 2009
(Wayne) What a stunner we were treated to today!

(Wayne) What a stunner we were treated to today! After a murky start the clouds thinned out leaving us with great visibility and thirty cm’s of perfect powder. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning with my team for example skiing two Fountaine Froide’s, a Borsat Nord, three off the Col de Leisse, one off the Cairn, and a Familial on the way home. Chris, Andreas and Thomas were in the same neighbourhood, while TJ had an equally superb morning at the Fornet where he ‘skinned’ up to open the Col Pers after enjoying the Combe du Signal. We’ve had the pleasure of skiing with Waga Waga Tim this week, all the way from Australia, and he’s been awe-struck with our domain and the powder snow over the last few days. Well done Tim and we look forward to seeing you again next season. After a sunny afternoon the clouds have rolled back in and very light snow is falling with good visibility forecast again.

19 January 2009
Chris here...................

Chris here. Red Ray is high tailing it back to Val d’Isere tomorrow and is going to resuscitate Wayne’s laptop from oblivion! And also on a positive note we woke up to 15/20 cm of fresh snow and overcast conditions and quickly our vis improved with some sun and blue sky appearing and temperatures rising. Alpine Experience team ended up on the Bellevarde secteur and little by little the lifts opened up after a fair bit of blasting of the little amount of snow we had……….it takes time and one has to be patient but we were all rewarded to an excellent first tracks on the Familial, Borsat Nord, Top of Tignes funiculaire, Combe des Lanches amongst others. And certainly the economic crunch is leaving us with a lot to play with. The weather forecast at the moment it seems we might get more snow but need to watch the weather report later.PS just had an email from Julian Swarbrick who is a diligent weather watcher and this is what he wrote quote” From the weather forecasts it looks like you are going to have a snowy week; especially tomorrow (Tuesday). The weather is coming off the north Atlantic laden with moisture but very cold air. There are 2 cold fronts crossing the Alps and a zone of low pressure settling over the Alpes Maritimes / northern Italy. It looks like there will be a quiet spell of weather mid week wed-thurs but a return to snowy conditions at the weekend. Unfortunately it looks like the snow will be accompanied by wind and varying temperatures as a succession of warm and cold fronts cross the Savoie, so check the batteries in the beepers! West to northwesterly winds “ unquote. Thank you Julian.

18 January 2009
As Chris may of mentioned my computer is officially ‘dead’

As Chris may of mentioned my computer is officially ‘dead’ and my updates may be every other day until I can buy a new machine, but Chris will fill in when I can’t get to Kristina’s computer. It clouded over early this morning and TJ and I dealt with flat light and no new snow. TJ headed to the Glaciers Pers while I skied the Chardonnay en route to the Sachette. The good news besides the good skiing was that it started snowing around 10AM and has continued all day. Even better news was my ski with Millie this afternoon in winds that eventually shut down the Funival and the little thing was buffeted about and didn’t want to stop. I tried to talk her into going back down in the Funival but she just said “no way Daddy, let’s go”, so I pulled up her face mask and pulled down her goggles and off we went. (I was a little worried about being done for bad parenting.) Bravo Millie! And my next bit of good news was West Ham’s 3-1 win against Fulham, which takes us up to 8th in the table when three weeks ago we were in 17th place. My final bit of good news is that the snow should continue tonight with snow tomorrow and heavier snowfalls tomorrow night. Now how’s that for a load of great news!

17 January 2009
Wayne has had computer problems..........

Wayne has had computer problems and until it has been resolved JC will do the updates for the next week or so and will not be able to answer his emails sent to his personal address. Jean Marc and JC went up to La Grand Motte and went of the side into what is called couloir 3005 and which is often looked into with awe by onlookers. Well done Jean Davies and I hope your quest for a purple plus will eventuate. Wayne had a non skinning morning focusing on the present economical crisis and the affordability of skiing. Our Swede Andreas and Thomas (fr) have both been looking after Swedish nationals which is great to see at Alpine. TJ with the Scottish contingent and TJ is also working on the rehab of his knee with Louise the physio who took over Sue’s practice. Thank you Louise. Olivier and JM are starting a week touring in the Queyras. Forecasted is a weather change Sunday afternoon.

