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20 June 2007

28 October 2010
Oh Canada!

My Mum and Dad are visiting from Canada for two weeks and Dad and I are playing some golf in preparation for a Charity Competition tomorrow. The girls are having a wonderful with them during their half-term.

Chris and Suzanne stopped by for a cup of tea and a chat yesterday afternoon. It was lovely to see them and hear about their hectic summer living in a tent, while running and renovating their gite. They leave this morning for a much needed one month holiday in Australia.

Unfortunately the video and interview link isn’t working now as it was only a temporary file. Dan and I will get it organized so that it will be up-and-running again for the season.

Stay tuned!

22 October 2010
Now closing May 1st!

I’ve just had an e-mail from Derek about the end-of-season date. We’ve been under the impression that the last day of the season was going to be May 8th, and we’ve been taking bookings for what we thought was the last weekend. Derek has heard that the final day has been changed to May 1st, and after being on-line and chatting with Martine from Val Agence, we can confirm that the closing date is now May 1st. I hope this hasn’t buggered up your plans like it has Derek and his end-of-season party boys!

20 October 2010
Thanks Dan and Denise!

Dan and Denise have kindly sent the link to an interview mixed with some skiing video taking last winter. If you’d like to have a look log-on to the link above.

My Mum and Dad are arriving on Friday for a two-week visit. Millie and Katie are really looking forward to seeing them again, as well as having ten-days off school. Millie is loving her new school and has joined the gym and basketball clubs, while Katie is doing well also.

Chris and Suzanne have had a busy summer working on their Gite and are rewarding themselves with a month in Australia before the season starts. Bon Voyage!

I was just watching the Calgary Flames highlites against the Nashville Predators. Terrific ice hockey!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon as the new season is nearly upon us. All we need now is some snow!

12 October 2010
Back from Chile!

Jean Marc and Olivier have just returned from a very successful and adventurous skiing trip to Chile. They scaled many volcanoes and Jean Marc’s excellent photos can be viewed on his personal website, which you can find through this site.

I’m sure all you golf fans enjoyed the Ryder Cup, which was packed with drama and wonderful golf. The Hammers are showing signes of revival, thank goodness, as is England. Tonight’s game should be interesting and I’m a little confused about Fabio deciding to drop the excellent Gerrard as captain for injury-prone-out-of-shape Rio. Strange! The NHL Ice Hockey season has started, the NFL is in full flow, and the Major League Baseball Playoffs are heating up. Here’s to Broadband!

2 October 2010
Great photos!

I just logged onto Jean Ribart’s photo link to see his diving shots and they are fantastically colourful with seas creatures, plants and coral. I’ve never dived before but Jean’s photos make a case for giving it a go. Besides diving Jean has also managed to reduce his handi-cap by two strokes this summer. Bravo Jean!

1 October 2010
Pinch, punch, first day of the month!

What an absolutely foul day we have for the first day of October. It’s wet and windy, and just the kind of weather that reminds me of how much more I prefer snow to rain. As the best of the golfing weather is behind us I’m about to switch into ‘winter mode’.

Speaking of golf, what a stinker of a day for the opening matches of the Ryder Cup! They only played about four holes this morning before play was suspended. And it’s a big weekend for the Hammers as we play Fulham at home and hopefully we can keep improving and pick-up three massive points. All you Man U fans will be pleased that Berbatov is starting to fire on all cylinders, especially now that Rooney’s life and health have been turned upside down. Just think, Fergie almost sold him!

Stay tune for more news soon.

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