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20 June 2007

29 February 2012
Getting tougher but the team came through!

It was incredibly hot today with temperatures resembling mid-April, and I for one had had too many clothes on even though I dropped a couple of layers and dug out my spring jacket. Blimey! Anyway, it’s not getting any easier but the team put on another really good show this morning. Chris and I skied some nice snow off the Mont Blanc piste then headed towards Tignes for a much better-than-expected Sachette. In fact it was excellent and we had the place to ourselves! I finished off with a funky Familial as you need to go a long way out to get anything clean, but it’s a good little tour to finish up on with a nice snow.

Andreas took his team up to the Glacier Pers, which is still great skiing with terrific ambience. The entrance over the Col and the gorge are both interesting to say the least and add to the beautiful scenery in the Glacier Pers. Henry opted for the Col des Fours and they had a lovely walk and Henry ‘sniffed’ out some great snow as well. All in all, I thought the team did a cracking good job again today. Bravo boys!

Gill and I had a quick ski with the girls this afternoon and we had a really good Familial in some wet almost-spring-snow (poor man’s powder) and the girls skied it beautifully. We then went to Jonathan’s chalet for some tea and cakes, which was jolly nice. Thanks Jonathan!

More heat is forecast for tomorrow, and after today’s warmth we could be a tricky day. The sun isn’t yet strong enough to create proper spring snow (unless you’re down at very low altitudes) but there may have been enough heat today to damage some of the lower altitude northern slopes. (The only spring slopes that support are those that support because they’ve been compacted by the wind combined with the heat, and not solely because of the melt-freeze process.) Anyway, I’ve a plan but will need to test the snow first thing in the morning. Stay tuned to find out how we get on!

Today’s photos are up on my link.

28 February 2012
Another good Glacier Pers and trip through the gorge!

The sun was shining again, and just as well because it would be jolly difficult trying to entertain people in flat-light! Chris and I decided to head over the Col for some adventure and to ski the Glacier Pers. The entrance looks very ugly indeed but it’s much easier than it looks except for a couple of tricky spots, which need to be negotiated with care and we all got down without any trouble. I was worried about the snow being damaged by the northerly wind that’s been blowing the past few days and I was relieved to see that the snow still looked pretty good with only our tracks from the past couple of trips left on the mountain. It was Moscki and Nick’s first trip to the Glacier Pers and both the boys were well impressed with the scenery as well as the skiing. The snow was pretty good all the way down with the last slope being soufflé dur, which worked quite nicely. The gorge is stunning at the moment with beautiful blue ice walls on either side and a couple of holes are appearing, which adds to the ambience.

Andreas had another cancellation today so he ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours by himself in 48-minutes, and he then continued on to the Lores and was back at the Manchet chairlift by 11:45. Nice work! He really didn’t get a chance to test the Col des Fours slopes as he cut out in order to save time heading up to the Lores, where the top was good but the bottom slopes weren’t great.

I skied this afternoon with Ellie’s cousin Mandy, who I haven’t seen in nearly 20-years, and her daughter Amie. It was great to see her again and we had some good laughs as well as a cracking good ski. (Amie is here for the season working for John at YSE)

It clouded over late in the afternoon but the sun is forecast to shine again tomorrow and we’ve been teased with the chance of snow early next week. Fingers crossed as a fresh canvas would make life a lot easier!

27 February 2012
Low expectations but a top result!

Yesterday’s murky fog and cloud cover disappeared overnight and it was back to glorious sunshine again today. The Noble boys, Harry and Ian are back in town and along with Nick C, Penny, Gill and new character Moscki, we went out in search of soft snow to lay our tracks in. No one was expecting too much but we managed good snow all morning long with just a couple of ten to fifteen-minute ‘skins’. We warmed up in some nice snow off the Mont Blanc piste while waiting for the Borsat to open and then skied piste down to the Funicular in Tignes. We took the cable-car to the top and cut out into the Rosolin for 103-turns (Penny counted them) of pretty good soft snow. After a ten-minute ‘skin’ we had another 55-turns across the top of the glacier where we met Andreas who was in need of some beeps. From there we took the chair back up and ’skinned’ for 15-minutes towards the Borsat West, and again the snow was excellent. We finished off a very enjoyable morning with a funky Familial, which ended up with a few turns on spring snow.

Nick asked me what type of snow were skiing as he’s a regular reader of the Daily Diary and was wondering how I’d describe it? Good question Nick! The high winds of days gone by have created a firm and mostly smooth support layer and we’ve now 5 to 15cm’s of cold winter frisset-like snow on top. It makes for great skiing but I’d need to ask an Eskimo for the proper one-word description.

Chris skied similar runs to my group this morning with Jonathan and Dianne while Andreas skied the ‘Wall’, Mickey’s Ears and I not too sure what else with his pals Fiona and Henry.

The girls are back in school so Gill skied off-piste for the first time in ages, and Suzanne was back skiing with Chris this morning after driving to Normandy and back as well as taking care of Edward for a week. I haven’t seen Henry in ages and Thomas had the day off.

Sports Report- It was a ‘couch potato’s’ type of afternoon yesterday with some fantastic football matches, one after the other, and a great game of rugby to finish it off. Brilliant!

26 February 2012
Katie's first Pays Desert and Grand Vallon!

I had my first morning off this season today and after a leisurely breakfast the girls and I headed up Solaise en route to the Fornet. Many a skier will have been ambushed by the cold this morning as it was significantly cooler, and made worse by a chilly wind. There was also some low lying thick fog, which was a pain first thing but we broke through it when we arrived on the Col and stayed in the sun the rest of the morning. Katie skied her first Pays Desert followed by another first in the Grand Vallon, and both the girls did really well. We had lunch in the Edelweiss as Millie wanted a tagliatelle carbonara, which we all enjoyed except Gill who opted for the raviolis. The girls now have a couple of little French friends over to play and it’s back to school for them tomorrow.

There has been quite a bit of avalanche activity over the past ten days in France and around Europe. The three-week spell of extremely cold weather developed a weak layer in the snow-pack and with a combination of fresh snow and high temperatures, the weight on the weakened layer has significantly increased. (Check Henry’s site for more news and information.) Meteo France has the risk at 2/5 here today but at the Fornet and on Radio Val the local rating has been bumped up to 3/5. (I’m not too sure why as you’d need to try pretty hard to get yourself into trouble.)

