Wayne's Daily Diary Archive

20 June 2007

16 October 2009
Henry will be touring the UK

Henry will be touring the UK this autumn with his HAT UK TOUR. He will be giving six talks at various Snow and Rock stores as well as doing three beeper training sessions at three different beaches. Henry will also be at the London and Birmingham ski shows and he would love to see you at one of the venues near you. For further details check www.getoffpiste.com

7 October 2009
We've had trouble with the links.....

We’ve had trouble with the links to Jean Marc and Olivier’s personal web site and apologies to those trying to log-on. Hopefully we’ll get it running properly soon.

2 October 2009
Bravo Jean!

I know winter is just around the corner but take a moment to look at Jean Ribart’s diving photos on his link above. They are absolutely brilliant with some cleverly disguised fish that look like coral and a few scary looking creatures as well. Bravo Jean!

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