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20 June 2007

24 November 2009
There may be a delay in e-mail responses

I’m driving down to Val d’Isere on Thursday so there will be a day or two when I can’t answer your e-mails. Don’t worry as it will take a little time to get my computer connections working again and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the first skiing news of the season this Saturday!

Sports Report

TJ was at the Scotland v Australia rugby match with his children, Ailsa and Oscar, on Saturday to watch Scotland beat the Aussies for the first time in 30-years. Needless to say the Baird clan will have enjoyed that one!

23 November 2009
Rob C reporting a decent snow cover

Although the weather has turned mild and some of the early snow has melted, Rob still reports enough snow to get us started. Rob arrived this afternoon and said sleet was falling so hopefully conditions will improve by the weekend. Stay tuned for daily updates!

22 November 2009
It looks like Monday the 23rd

Hopefully we’ll go live on Monday with the new website, just in time too as the new season kicks-off next Saturday. With all the rain we’ve been enduring it makes you hopeful of a few flakes falling where we need it. Fingers crossed so that those making the journey for the opening weekend are justly rewarded.

Hammers Report- It’s been a tough start to the season for West Ham but we’ve been picking up some points and hopefully can drag ourselves out of trouble, both on and off the pitch. These are difficult times but I’m confident that Zola and Clarke can keep the team’s spirits up and get their defence sorted. As for the top-end of the table, what a battle between Chelsea, United, and Arsenal. It should go down to the wire at both ends of the table, and with World Cup places to be played for, it should continue to be an entertaining season.

18 November 2009
Still plugging away

Sorry for the lack of news of late but I’ve been busy with TJ and Chris trying to get the new site on-line. We’re just about there but where have you heard that before? Anyway, opening day is just around the corner and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not too sure about conditions as the Solaise 360-degree web-cam seems to be out of order. You can’t really tell how much snow there is just by looking in front of the Tourist Office, but a little snow down below usually means more significant snow upstairs. I think we have enough snow to enjoy a good first weekend and I’m really looking forward to kicking-off another season of the daily diary. Stay tuned!

14 November 2009
Two steps forward - one step back

We’ve been working away trying to work out navigating our new website, and believe me, it needs some patience. There are loads of codes and headings to learn but once we’re on top of it, we’ll go live. This little blurb is as much of a test as anything as I need to be able to update the diary without any hiccups. If this appears, I’ve succeeded!

13 November 2009
Busy with the new website

TJ, Chris and I are all busy trying to come to grips with editing our new site. As you can imagine Chris is in his element and loving the entire process.

10 November 2009
The village is looking excellent

For those of you who haven’t checked the Val d’Isere web cams of late, you’d better log-on! The snow has been flying and with the snow cover in the village looking excellent, imagine how it must be up top? Hopefully it will stay cold but the early indications are for a decent start to the season.

TJ is planning on coming out for a month from mid-February through to around the middle of March. Anyone wanting to ski with TJ this season can book him during that window.

TJ and I are running through the training programme for managing our new website and we should be on-line with a new ‘look’ in the next few days. Stay tuned and keep those bookings rolling in!

TJ is in the final process of getting our new website on-line, so stay tuned for a new look soon!

7 November 2009
Report a decent amount of snow

Chris and Suzanne have been in Val d’Isere over the past few days and report a decent amount of snow on the ground and more snowfalls on the way. That’s great news as the pre-Christmas skiing can be some of the best skiing of the season when we’re lucky enough to get early snow. The light is exquisite, everyone in town is in a cheery mood and looking forward to the new season, and best of all, the mountain is all ours. I’m really looking forward to it and will be there raring to go for ‘opening day’.

Rob C just e-mailed to say that Europacar Hire offer 33% discount to those with an annual Carte Neige (Not to be confused with the similarly named card sold by the STVI) It may be linked to Easy-jet flights, but I’m not sure about that.

TJ is in the final process of getting our new website on-line, so stay tuned for a new look soon!

5 November 2009
Chris and Suzanne have arrived back

Chris and Suzanne have arrived back from a winter in Australia, drove into town yesterday to find a white Val d’Isere! Early days still but some say we are going to have a good winter as the summer was excellent. Chris and Suzanne have bought a modest property in Normandie which was run as a gite and hope to continue with that. For the time being here is a link to the previous owners site . The link to Jean Marc’s web site has been corrected! Looking forward to new winter. JC

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