16 January 2009
The high-pressure system continues

The high-pressure system continues although there are signs of it slowly breaking down and some snow is forecast for Sunday or Monday. Keep your fingers crossed as a fresh canvas would be greatly appreciated at the moment but with that said we had another good day of skiing. Henry has a lovely French family for initiation while Andreas had an initiation group with three Vikings this morning. Chris and I did the faithful Glacier Pers, TJ continued training his young client and I’m not too sure what Jean Marc and Thomas skied today. It turns out the Thomas is a very good and keen tele-marker and he is available for tele-marking lessons both on and off-piste. Chris would like to give a mention the Jonathan who has pulled off some great turns and Alex who has done extremely well ‘skinning’ for the first time. It was good to have Emmett S back in town this week as well. We just received the tragic news this morning about the young girl drowning in the river but you’ve probably already heard about it in the UK press. It’s amazing how these accidents seem to always get covered up here. We’re expecting another sunny day again tomorrow with slightly warmer temperatures.

15 January 2009
It didn’t snow a flake and the sun was back in full force

It didn’t snow a flake and the sun was back in full force although it was cold this morning, especially when exposed to the wind. We all had an excellent day skiing with JM taking his private client along with Thomas and Kristina to the Couloir 3500 off the back of the Motte. Nice one JM! Andreas skied at the Fornet and ‘skinned’ out of the Pays Desert before going over the Col for the Glaciers Pers and both itineraries had great snow. Chris and I had lovely snow off the edge of the Motte en route to a very good Borsat West while TJ has a private client on-piste and will have him off-piste before we know it. The streets are lethal at the moment and tonight I witnessed snow being thrown out the back of a manure spreader as they were living up to the ‘all-white’ policy. Sounds prejudice doesn’t it? Anyway the village has promised white streets for the World Championships and I thought a manure spreader was fairly clever. Sun is forecast again for tomorrow with the possibility of snow on Sunday.

14 January 2009
Millie was ill during the night and our big ski this morning never really happened

Millie was ill during the night and our big ski this morning never really happened. She rallied so Gill and I took her out but we came home after a couple of runs. I’m not to sure what the boys skied today except that Chris did the Chardonnay en route to the Sachette and Andreas was skiing couloirs this afternoon. It was sunny and cold today with the Funival thermometer reading -13C around 9:30AM. No wonder Millie wanted to go home! Anyway, clouds showed themselves this afternoon and we may have flattish light tomorrow and if we’re lucky a little snow.

13 January 2009
The sunshine continues.........

The sunshine continues and for a change of pace Andreas and I headed to Mont Roup after skiing Fornet-way for a least a week. The ski down off the Borsat was excellent as was the top half of Mont Roup with the lower sections being a little tricky in places. Chris had another great Col des Fours, JM skied the Col du Montet (haven’t had a report) and TJ was on-piste with some young lads including his son Rollie. We all survived the Moonlight Descent last night, which we did in the dark as the moon wasn’t yet high enough in the sky when we skied down. I’d like to thank Ray for all his help with the studio, and his company as well. Thanks Ray and see you in a couple of weeks. I’m having a morning off tomorrow but will be reporting on the boys adventures.

12 January 2009
It was another beautiful day weather-wise and we had another excellent day on the mountain as well

It was another beautiful day weather-wise and we had another excellent day on the mountain as well. Chris and I returned to the Glacier Pers to ski fantastic snow while Andreas and TJ had great skiing over the Col des Fours. Gill came along and loved it and I’m really pleased with her skiing. Ray finished up his first 45 days of the season and is returning to England tomorrow with David and Chrissy, who have also been here since early December. Ray is returning in a couple of weeks to continue his quest of skiing 100 days. Jean Marc has returned for a week or so and we’re all doing the Moonlight Descent tonight. Wish us luck!
PS. Great win for the Steelers last night and Man U supporters are in seventh-heaven after trashing Chelsea and seeing Liverpool stumble against Stoke.

11 January 2009
Well, what a stunning day again today!

Well, what a stunning day again today. Chris and TJ went to Bonneval with just Ray and Chris E as TJ’s clients were unfortunately ill and they had a fabulous time top-to-bottom in great snow. Conditions are rarely better so the boys really profited. My team ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours for one of the best Col’s I ever skied. No one else was travelling that way so we had the place to ourselves, which is always a bonus and the snow was wonderful. Andreas is back in action and was up at the Fornet as well warming up a new group on their first day. Millie and I skied this afternoon and she’s always a pleasure to ski with while Katie spent 2-and-a-half hours with the ESF and her little friend Anna at the Jardin d’Enfant. She was coming down the little slope on her own and stayed another hour when I checked-in to see how see was doing. Good girl! And young Ness is doing brilliantly as she is skiing the Madeleine on her own at 4 years-old. More sun is expected tomorrow.

