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20 June 2007

23 May 2011
Many thanks for your donations!

I’ve some news of the team after receiving two phone calls from France this morning. I was very surprised by the first as Andreas’ young son Victor managed to push the correct buttons while playing on the phone to get me in the UK. I said the usual ‘hello, hello’ routine and was just about to hang up when he passed the phone over to Tansy. They’d just returned from tw0 weeks in Thailand where they had a wonderful time recovering from the long winter. Apparently Tansy made the mistake of suggesting to Andreas that he might like to have a go at kite-surfing, and after a lesson they didn’t see much more of him as he was getting stuck-in to a new passion. Whoops!

Chris phoned shortly after Victor and he and Suzanne are back in Normandy after spending a couple of days in England for Suzanne’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. They’ve been doing a lot of work on their gite and have their first clients arriving June 4th, in what promises to be a busy summer for them.

The sponsored bike ride for Katie’s school turned out to be 55 km’s instead of 50, and I was pleased with my performance and to finish injury-free. I made it up all the climbs, which I thought was pretty good going considering I didn’t have time for any training, and I was careful to not do anything silly on the descents. There was close to 3000 vertical feet of climbing so there was plenty of downhill fun as well. (There were some classic technical bits such as the Graveyard, the Yogurt Pots, and Barry Knows Best) The dad’s raised over £5000 and counting, so it was a very worthwhile day-out as well as being great fun. Many thanks to all of you who donated to the fund!

20 May 2011
Fifty tough kilometres coming up!

I’ve my 50 kilometre off-road bike ride loaming this Sunday morning. When I signed up I was under the impression that it was a gentle 50 km’s on easy roads, but it turns out to be 50 km’s on very technical trails with over 3000 vertical feet of climbing thrown in. (With my hip I really don’t want to come off!) It promises to be very challenging and all the Dad’s will be working hard for the money that we’ve been sponsored. So far we’ve collected over £4000 for Katie’s school’s PTA and we’re hoping for more.

If you’d like to donate something the link is on the May 4th update below. Donations, no matter how small are greatly appreciated, and thanks to all of you who have already donated!

The planning is now up and running for the 2011/2012 season so don’t hesitate to book early. The Lambert and Cook family have carried on their tradition of booking first, followed closely by the Nelson family.

Andreas should be back any day now from his trip to Thailand and I haven’t a clue what the rest of the boys are up to, but I’ll update again after my bike ride to let you know how it went. Enjoy the weather and stay tuned!

4 May 2011
Anyone to sponsor Katie's school bike-ride?

I’ve only been back for a few days and am leaving this Friday (the 6th) for Canada to visit my Dad for just over a week. I’ll write an end-to-the-season update when I get back, as there has been much to reflect upon over the season.

I’m riding a 50 kilometre bike-ride to raise money for Katie’s Wonersh and Shamley Green Infant school on May 22nd. Anyone who would like to donate a quid or 10, please use the link below. All donations will be gratefully excepted.

The link is

Thanks very much and stay tuned for the end-of-season final update.

Have a great summer,

Wayne and everyone at ‘Alpine’.

1 May 2011
What a great last day!

Henry and Thomas ended their tour with beutifull weather and great snow. The group stayed at the refuge des Fours and then on to le refuge de la Femma last night. Some of the group had never skinned before. Great effort to all!
Myself (jc) with Gron, Myvanwy, Rupert, Stuart, Gideon and Suzanne skied on the Fornet finishing on Millie’s run . Steep with great snow! At around 1.20pm whilst on Millie’s run Wayne rang up saying he was 1 hour from Calais. Great run. Jean Ribart this afternoon is off to Egypt diving. Thankyou Jean for posting the photos on the web and have a great time in Egypt.
As to Suzanne and myself we are driving back to Normandie in a couple of days time looking forward to having a new roof on our gite where work will start any day now. Thomas is getting ready for the summer here where he takes people mountain biking. Andreas is restarting his building and renovation work. Henry is continuing with Hat. Henry’s avalanche talks in a variety of venues over the summer and the autumn. Stay tuned as Wayne will keep you up to date.

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