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20 June 2007

22 September 2011

Anyone interested in seeing what was in Ray’s leg last season, just click on Jean’s Photo of the Day! I feel badly now about accusing Ray of being a whimp last winter. Sorry Ray!

8 September 2011
In need of a new secretary!

I’m sorry to say that our lovely secretary Sophie won’t be with us next season. She’s accepted a job with the Tourist Office, which comes with accommodation so it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. Hopefully she’ll do some skiing on her days off and we wish Sophie the best of luck with her new job.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions about someone suitable to take over at the desk. Thanks.

5 September 2011
Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve just returned from a fabulous two-weeks in Canada with Gill and the girls visiting my family. It was my Dad’s 80th so we had some of his best friends over for a BBQ at my brothers place and it was a lovely afternoon. (My brother has ten acres with a 180 degree view of the Rockies so it was a great setting) Dad’s sisters, Audrey and Linda, along with Auntie Marilyn flew out from Ontario for the occasion and Millie and Katie loved meeting their Great-Auntie’s.

We enjoyed outstanding weather during our trip and profited with some great hiking around Bragg Creek, Canmore and Lake Louise, had a superb day out at Heritage Park, had fun at some water parks and went bear hunting every night in the woods behind my Mum and Dad’s. (normally we’d see some deer each evening during our hunt but Millie swears she spotted a cougar, and from her description I don’t doubt her!) We socialised most nights with a BBQ as friends would stop by to visit before we’d drag them out on the bear hunt. It was a wonderful trip and all the girls arrived back to England wearing their new cowgirl boots!

Meanwhile, we missed TJ’s 60th up in Scotland but everyone who went reports another seriously successful party. TJ and Joanna’s once-a-decade bash are always looked forward to and enjoyed by all. Olivier and his family made the trip as well as Chris and Suzanne and many of TJ‘s clients who have become great friends over the years, such as Mike and Laura. I believe it was TJ and Joanna’s 25th wedding anniversary as well so congratulations to you both and sorry to have missed the party!

Jean Marc and Olivier are off touring in Chile next week so I’d like to wish the boys and their team the best of luck and a wonderful trip!

It’s my birthday tomorrow (the 6th) and Gill’s and my 10th anniversary on the 7th so I’d best get busy and get prepared.

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