10 January 2009
The wind has died down and the sun was out again today

The wind has died down and the sun was out again today, making for perfect conditions this morning. TJ and I skied an outstanding Glacier Pers while Chris had a fantastic Col des Fours. Andreas skied with Ness while Tansy and little brother Victor cheered them on from the bottom. Thomas had a private with a boarder today, which is new for ‘Alpine’, and although we don’t believe in boarding times are tough and I guy needs to make a living. We won’t be mixing boarders with skiers but if someone you know wants to board privately Thomas is available. Russell is in town and it was great to see him at the Rond Point this morning and apparently Charlie is about to make a guest appearance. Now all we need is Webby who has decided to go to Kashmir instead. Anyway, a great point for the Hammers today although I’m depressed with the rumours about needing to sell our entire team and threats of further legal action. Bummer! Fortunately the sun is forecast for tomorrow as Chris and TJ are planning a trip to Bonneval and no snow is forecast for the next week.

9 January 2009
After looking out the window around 7:45AM and seeing a bank of cloud towards the Fornet.......

After looking out the window around 7:45AM and seeing a bank of cloud towards the Fornet (where we were going rain or shine) I wasn’t expecting the stunning blue sky that appeared by ‘show-time’. We all headed the same way and weren’t disappointed as the snow was exceptional and surprisingly knee-deep in places. Chris’ and my teams skied two great runs in the Pays Desert before heading over the Col to ski a superb Tour du Lechoir while the rest of the boys were in the same neighbourhood. Olivier ended up skiing the Col des Fours in wonderful snow late in the afternoon after spending the morning with us around the Glacier. His wife Claire has been here with him this week and has had a wonderful time skiing and watching Oli in action. Bravo Olivier! Suzanne kicked-off her season in style this morning and we’re all looking forward to another great day tomorrow as the sun is forecast to shine again. I’d like to mention how fantastic it has been this week to have Henley back skiing. He has had a wonderful time catching up with skiing friends that he and Jan have known for twenty-years or so, and we all thought of Jan as Henley skied for them both. Come back soon Henley!

8 January 2009
It was a wonderful surprise last night to look out the window before bed and see big flakes of snow falling

It was a wonderful surprise last night to look out the window before bed and see big flakes of snow falling because it wasn’t forecast and certainly wasn’t expected. Over the past few days the Fornet has been socked in while Tignes has had good visibility so there was no doubt that more snow had accumulated at the Fornet end of the resort, but this morning it was still windy and the visibility was again better towards Tignes. At the last moment Chris, TJ and I changed our minds and took a chance with the weather and headed to the Fornet to be rewarded with some great skiing and enough light to always be comfortable. We were on the first Signal poma of the morning and were first into the Grand Vallon, followed by three Combe du Signal’s and a hot chocolate before finishing with another Grand Vallon. TJ skied the Grand Vallon before heading upstairs to the Glacier while Andreas and Henry skied the Borsat en route to Tignes. I’m not too sure what Olivier skied but everyone profited and enjoyed the new snow. Gill skied beautifully on her first off-piste morning of the season and Suzanne is starting tomorrow with Chris. The wind is forecast to die down tonight and we should have another good day tomorrow.

7 January 2009
We had a very similar day to yesterday........

We had a very similar day to yesterday, meaning cold, windy, and grey, but the visibility was pretty good towards the Sache and we profited from being able to see combined with a nice cushion of snow. The Fornet was socked in and more snow will have fallen at that end of the valley but we won’t be venturing up there until the wind dies down as the current conditions are the coldest we’ve had for several years. Millie skied with Gill and her friend Anna and Julia (from Snowman’s Larder) who are here on holidays this week. Millie did well considering her boots were totally un-done when she arrived home. More of the same is forecast for tomorrow but just enough snow has fallen in certain places to improve what has been a pretty difficult few days, although we have made the best of the conditions.

Sports Report- I’m incredibly pleased with the way the Calgary Flames are playing hockey at the moment and looking forward to the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff match-up with the San Diego Chargers this weekend. My main concern however is whether or not the Hammers can resist the money on offer for our best players. Each morning and evening I log-on hoping my favourite players are still with us. (Aren’t I a sad git?)

6 January 2009
After several days of clear blue skies........

After several days of clear blue skies we awoke to grey sky with a fhoen wind, and -12C in town. Needless to say it had the makings of a potential ‘stinker’, but it turned out to be a pretty decent morning. Andreas and Thomas are entertaining a couple of Swedish groups that Andreas has cultivated and I’m not too sure what they got up to today. Oliver ‘skinned’ up under the Crete du Genepy en route to Mont Roup, which was a pretty big outing as it was probably the coldest day of the season. I skied off the Motte before climbing up to the Borsat West and TJ and Chris skied the Sachette. Millie skied with her school again this afternoon and loved it. I thought they might cancel the skiing because of the cold weather but they took them out and did a great job taking care of them. Pietro has returned to Italy with his family after a good couple of weeks of combined work and holiday. More of the same is forecast on the weather front and we did see a few flakes of snow today and combined with the wind it has helped. Fingers crossed for some more snow tonight.

