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20 June 2007

15 October 2012
A Social Sunday!

Chris and Suzanne are in the UK for a few days visiting Suzanne’s parents and they stopped by Sunday morning for a lovely walk and a few cups of coffee. We were sitting around the kitchen table chatting when I sensed something behind me, and when I turned to look there was Margaret looking in through the window. What a surprise and what a coincidence for them to show up out of the blue the same day as JC and Suzanne’s visit! Both couples were on top form and starting to look forward to the upcoming season. It was really nice to have them all here and I’ve posted a few photos so please do have a look.

9 October 2012
Sorry Bikers!

Amongst the great sporting achievements of the summer (Oct 1st update) was the Tour de France and the first British victory ever, which I forgot to mention. Sorry Wiggo! Thanks Sandy! And, I won a Golf Comp the other day, which wasn’t a massive sporting accomplishment of Olympian standard but I was rather pleased with myself!

8 October 2012
A great day out on the Lazy Otter!

We enjoyed a fantastic day on the water on Saturday as we went for our annual sail with Andy and Julia and their lovely girls Anna and Pip. The weather was extremely kind to us with the sun shining almost the entire day, and at this time of year that’s a real bonus when you’re on the water and hoping for a little wind. Anna and Millie spent a lot of time together back when Andy and Julia lived in Val d’Isere for a few winters and they had a lovely time catching up with one another. Meanwhile, Katie took care of three-year-old Pip, which is rather surprising as Katie doesn’t often show maternal instincts. Well done Katie! We had an excellent lunch washed down with a few beers and thanks very much Andy and Julia for another wonderful day out on the Lazy Otter! (Check photos)

1 October 2012
The Power of Sport!

Just when you think the most significant sporting summer in British history is over, along comes the Ryder Cup with an incredibly dramatic climax which even left non-golfers gasping for breath. Wow, what an exciting fight-back, and the Ryder Cup showcased what a wonderful game golf really is!

Going back over a summer that was nothing short of dreadful weather-wise, the sports enthusiast was treated to a period we’ll never experience again. First up was the Spanish conquest at the Euros, followed by one of Roger’s finest displays at Wimbledon, then Ernie rolling back the years at the Open. All this stunning sport was just a warm-up before the most wonderful Olympics imaginable. The Paralympics were outstanding as well before Andy Murray’s fabulous maiden Grand Slam victory at the US Open. Then just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Europeans staged the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history. Brilliant!

The Olympics brought the country together and the feel-good factor was palpable. It will be a long while before we savour the atmosphere of this summer again, and I thought it’s been Britain’s finest hour since Winston used to strut his stuff while winning World War Two. These past few months have even had the non-believers in awe of the power of sport!

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