Andreas had a late cancellation yesterday so he headed to Ste Foy to do some exploring and skied the Couloir Doudou, which looked pretty jolly good. Andreas wasn’t happy about the late cancellation and it re-opens the debate about using Pay-Pal to take money in advance from new clients, or those with a poor record of showing up for pre-booked spaces. Anyway, he had a great ski, which helped make up for it!

Didier M mentioned that someone cheeky had cut the cord on the Col that you needed to duck under and people have been using it to lower themselves down over the nasty rocks on the skiers-left-hand side. (It’s much easier stepping down on the right-hand side) Apparently the cord is fraying and will be giving way at some point soon, and hopefully it won’t be with ten skiers hanging off it!

Sports Report- It wasn’t the best of days for the Hammers yesterday but Big Sam thought there were some tired legs after playing three games in a row with only ten-men. (I’ve heard worse excuses) Anyway, at least Birmingham lost as they’ve been creeping up the table. And poor old Arsenal are taking a thumping from Spurs at the moment, although there is a long way to go. It’s a little sad to see the Gunners in such a state as they’ve been such an entertaining side for so long and a real credit to the Premiership.

PS It’s just gone from 2-0 to 2-2 in a matter of minutes. Look’s to be some fight left in the Gunners after-all!

PSS I thought I’d go up to Guffy’s to watch the second half, and what a finish! 5-2 to Arsenal, brilliant! Norwich v Man U was on at the same time so there was no shortage of screaming and groaning.

25 February 2012
Margaret takes a 'whipper'!

It was hot again today and I took my team up to the Fornet for the Glacier Pers as Toby had never been over the Col before. Unfortunately John E had to pull out just as we were climbing up to the Col because his boot fell apart. He’s had them for ages and they don’t really owe him anything, but fortunately they gave up before the Col and not while stepping in over the rocks! The entrance to the Col isn’t getting any easier but it’s still very do-able with a little patience and we got down off the rocks without any problems. But, once back onto the snow Margaret missed a turn and took a horrible ‘whipper’ sliding over some pretty rough terrain. She took a hit on her back-pack and miraculously Margaret arrived at the bottom unhurt. It would have shaken a person half Margaret’s age but she just stood up, dusted herself off and said, “I guess I should have just kept side-slipping!” (At this stage I figured it was just as well that John had gone home so he didn’t see what Margaret gets up to when he’s not around) Anyways Margaret, I’m really proud of you, you never fail to amaze me, and Julian and Toby were well impressed!

As for the skiing, we enjoyed a lovely Glacier Pers and had the place to ourselves along with Johnny ‘Alpine’, Richard Finlay, and Dave Carr. We had 10 to 15cm’s or so on a nice smooth base and it was excellent up top, pretty jolly good through the middle section, and good smooth soufflé dur at the bottom. The gorge is still passing easily although a couple of holes are starting to appear and it’s a beautiful trip with some lovely frozen waterfalls hanging down from the sides. Once down I took Julian and Toby for a quick Spatule en route to Les Tufs where they had lunch.

I’m having my first morning ‘off’ of the season tomorrow and will be skiing with the girls who want to do some off-piste before have lunch at the Edelweiss. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Today’s photos are up on my link.

24 February 2012
A cracking good Col des Fours!

Yesterday’s clouds disappeared overnight and it was back to bright blue skies and sunshine that felt like mid-April. It was -4C in the village at 8AM but +3C on the top of Bellevarde, and I would imagine sitting against a south-facing wall it must have been around 20C! Anyway, my team of Johnny ’Alpine’, Elena, Penny, Tony N, Sophie, Julian V (Frenchie’s brother), and his mate Toby headed up to the Col des Fours and we were rewarded with a terrific outing. The walk was beautiful and when we arrived on top and looked over the Col I was glad to see enough space amongst the tracks for us. In fact, there was plenty of room and the snow quality was better than expected, which is always a surprise on the pleasant side. We had a great ski down then ’skinned’ for another ten to fifteen-minutes over the next little Col to access some more skiing with good snow and great ambience. Elena lost a pole so I had to finish the lower slopes with one pole and the snow was just ’educational’ enough for me to wonder how you folks who don’t plant your poles can ski so well! Anyway, it was a really good ski and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It was great to see Julian again and a big hello to his brother Chris (Frenchie) and Chris’ wife Ellen. Hopefully we’ll see you both before the end of the season. And a big well done to Elena who is new to off-piste and she’s done incredibly well this week, really enjoying the skiing, walking and all-round ‘Alpine’ ambience. Tony has just finished a brilliant week and has had his dental patients following his adventures on the Diary.

Thomas skied in Tignes while Chris went to Italy and Andreas and Henry had the morning off.

I didn’t have my camera today as Gill took it for the girls picnic so today’s photos will be of the girls enjoying themselves.

Stay tuned for more sunshine tomorrow!

PS I saw Mark Jones from ICE today in the Col des Fours and his team seemed to be having a pretty good time as well. They took their time as well and made most of the day of it. For those who’ve never ‘skinned’ our been out there before, it was an excellent adventure with wonderful scenery.

23 February 2012
High cloud cover and extremely warm!

High cloud was forecast to disrupt our flow this morning, and sure enough it clouded over and flattened out our light. Still, it was brighter than expected and we had moments of sunshine during the morning allowing us all a pretty good morning. Chris and I headed up to the Motte for a very good Rosolin and after about 40-turns or so we had to stop because a piste-basher had laid a strip across our line, which was rather annoying. Anyway, after picking Tony up after he’d splatted (stopped below me the naughty boy!) we continued on with a lovely 100-turn pitch to the bottom from where we booted up the ‘dread-locks’ for another 60-turns en route to the ‘Wall’. We skied the ‘Wall’ down into the Combe des Lanches on nice chalky snow and it was all rather pleasant. Chris went back up to do the Wall/Lanches again while my team skied the Cairn, which was rubbish! I then finished with a really good Familial while Chris finished with the Kern.

Meanwhile, the last I saw of Andreas he was heading towards Mickey’s Ears with his Vikings and he also skied the Familial, Kern and Spatule. Thomas was in action with a French family and I think he went down to Ste Foy, while Henry is off and not feeling that well.

It was extremely hot this afternoon and I’m hoping the heat hasn’t finished off what’s left of our options, as it’s not easy at the moment. I don’t want to revert to skiing pisted off-piste, but if it doesn’t snow we may need to do just that and just enjoy the slopes for being impressive places. The sun is forecast to return in full force tomorrow and no snow is on the horizon for a least a week! (but you never know, hopefully they’ll get it wrong!)

