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20 June 2007

9 June 2009
Over £22,000

So far Tony and his team of riders have raised over £22,000 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and the donations are still coming in. Tony was chuffed to bits as none other than the greatest cyclist of all-time, Lance Armstrong, found about their quest and kindly donated £100 to the cause. How cool is that! (Anyway, it’s still possible to donate to a very worthy cause through the link above.) On the sports front, I was incredibly pleased for Roger F as he finally won the French Open to complete the full-set of Slams and to tie Pete S with 14 career Grand Slams. Bring on Wimbledon as some pressure has been lifted of Roger‘s shoulders and I feel he‘s freed himself to get back to his best. It’s also great to see Jenson Button winning and driving beautifully after spending ten-years at the back of the pack in second-rate cars. Poor Lewis now knows what Jenson had been going through. Bummer about United’s poor performance against Barca, which only shows how well Chelsea handled them. And speaking of Chelsea, what a good win in the FA Cup final to help ease their disappointments. I’m really looking forward to the golf Majors this summer with some of the Europeans playing well and Tiger being healthy again. Also I’d like to thank Mike C for a wonderful day at Wentworth, brilliant! I hope you are all enjoying your summer and stay tuned for periodic news.

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