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20 June 2007

15 October 2011
See you soon for first tracks!

Winter is just around the corner but I haven’t quite switched in winter-mode yet. With the wonderful weather of late I’ve been playing as much golf as I can sneak in and next week Gill’s mum Liz is taking us all to Florida for half-term. The girls are incredibly excited (as are Gill and I) and some sunny southern weather at Disney World is eagerly anticipated. Once that trip is over the time-change will be upon us and ‘winter-mode’ won’t be far behind!

Sports Report- Jean R will be feeling fortunate this morning as the French squeaked by a very unlucky Welsh team that deserved much more from the game. They had a wonderful tournament and would have graced the final, but I’ll have to start pulling for the French now. It should be a fantastic Six Nations this winter with the power shifting to the Welsh and the Irish as the English and French are looking short of ideas. I’m enjoying the Hammers season in the Championship so far with the chance of winning pretty much every weekend. It makes a nice change from worrying about goal difference and relegation all winter long, but hopefully Big Sam can get us back up next season, as one season is enough out of the Premiership. It’s also my favourite sporting event of the year as the Major League Baseball Playoffs are in full swing with a trip to the World Series at stake. The NHL Ice Hockey and NFL Football seasons are now underway, so I’m enjoying my morning ritual of checking all the scores on the internet and watching the highlights.

I’ll be there ready to go on the opening weekend for anyone looking forward to first tracks. Maybe see you then!

1 October 2011
October 1st and 80 degrees!

It’s October 1st and with the temperature pushing 80 F we are savouring the best weather of the summer. Gill and I took Millie and Katie mountain-biking at Black Heath this morning and Katie was brilliant on her first-ever off-road experience. (I’ve sent Jean a few photos so if he’s home they should be up on his link soon.)

Ray emailed this morning to report a fault with some of the ABS cylinders. The report is below:

ABS are recalling all steel cylinders filled between the dates of 1st Sept 2008 to the 15th April 2010, this is because there is a small chance that the ABS supplier inserted 2 penetration disks during the filling process, this means that they would fail to activate.

Carbon cylinders are not affected, and obviously no other airbag suppliers are affected…

You can check your filling date on the round white sticker that is on your cylinder.

ABS are exchanging all cylinders, and customer who maybe affected should contact the retailer who they got the bag from, or there local retailer.

ABS are contacting all customers from their database over the next few weeks.

ABS have now labelled all new cylinders with a yellow sticker with the new filling date.

Thanks Ray!

Sports Report-

What a morning of rugby! Mind you both Jean R and TJ will both be in mourning after France was shocked by Tonga and Scotland couldn’t quite hold on against England. While on sports, I had my best round of golf ever last Wednesday, shooting a 3-over-par 73. After a bogey on the first a played some nice golf before taking a triple-bogey on the ninth, then recovered well with a birdie at the 10th and playing solidly until the 18th, where I unfortunately bogeyed the last. The weather was stunning (as it has been for all week) and I’m still buzzing after flirting with a par round. Speaking of golf, Andreas was up in Scotland a couple of weeks ago playing some serious courses with John D, and they enjoyed some great golf. I’m hoping the Hammers can bounce back today after a couple of poor performances and I must say I’ve really enjoyed the Premiership as well so far this season.

Anyway, I’m heading back out into the sunshine. Stay tuned as winter is approaching!

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