PS And a big Happy Birthday to Millie John, who is six-years-old today! Thanks Dom and Sarah for the skating and pizza party, the girls loved it!

PSS Penny was sporting a new ski jacket today and it looked great, and I can tell you for free that Red Ray would have been jealous!

22 February 2012
The first Glacier Pers of the season!

I decided it was time to go to the Fornet as I was in need of a change of scenery, and we had a cracking good morning. After a little warm-up in the Combe du Signal we headed over the Col en route to the first Glacier Pers of the season. Getting over the Col was tricky but not at all dangerous with a little patient and concentration, and we all made it without incident. Chris cut the track around the and being into the breeze it took us awhile to arrive under the Point Pers where we put on our ‘skins’. It was fantastic to be out there again as it is a stunning corner of the resort, and with the snow being as good as it possibly could have been and the gorge being beautiful and easy to pass through, it all made for a great result.

Andreas went over the Col with his private group then finished off around the Spatule, Kern and Familial while Thomas ran into my girls and their pal Anna around the Motte. I haven’t heard from Henry for a few days so I’m sure he’s spending some time with his family.

Sun is forecast until at least next Thursday so we’ll need to work hard and use our imaginations until the next snowfall.

Sports Report- What a win for the Hammers last night as for the third game running we managed to overcome the odds while playing with only ten-men. It’s a bad habit that Big Sam will need to address and we’re now without three of our best players, including our goal-keeper who was sent off last night, for the next few games. Still, it’s going well in Hammer-land and I’m a happy chappy!

21 February 2012
It's going to get tougher as the week goes on!

The sun was blazing in the sky again today and after our ‘maximum-turn’ session yesterday, today was never going to be as easy because it’s the French holidays (Grenoble, Lyon and Paris together) and the resort is TRACKED-OUT! With that said, we all did our best and had a jolly nice time in spite of them. My team of Tony, Chrissy and Penny headed towards the Lower Lavachet and the meadow up high was excellent, while the middle section had a little ‘education’ mixed in, but the bottom pitch was very good indeed. From there we skied the Sachette where we had great snow top-to-almost-bottom, when we ran out of virgin snow on the way out. We finished off a really solid morning with the trustworthy Familial.

Andreas headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery, not only for himself but to show Elena and Dmitri a different side of the Espace Killy. They skied the Combe du Signal en route to the Pays Desert, which was pretty good before they headed over the Col for the Col Pers with an exit through the gorge. Good stuff! Meanwhile, Chris headed towards the Crete du Genepy but opted for Mont Roup, which wasn’t the greatest but was plenty good enough and a decent result. (We can be hard on ourselves when you set high standards and I know how Chris felt as I had a tough Mont Roup a few days ago.) Thomas skied around the Borsat, Bellevarde, Col du Palet and the Familial with the French family he’s skiing with this week while Henry had the day off.

Gill and Kiera skied with Millie, Katie and Anna this morning and Anna is here for a sleep-over tonight. We used this being Katie’s 6-and-a-half birthday for an excuse for sausages and some naughty patisseries and the girls are now watching Mrs. Doubtfire. (I watched it yesterday with Millie who’s now made a miraculous recovery).

I’m off now to watch the first-half of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Napoli at Johnny Alpine’s. Stay tuned tomorrow for more news!

Photos are up.

20 February 2012
A 'maximum-turn' morning of high quality!

Wow, what a morning that was! Around 10cm’s fell overnight but with the help of the wind there were some lovely pockets of snow and good accumulations on the lee slopes. My Vietnamese friend Tony had arrived for his first morning and what a treat he had today. We were first into the Kern, which was an excellent start to the morning and the team left some great tracks behind. From there we enjoyed some bonus turns off the edge of the Mont Blanc piste en route to the Borsat where we had some great skiing under the chair before tucking around the corner in the Lower Borsat. From there we continued on down through the meadows to the Funicular and headed upstairs to the Motte. We tried my shoulder, which had been trashed by a group of skiers passing by to ‘skin’ up the other side of the valley, and this temporarily made me mad. Anyway, we worked our way down then skied some nice snow before ‘skinning’ back up to the chair for 10-minutes, by which time I had recovered my form. Next up was a trip up the cable-car to access a beautiful 144-turn shot by the edge of the Rosolin, and after booting out for 10-minutes we had a 60-turn pitch back down above the ’Wall’ before cutting back to the chair. On the way back we skied a great Cairn and an equally good Familial to finish a cracking ’maximum-turn’ morning. Hats off to John and Margaret, both of whom skied beautifully this morning!

Andreas initiated some new clients today, Dmitri and Elena, and after checking out their level took them straight off to ski the Chardonnet, which was excellent followed by the Sache and the Familial. What a top first day, well done and welcome to ‘Alpine’! Meanwhile, Chris, Ann and Nick started in the Kern then headed to the Sachette before finishing with the Familial and they also had a brilliant morning. Thomas and Henry both went up to the Fornet and had some great skiing in the gullies and Pays Desert and then Thomas took a trip over the Col Pers. It’s been awhile since I’ve skied up that way and well done boys for heading up that way and testing it out, as the rest of us will be phoning up for reports! (And thanks Henry for the write-up on your blog yesterday)

Millie is suffering with a fever so Gill is off skiing with Katie this afternoon while I take care of Millie. We’ve Mrs. Doubtfire on the DVD and I’ll concentrate on it as soon as I’ve finished the update.

We all had a fabulous ski today and this little bit of fresh snow will have to do as sun is forecast for the rest of the week. (Today’s photos are up)

19 February 2012
Back in business in potentially difficult conditions!

The forecast for this morning was overcast with flat-light and a chance of some snow later in the morning. After a tricky session yesterday it wasn’t the outlook I was hoping for (except for snow later on) but we were fortunate to have patches of blue sky, which we managed to take advantage for most of the morning. It was bits-and-pieces today, but good bits-and-pieces and the snow quality was excellent allowing Chrissy, Caroline, Charlie and I to enjoy some great skiing with two ten-minute ‘skins’. We started with a little technique on Bonnevie’s Drag while waiting for the Borsat to open followed by a nice ski under the Borsat chair and into the Lower Borsat. From there we took the Funicular upstairs and found some surprisingly good snow around my shoulder and in the meadows below. We ‘skinned’ back to the Leisse chair and circled back to take some pitches we’d spotted from underneath, then cut across for some nice snow on the Borsat West. All this skiing took place with great vis but once we started down a fog rolled in so we stayed on the piste to finish the morning. I was well pleased to rebound with a really good day when things looked potentially sticky this morning.