5 January 2009
The cold weather continued again today with -13C in the village

The cold weather continued again today with -13C in the village at 8AM. We spread ourselves around the resort with Andreas up at the Fornet, Chris and Pietro skiing around Bellevarde, my team skiing the Crete du Genepy, TJ was around the Motte, and Olivier skied an excellent Glacier Suspendu. It was Millie and Katie’s first day back to school and to Gill and my relief it went incredible well with Millie saying, “I loved everything”. We were worried as she didn’t really enjoy school last winter and this year they have separated her from the comfort of the English speaking children, but she responded brilliantly and I’m very pleased. Katie just got stuck in immediately with her little friend Anna so all is well with her. It clouded over during the afternoon and may snow a few flakes tonight but no one is really counting on it. If it doesn’t snow sunshine would be appreciated as the skiing needs visibility to read the snow as well as keep the spirits up. Speaking of spirit, Chris’ will be up as Suzanne arrives this evening. Welcome back Suzanne!

4 January 2009
It was more of the same weather-wise, meaning sunny and cold

It was more of the same weather-wise, meaning sunny and cold. The good news is that the cold nights are doing wonders as far as regenerating the snow and what was stiff plaque not so long ago is becoming lovely soft snow. TJ and Andreas headed to the Fornet to ski a very good Glaciers Pers this morning while Pietro skied an equally good Crete du Genepy. I had some surprisingly good snow off the Motte en route to a little Borsat West, which was a satisfying ‘sniff’. I’m not too sure what Olivier skied but he was out there somewhere. I had a ‘splat du jour’ award for a forward roll where I could feel my head touch the ice on the pond I was landing on. Andreas also had a tricky moment in the Couloir Central where he spun around and had a little slide before pulling it back together. (We do like to entertain!) A really good day was capped by skiing with Millie this afternoon and the difference a year makes is incredible. She’s so much stronger and can push with her poles as well as pick herself up after a fall, and can ski much further without stopping. Very satisfying indeed! Anyway, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

3 January 2009
The sun was shining again today and Radio Will announced -8C at 8AM

The sun was shining again today and Radio Will announced -8C at 8AM. The ‘skins’ were out as Andreas and TJ headed to Mont Roup while Pietro and I chose the Glacier Pers. Chris had the day off and JM has returned home with his family for a week or so, while Olivier arrives tonight. Gill and I took Millie and Katie out again this afternoon as Katie insists that she come along, which is seriously hard work as she falls asleep on chairlifts and I end up carrying her. Today is Ness’ 4th birthday so a very big Happy Birthday To You Ness! The resort has emptied after the Christmas/New Year period and it was a real pleasure to have the mountain back to ourselves today. No snow is in the immediate forecast so let the sun shine!

2 January 2009
We had another stunning day with bright sunshine

We had another stunning day with bright sunshine and after -10C overnight the snow was much lighter in places that would have been difficult yesterday and the day before. Chris skied the Lavachet and Sache while TJ chose the Super Cocaine en route to the Sache. The rest of us headed to the Fornet skiing the Tour du Lechoir and combinations of the Grand Vallon and Vallonnet. Another cold night is forecast this evening and it’s probably time to start walking again as the last snow fall wasn’t enough to give us unlimited options and the easily accessible snow has now been skied.

1 January 2009
What a wonderful start to the New Year!

What a wonderful start to the New Year! The sun was out and the little bit of new snow made all the difference. JC and Henry headed to the Fornet and had a really good morning skiing the Pays Desert and Col Pers while the rest of us skied in Tignes. JM and Andreas skied an excellent Chardonnay and Sache, TJ skied the Sache as well and I’m not too sure what Pietro skied. My team enjoyed some great skiing around the Motte and all in all is was a brilliant morning of skiing. Gill and I took Katie out for her first ski of the season and she loved it, while Millie threw a tantrum in the Marmatton restaurant. We then had the pleasure of our first torchlight descent of season, which was particularly hairy as they watered the course for the World Cup races. On the way down to the rendezvous where we light our torches, TJ fell on a sheet of ice and I did my best to miss him but fell as well and shish-kababed him up the backside with my skis. Fortunately he was fine and I managed to lose my sunglasses in the process. We were all grateful for getting down in one piece and dread thinking about the next one during the World Championships when they’ll be taking fire-hoses to ice down the mountain from top to bottom. Anyway, another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow.

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