Chris and Thomas were back off-piste today for the first time in a week and I saw JC in my travels but didn’t come across Thomas. Chris skied around the Motte while Thomas was around the Bellevarde/Charvet sectors. Welcome back boys! Andreas and Henry enjoyed a day off with their families.

Sports Report- It was a great win last night for the Calgary Flames who beat the Kings 1-0 in LA. The 2-points haul Calgary into the Play-Off picture for the first-time this season. Come on boys and I hope you enjoyed it Dad!

Don’t forget to chack the daily photos on my link.

18 February 2012
Not the best on Mont Rough! (Roup)

We had another stunning day although it was cooler than yesterday, which was surprisingly warm. The sun was shining and I took my team to Mont Roup via the Borsat traverse. The meadows after the traverse were lovely and we had some nice skiing leaving some good tracks. Yesterday’s heat ruined the sunny exposures so I tested the snow on the way down and was confident that the snow on the more easterly slopes of Mont Roup would be good. Wrong! The snow hadn’t taken the sun, but for various reasons such as old tracks underneath and wind, it was jolly tricky and not nearly as good as I’d expected. I take pride in finding the best snow possible day in and day out, but today wasn’t my day. Anyway, the team did the business and didn’t give me too hard of time!

Geoff and Inga peeled out to buy skis while Charlie, Caroline, Alex and I carried on and skied Henry’s Gulley. The snow above the gulley was surprisingly good but the fresh snow has allowed the gulley to bump up a little as compared to the smooth surface of last week. (Strike two!) From there we headed to the Familial and had some excellent snow across the meadows (yahoo!) and I left the team at the old ruined Shepherd’s hut, where the girls and I had our first picnic of the season.

After lunch the girls and I did some great skiing on and off-piste and they talked me into the Piste Perdue. (It’s only the third time in nearly thirty-years.) It was jolly good fun but there are a couple of places where you need to take off skis and pass children (and wives!) down over ledges and crawl through narrow holes.

Meanwhile Andreas had a brilliant day down in Ste Foy with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and Chrissy. They did a ‘double-skin’ and skied the Col de l’Argentiere in great snow. It was John’s first trip down that way and he was well impressed. Well done you guys!

Tansy had a family ski today with Victor and Ness and Victor loved the Acti-cross, which is a real crowd pleaser!

We may have a cloudy day tomorrow but hopefully we’ll get some snow tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed!

17 February 2012
The first seriously warm day of the season! (Bummer really!)

The sun returned and after 3-weeks of -15 to -20C, today was a scorcher! It was positively hot on the sunny slopes and at 1:15PM at the summit of Tommeuses the thermometer read 18C when three days ago it was -18C. That is a seriously extreme temperature swing! Anyway, it was Ken and Mark’s last day of their first trip to Val d’Isere so I wanted to show them some new terrain so we headed to the Sachette, which is always stunning. En route we skied the big Face on the left as you ride up the Aiguille Percee chair (we should give it a name), which was warm but excellent. (Unfortunately we had a Tignes ESF group who decided they wanted to ski our line, which didn’t to anything for our ambience. Incredible really!) From there we skied the Sachette in lovely snow and then ‘skinned’ for 10-minutes to access the meadows, which was also really nice. By this time we were late so I bombed it back with Ken and Mark while the others skied off to various meeting places.

Ken and his son Mark did incredibly well this week as it was their first real go at off-piste and they’d never put ‘skins’ on before. On Monday they were all over the shop, but turn by turn they improved and they’re now leaving ‘Alpine’ tracks everywhere we ski. Top performance boys and bravo!

Andreas and Henry skied the Lower Lavachet en route to the Cocaine Sud and Glattier and they finished up in the Familial. I’m not too sure if they squeezed in anything else or not, but it sounds as if they had a great morning. Thomas is on the last day of his piste week while Chris has the day off.

I had a restful afternoon with my daughters cross-country skiing, and boy am I rubbish at it! It’s also seriously hard work and those cross-country skiers who are gliding along beautifully have some great technique and are in pretty good shape as well. Chapeau!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and today’s heat will have unfortunately damaged some snow, but a little snow is forecast for Sunday afternoon/evening, which will be much appreciated.

PS Andreas has informed me that the slope is called the Tourne. Thanks Andreas!

16 February 2012

It snowed about ten centimetres over night, maybe 15cm’s and the wind was howling during the night. The day started off overcast with fleeting teasing patches of sunlit areas, so when the Kern presented itself I dove straight in to start off the morning. It was a cracking good start to the day and we followed it up with a decent (but worst of the morning) Fontaine Froide en route to a lovely run off the Grand Pre in another bit of sunshine. From there we skied the Lower Borsat in atmospheric light and then it was decision time. It looked as if the Motte was above the clouds so we took the Funicular and arrived to brilliant sunshine at the top. I was expecting a nice accumulation in the lee but I was totally surprised by 50 to 60cm’s of light powder on Wayne’s Shoulder. Lucky, lucky us! I’ve had a lot of great skiing over the years in that area but can’t remember it ever being better and being just above a sea of cloud made it all the better. (If you don’t believe me check the photos on my link) After a couple of runs we stayed on the piste on the way back as we descended back into clouds and we were running late.

Meanwhile, Andreas headed for the Chardonnet and had great skiing with ambience. He then headed for the Sachette and had to make a decision because of the low cloud cover but chose to go for it as he was comfortable to navigate. Bravo Andreas! I haven’t had a report but I’m sure they had terrific skiing as well. On the way back Andreas skied the Little Spatule to finish off and he then skied off-piste with the Campbell clan this afternoon. (Rory and Katrina will be skiing the mornings with their parents before you know it)

I skied with Alfred and Rex again this afternoon while Chris took Alfred’s brother Tom and cousin Lottie. We went to check out the Fornet and skied the Super L, Grand Vallon, Combe du Signal and the Grand Vallon to the bottom to finish.

The Pisteurs had been working and when we passed into the Grand Vallon for the second time we noticed they’d been putting up David’s Memorial Beep Check. It’s fantastic that it’s up and we’ll see it every time we pass and think of David.

The sun is forecast for tomorrow, (yahoo!) followed by some more snow sometime over the weekend.

15 February 2012
A potential 'stinker' turns out to be a jolly good result!

It was a potentially difficult morning today as we awoke to light snow giving flattish light and driving wind, and with most of the resort either tracked or tricky snow it wasn’t going to be easy. I also had Geoff D skiing off-piste for the first time in three years after having a total knee replacement 18-months ago and I was a little worried the snow might be testing for him. (As it turned out we found great snow and Geoff did the business. Bravo Geoff!) Andreas and I both headed to the Lower Lavachet, Andreas via the impressive Mickey’s Ears couloir while I went across the from underneath, and the snow from the trees down was fantastic. It was so good my team ‘skinned’ part way back up to do it again! In the Lavachet it was totally protected but it was windy enough upstairs to close the Aeroski so we headed back to Val d’Isere and had a very pleasant run in the Familial. Geoff peeled out on a good note and the rest of us took the Funival back up and ended up skiing an excellent Kern, which had a nice accumulation of fresh snow transported by the wind while Andreas finished up in the Spatule. All in all it was a terrific morning when expectations weren’t high.

This afternoon I had a technique lesson with a little off-piste with Alfred and Rex (both 13 years-old) and we ended up skiing the Familial followed by the Kern, which really impressed them. They are great lads who love their sports so we had lots to talk about.

It snowed nicely this afternoon and although a big snowfall isn’t forecast we’ve enough snow to improve things enormously, especially in the lee, and we will have a fresh canvas, which is a great relief.

Sports Report- I was well pleased when I checked the Hammers result as 3AM, especially when they went down to 10-men after 18-minutes. (Bad habit that) Three points would have been nice but when you’re playing a top-of-the-table team a man short you can’t get too greedy and a point kept us in first place.

14 February 2012
Time for a snow-dance!

It was another cold but beautiful day and I’ve never seen so many people sporting boot-warmers. Like Crocs, they aren’t very pretty but they are jolly useful! Anyway, I headed towards Tignes with three different possible plans and ended up going for Plan B, which worked out to be a very good morning. We warmed-up under the Borsat chair and into the Lower Borsat before taking the Funicular. Plan A didn’t look so hot so we skied down my shoulder than had some lovely soft snow across the meadows to where we put on our ‘skins’ to climb up under the Borsat West. The first pitch was excellent but the lower section wasn’t as good although we did leave some good tracks. We finished off in the Familial skiing nice chalky snow all the way to the bottom.

Andreas headed out towards the Balme de l’Ours and I’m not too sure what they found but they’ll have had some good pitches and last I heard from Henry he was ‘skinning’ towards the Crete du Genepy. Thomas and Chris are still both on piste with families but Chris has had some initiation off-piste the past two afternoons.

I had a good run-around with Gill, Millie, Katie and Laura although Millie had verbal diarrhoea and drove me nuts most of the afternoon. Still, it was good fun and the pistes at La Daille are in brilliant condition.

Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon but I’m not too sure. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- It’s a massive, massive match at Upton Park tonight with the Hammer taking on second-place Southampton. A win would put us 4-points clear at the top with a game in hand, but a loss would have the boys drop back into second-place. Come on you Hammers!

13 February 2012
Avalanche risk at 2/5, but a high 'whipper-factor'!

Radio Val reported -18C in the village and -15C upstairs this morning and with another new team I ‘skinned’ to the trusted Crete du Genepy. I had two first-time clients this morning, Ken and his 16-year-old son Mark, both of whom are pretty new to off-piste and have never ‘skinned’ before, and they both did extremely well. Bravo boys! The top pitch was a little tricky but the snow improved as we worked our way down and again we were alone and stayed warm. We finished off with Henry’s Gulley, which was very good again today and the entire team enjoyed it.

Speaking of Henry, he had a ‘whipper’ in his group today in the Couloir Centrale in the Spatule and Henry did a magnificent job of stopping Charles before he came to any harm. Henry broke his poles, had the bindings pulled out of one of his skis and felt a little bruised. We’ve all had skiers fall and slide in the steep, whether it be in winter during a drought and following strong winds, or in the spring, and believe me it’s a scary moment and something you don’t forget. It takes courage to throw yourself in front of someone who is hurtling down the mountain but you know you must try. Well done Henry! Both Henry and Charles are fine and both will be back in action tomorrow.

Thomas and Chris are skiing on-piste this week with families and Andreas returns tonight from his time in the Pyrenees with Olivier. They had a great week and Andreas stayed at Oli’s and thoroughly enjoyed Claire’s home-cooking.

Gill made it back last night but said she was glad the car didn’t need to sit out for another night. I was relieved when she didn’t phone around 10 o’clock and she was equally happy when the car fired up without too much trouble. She had a wonderful few days celebrating her Mum’s 70th and walking with friends.

We should have good visibility again tomorrow and tomorrow’s snow has now been forecast for Wednesday.

12 February 2012
Good luck Gill!

It was jolly cold again this morning and since I had a new team I gave them a choice of walking or skiing, and to my surprise they all chose walking so I took them up to the Crete du Genepy. It was a stunning walk and we were totally on our own, and warm, both of which were greatly appreciated. The snow wasn’t as good has it has been but for the most part it was pretty decent and we had the odd patch of trickier snow. Eugene, Alex and Charles, who’s new to ‘Alpine’, all did the business and I was really impressed with they way they handled themselves. Bravo boys! On the way back we headed down Henry’s Gulley in the Marmottes, which was good skiing again with impressive ambience and we met Henry who was trying one of the couloirs further over. The boys really enjoyed their morning and they’ll enjoy their photos as they’re looking pretty good!

This afternoon I had a fantastic ski with Millie, Katie and Stephen as we skied some superb piste, the Acti-cross, the Snow Park (yes, jumping is just around the corner), the Funk Run and the avalanche path home as there is now a bus queue now that the holidays have started.

Thanks Kaye for taking the girls swimming this morning and thanks Pat for a lovely birthday drinks party. (Pat’s birthday, not mine) The girls always love to be invited to a drinks party and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And Happy Birthday to you Pat!

I skied with Sylvie yesterday and she organises shared rides to and from Geneva on her website www.justvaldisere.com It’s an excellent service so if you’re coming or going and want to share the expense log-on to Sylvie’s site.

Good luck to Gill tonight as she arrives at the airport in Lyon. The car has been parked outside for four days and nights in this cold weather and I’m worried that the diesel might freeze. Fingers crossed that she’ll be alright!

The sun should shine tomorrow but rumour has it that it will snow on Tuesday.

11 February 2012
Well done Katie!

The cold-snap continued today with -16C in town and -21C at altitude, but it didn’t seem that cold as the skies cleared quickly and we enjoyed some lovely sunshine and excellent visibility. The pistes were outstanding today and we mixed some great piste skiing with very good off-piste runs. We skied the Lower Borsat, two runs off the Grande Motte cable-car (one either side), Wayne’s Shoulder, and then we ‘skinned’ for 15-minutes under the Borsat West. I radioed Chris at the end of the morning to check the conditions on the Alti-port in the Familial and when he reported ‘moyen’ we decided to finish the morning with a superb run down on the piste. The snow was easy to get an edge into and we wailed down working our skis and really zipping about.

Meanwhile Chris finished his week with his team in similar fashion although they didn’t do any walking. Thomas was down in Ste Foy but I haven’t heard how he got on.

I spent the afternoon at the ice rink with the girls and their friend Anna and her Dad Didier. Katie could hardly stand up at the beginning of the session and by the end she was skating on her own. Well done Katie!

Laura has been helping me out with the girls while Gill’s away and she had us over for dinner last night followed by a sleep-over for the girls. Laura’s a brilliant cook and her meals are always a treat but last night she delivered an exceptional meal of the highest quality. I cursed myself for not having my camera because I would have photographed each course and put it up on the Photos of the Day. You could have spent 200 Euros in any restaurant in town and not had better food. Stunning Laura and thanks for your help.

Speaking of restaurants, tonight Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Laura, Millie, Katie and I went to the girls favourite, the Billabong/Quicksilver Burger Bar and we had a great time, and it’s the only place Katie finishes everything on her plate. The girls were exhausted as they stayed up to 11 o’clock last night (naughty Laura) and they almost fell asleep licking their ice-creams.

Anyway, the sun is forecast for the morning, the girls are swimming with Stephen and Kaye, we’re then skiing in the afternoon with Laura followed by drinks for Pat Woo’s birthday, and Gill arrives home late tomorrow night. Busy day ahead!

10 February 2012
Much better snow than expected in cold conditions!

The sun was shining this morning but it was -16C in the village and -20C on the top of Bellevarde at 8AM, so the only place to be was somewhere in the sun on a southern-ish exposure. The wind over the past 48-hours had made a mess of many slopes but last night’s cold temperatures loosened up a lot of the plaque quite considerably and I was surprised at how good the skiing was today. Thomas and I headed across the Borsat towards the Crete du Genepy where I ‘skinned’ up for about 25-minutes while Thomas continued on to towards Mont Roup. I managed to ‘sniff’ out some excellent pitches amongst the wandering plaque and we enjoyed some great skiing in relative warmth. Once down we ‘skinned’ part way up Mont Roup to join Thomas’ team who were skiing back down the northern-side of Mont Roup where the snow was pretty jolly good as well. At this stage my right foot started to feel the cold for the first time all morning and we high-tailed it back to the Manchet Express with my boots undone and swinging my leg back and forth whenever I could. At the Gourmandine this morning Henry had mentioned the gulley/couloir in the Marmottes was smooth and chalky (but with a high ‘whipper-factor’) so we tried that on the way back to finish the morning. It was excellent skiing with great ambience as well as being a nice change of pace. Good call thanks Henry!

Speaking of Henry, he had an initiation group today and I’m not sure where he skied and I don’t know what adventures Chris had in store for his team. They did however have a good day in Italy yesterday.

The extremely cold weather last night did wonders for the short term, as in improving the snow for today’s skiing, but unfortunately this cold weather won’t do us any good in the long term as it’s creating a fragile layer underneath that could become a problem as the season wears on. Stay tuned to Henry’s website as he’ll be analysing the evolution of the snow-pack.

Olivier and Andreas had a great first day to their tour yesterday as they had some good powder with sunny skies. Good luck for the rest of the week boys!

I haven’t heard how Liz’s 70th party went last night as Gill was a little nervous about giving a speech. (Nothing like speaking in public to get one going!) I’m sure she was fine and they had a fantastic time.

It clouded over this afternoon and if we’re lucky it will warm up a little and maybe a few flakes will drop out of the sky. Fingers crossed!

PS Apparently Gill’s speech was excellent last night and her Mum really appreciated her effort. Gill received loads of positive comments and since she’s never really had to do a speech before she’s rather proud of herself. Bravo Honey! (Photos of the Day are on my link)

9 February 2012
Happy Birthday Liz!

For the first time in at least two weeks I took my team to the Fornet, and it’s always a must when you have someone like Dave who is visiting Val d’Isere for the first time. We started off in the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid and managed to find a decent line amongst the carnage, meaning tracks or wind damaged snow. From there we headed upstairs and from the Col it didn’t look all that promising as the Pays Desert was ravaged by the wind, but out towards the Combe du Geant it looked much better, and in fact it was superb! After two great runs around the Combe we headed over the Col Pers for an adventure as we certainly weren’t going to find better snow than we’d already skied. The entrance wasn’t too bad and after side-stepping on dirt and rocks for about ten metres, we were back on snow. Everything back-side has been hit hard by the wind (again) and besides the odd patch of soft snow we were looking for various forms of soufflé, which worked all the way down. Thomas, Jean Marc and I all skied the same runs today and after taking various routes down from the Col we met up at the entrance to the gorge, which passed easily without any real tricky sections. It was nice to be out there again and the scenery is stunning although it’s a long way from its best ski-wise.

Henry had a wonderful run or two on the Pissailles as well and I’m not sure what he skied to finish up and Chris took his team to Italy for a relaxing day and some pasta.

Gill has returned to England for four days to celebrate her Mum Liz’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday Liz and enjoy your party tonight! While Gill is gone the girls and I have planned a naughty weekend of treats and activities. And thank you to Doctor Laura, Stephen and Kaye and Kiera for helping me out with the little rascals.

Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as no real snow is forecast.

8 February 2012
Conditions are changing!

It was a much tougher morning as we had strong winds and flat light all morning long. The east and south-easterly wind that has been blowing hard during the past 18-hours or so had created some isolated plaques in places which were very fragile. Both Thomas and Chris had plaques pop out on them this morning and fortunately they both turned out to be good learning experiences. Thomas had a little plaque let go on the traverse around the Familial to the Little Lavachet and Chris had one on the traverse across the couloir to the Sachette. Our period of blissful skiing is coming to an end as conditions are changing with the formation of goblet during this extreme cold-snap followed by the strong wind, which has now been blowing for about 24-hours. It’s now time to slow down and re-evaluate conditions and after the next snowfall we’ll need to be on our toes.

As for today’s skiing, I thought it was pretty jolly good, all things considered. We had a good run in the Little Lavachet with some nice creamy snow followed by some excellent deep snow lower down. From there we had a good run up top in the Sachette followed by a trickier middle section and very good snow towards the bottom. My team finished off a good but tougher (because of wind and flat light) morning with the Familial.

I skied with Gill, Millie, Katie and Doctor Laura this afternoon and we had a great time around the top of La Daille, mixing in piste, our ‘funk’ run, the Acti-cross, and the Snow Park. We ran into Jean Marc at the bottom of the Funival and he’s here for a few days with private clients.

It’s cleared this afternoon and hopefully we’ll be back in the sun tomorrow.

PS Daily photos are now on my link while Jean is away.

PSS Andreas is going to assist Oli next week as JM is busy, so he will be working as compared to going on holiday. Sorry about that. But still, going somewhere new on an airplane sounds pretty good to me! Have fun boys!

7 February 2012
A real thigh-burner!

It was -20C again this morning and my plan was to ‘skin’ to the Col des Fours but with it forecast to warm up towards the end of the week I thought the Col could wait a couple of days and we headed towards the sunshine in Tignes instead. (Plus I needed to be on time for a lesson this afternoon) We left some lovely tracks in the Borsat before heading upstairs in the Funicular and we exited out the top doors to have a look at our options. Gill said, “Did you notice the cable-car was open”? I hadn’t because rumour has it that it’s closed for the season, so we were surprised to see it running and we rode the cable-car for the first time this season. That gave us access to the Rosolin where we skied an excellent 152-thigh-buring-turns to the bottom before ‘skinning’ out. I thought of climbing up towards the Dome de Pramecou but once up close it had taken the wind and wasn’t as good as I’d been hoping so we skied off a nice shoulder then down over the ‘Wall’, which I haven’t done for quite some time. After the ‘Wall’ we squeezed out a nice line in the Familial then ‘skinned’ for another 5-minutes to get the lovely slopes under the cliffs and power-line. It turned out to be a bit of a funky morning with good skiing and ambience, and we managed to stay in the sun as the resort clouded over from the Fornet quicker than expected and by one o’clock the light was pretty flat everywhere.

Chris equipped his team with ‘skins’ and they headed towards the Crete du Genepy, which remains very good indeed, Thomas skied in the same area while Andreas and Henry rolled the dice and took their teams up to the Cold des Fours. They watched the clouds coming up from behind but managed great skiing in the sun until the refuge before the clouds overtook them leaving them in flat light for the exit out. Well done boys! Andreas leaves tomorrow for a week of touring with Olivier in the Pyrenees so we wish him a happy holiday!

The wind started blowing from the south-east and east this afternoon and it was fairly strong on the top of Bellevarde. Hopefully it won’t damage too much snow and will perhaps move some snow about and improve other areas. Might as well be positive! I’ll let you know tomorrow.

6 February 2012
A wonderful 'double-skin' on the Crete.

The cold snap continues but everyone has themselves more organised clothing-wise, we’re also skiing in the sun as much as possible and we’re coping quite well. I took my team of Richard, James, Stephen, Kaye, Jean, Dave and Gill for a ‘double-skin’ on the Crete du Genepy and we had superb snow top-to-bottom. We climbed up the first time for an excellent steep pitch of 55-turns before ‘skinning’ back up to go skiers-right towards the bottom of Mont Roup. It really was good and the team didn‘t miss a beat and laid perfect tracks all morning long. (I’ll post some extra photos on my link as it was Jean’s last morning for awhile and I’ll be taking over the photos-of-the-day)

Meanwhile Chris was skiing with Malcolm, Will, Noll, and Ralph and they skied off the Borsat traverse followed by the Tour du Charvet and I’m not sure after that. Thomas and Andreas headed for the Glacier Suspendu where it was slightly winded up top but excellent on the slopes back into the Sache. They then had an adventurous time exiting through the waterfall at the bottom and Thomas chuckled as he said he’d be taking the classic exit next time through.

The sun is forecast to shine until the end of the week and perhaps then we’ll get some snow. The resort is tracked out but we’re skiing in some of the best quality snow of the season but walking is a must to find it. I guess it’s a good thing you all love to walk! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

Sports Report- Commiserations to Michael R as his team lost a thrilling Super Bowl 21-17 to the NY Giants.

PS I had a good initiation afternoon with Jay, Andy and Cormack, all pals of Richard and James. Well done boys! (extra photos now up on my link)

5 February 2012
That was a rather funky morning!

It was Dave’s first-ever visit to Val d’Isere as he read my book several years ago and thought it was time to come and ski with us. Being Dave’s first morning and after yesterday’s double ‘skin’ I thought I’d give Penny and Jean an easier day, but our opening run turned out to be quite funky. We started out in the Kern but continued on in search of fresh snow and ended up skiing the Super Spatule, where we found some great snow and great ambience. From there we headed into Tignes and skied a very good Super Cocaine Sud out on the shoulder and then down across the meadows. From there we skied off the Aiguille Rouge in some fantastic snow before ‘skinning’ back up for ten-minutes to the chairlift and we finished off with a pleasant Familial. Dave did really well and slotted in nicely with the tracks and he’s probably the only person I know who’s first run in Val d’Isere was the Super Spatule. Bienvenue Dave! (I was the only one skiing again this morning and I’m sure the rest of the boys will be raring to go tomorrow)

Gill and I are waiting for the girls to return home from Dom and Sarah’s where they’ve had lunch after a morning of swimming with Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Dom, Millie and Harry. Thanks Dom for taking them swimming and for lunch while Gill skied with your lovely wife.

Radio Val announced -21C again this morning but as we stayed in the sun it never felt that cold. Once you get your routine together it’s actually very pleasant and the clarity of the sky is wonderful. We should have another similar day again tomorrow.

PS Sports Report- Wow! What a match between Chelsea and United. I can just picture Eric H, Johnny ‘Alpine’, the Dunn brothers and Chris and Matt E amongst others, jumping up and down after coming back from 3 goals down to equalize. Even non-United fans must be impressed with that! Chapeau! And what a good rugby match as well.

4 February 2012
Jolly chilly but more than bearable in the sun!

Radio Val announced -21C this morning at 8AM and it was a chilly start to say the least. Chris called in with a sore throat so his team of Jean and Kit joined Jean R, Penny, Catherine and Sophie (secretary Sophie) and we all bundled up and went off to face the morning. We headed to the sun and ‘skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy and it was warm enough for everyone to shed a layer, and we started off skiers-left for two excellent pitches before ‘skinning’ back up again. On the second climb I took off two layers, my neck fleece and my head-band, and it was extremely warm. This time we skied out to the right down the more classic route and again the snow was superb top-to-bottom. We skied a lovely steep pitch above the pond and Jean skied extremely well as the team laid a perfect set of tracks. The instant we arrived at the bottom and into the shade the temperature dropped immediately and we realized how cold it really was. Every layer that was shed went straight back on and it took an effort to push out as our skis weren’t gliding at all. It was a great morning and well done to everyone for showing up with such enthusiasm! (I’m looking forward to Jean’s photos)

Gill, Kiera, and Doctor Laura took Millie, Katie and Anna for a ski this morning and it was the coldest day any of the children have ever skied in. They hung in there from 10:15 until 12:45 but they were all extremely happy to return home, and Katie even gobbled up her hot homemade soup for a change!

Sports Report- It’s all happening at Upton Park. The Hammers went down to ten-men after just eight minutes but managed to score just before the half-time whistle. I just checked the score and groaned as Millwall equalised in the 65-minute, but the next time I checked minutes later the Hammer had score again. Come on boys as three-points playing with ten men would be a fantastic result! (There’s 15-minutes to go) And Michael R and Marty will be glued to their TV’s tomorrow for the Super Bowl, which should be a good one.

PS. Andreas and Chris were off ill while Thomas and Henry were both relaxing with their families.

PSS Bravo West Ham! You’d be happy with a draw going down to ten-men after eight minutes but to come away with a victory is a massive result. Now I can calm down and watch some rugby!

3 February 2012
Cold weather but great skiing!

It was even colder this morning and I wanted to show Christian, Giles, Nick and Doug some different scenery as it was their last day, so the Fornet was immediately ruled out as a non-starter and we headed to the Sachette. We started off in some lovely snow in the Borsat and the Sachette itself was wonderful. Chris and I then ‘skinned’ up for ten-minutes or so towards the Glacier Suspendu to access a great 72-turn pitch back down to the meadows. The boys had a brilliant week as we skied some big slopes and the snow quality has been as good as we’ve had all winter.

Andreas had some fantastic skiing on the Crete du Genepy and stayed in the sun while Thomas was planning on a trip through the Tour du Balme, which we haven’t done for quite some time, and I imagine that it was jolly good. (Bravo Andreas for working today as he wasn’t at all well.)

Chris had some lovely new clients who did extremly well this week. Well done to Arlene, Paul and Lucy!

The cold weather is set continue but as long as the sun shines and the wind doesn’t blow it’s bearable. It’s snowing lightly at the moment, but I do mean lightly, and I’m not really expecting fresh snow for the morning. It would be nice to be wrong however!

And Millie did very well in her race this afternoon and I think she really enjoyed the training, although she won’t admit it!

2 February 2012
Mont Roup at its best!

After a slightly hazy start the skies cleared leaving us with a cold but stunning day. We had a team ski on Mont Roup as Chris, Andreas and I all headed that way via the Borsat. The traverse was slow due to the cold snow but it was worth it as the ski down through the meadows was wonderful. The ‘skin’ up Mont Roup is now in sunlight as the sun is that little bit higher in the sky and although it was -16C this morning we were stripping off neck fleeces, hats and taking off a layer for the climb. The ski down was magnificent as the snow quality was fantastic and between us we had quite a few who were making their first trip to Mont Roup, all of whom were well impressed. In fact Christian stated, “That was a privilege”! and the regulars to Mont Roup knew the snow was particularly good this time around. It was great to have Gill along as she’s missed out of late for various reasons and she loved it. (Pat Z was in the same neighbourhood again today, good ‘sniffing’ Pat!)

Henry was skiing this morning and I think he headed Lavachet/Sache way and I’m sure he had a great morning as well and Thomas had the day off.

I had a nice afternoon skiing with Sharon and her friend Rosemary and we mixed some intro to off-piste with some technique. It’s a pleasure teaching when the sun is out and the ladies did very well. Millie and I crossed paths at the bus stop as she was going out with her school class skiing for the afternoon. Apparently for someone who hates racing her teacher seems to think she’s quite fast so hopefully she’ll do well in her race tomorrow. (She’s been dreading it!)

Hopefully Andreas will be feeling better tomorrow as he was heading home to take himself to bed this afternoon. I must say he didn’t sound very well on the radio and we’ve both been fighting off colds for the past two weeks, but his seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

The cold weather is set to continue but the sun is also forecast to shine, which makes the cold much more manageable. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

1 February 2012
A morning of 'classics'!

Although it was -19C in the village this morning the wind had dropped and by staying in the sun it was much, much warmer than yesterday. Chris and I decided on the ‘classic’ Val d’Isere spring slopes to remain warm and we had a cracking good ski. We started with a good Kern to warm-up and then we were the first onto the Face du Charvet, which was wonderful and always a treat. Pat Zimmer came in after us with three of his most faithful clients and it was good to see him out there. Next up was the Tour du Charvet and for the most part it was excellent and then my team finished with a really good run down from the Manchet through the Marmottons/Marmottes to the bottom while Chris continued and went back up for a Super L as he can ski home from there. Jean stopped at 11 o’clock after the Face saying he’d had a perfect morning and was going home to take his wife down to Bourg. It was nice to show Giles (taught for four seasons in Verbier) and his mates Christian, Nick and Douglas some of the big slopes and they really appreciated the skiing and ambience of today’s ‘classics’.

Thomas and Andreas had a great ski as well as they both headed Tignes-way and skied a good Borsat before skiing an excellent Chardonnet followed by an equally good Sachette. Henry was skiing as well with his wife Ginnie and some old friends from years ago, Anthony and Kim. (And these guys do go way back as I remember them for 25-years or more ago.) I’m not too sure what they got up to but I’m sure it was interesting.

Katie and I went out for a little ski together this afternoon and we spent some time leaving lovely powder tracks just off the pistes. When it’s too deep for her she follows right in my track, otherwise she likes to leave her own signature. That’s my girl!

Sports Report- Not too much to say about a 5-1 defeat. Dreadful!

1 February 2012
Today's skiing news to follow!

Stay tuned for the skiing news for February 1st.

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