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20 June 2007

29 November 2012
Love you girls!

I had an emotional farewell with the girls this morning at 3AM then drove straight through to Val d’Isere. Katie spoke to me and cuddled me in her sleep but Millie gets up for hugs and tears, bless her, then crawled in to keep Gill warm. On my way to the Shuttle I listened to Doctor Karl on ‘Up All Night’. He is a rather clever bloke who seems to know something about everything, and I listen to Doctor Karl exactly once a year while en-route. Once through the tunnel it was a cracking good drive and I took full advantage of the opportunity to crank the music up a little, but it was nice to finally get here. (And Gill was relieved as she always worries about me driving that far on my own)

With falling snow and snow covered trees it was really exciting to arrive to winter and the promise of a fantastic start. The liaison with Tignes will be open, which is great news but the bottom of La Daille is closed (yes you guessed it, due to the racing) and there isn’t enough snow yet to open the bottom of Solaise or the lower slopes at the Fornet. Still, it looks great, there’s a very good cover upstairs, and it’s still snowing! (Hopefully Chris will make it up tonight without too much difficulty as he forgot his chains. Good luck JC!) I’ve posted a couple of photos to help you get in the mood.

PS And I’m extremely happy that my internet connection is running on arrival for the first time in four-years. It’s such a pleasure to work in comfort on my sofa instead of running around town trying to do updates and answer emails. Also Johnny ‘Alpine’ arrives tonight and I’m hoping he’s up for West Hasm v Chelsea this Saturday?

27 November 2012
Expect e-mail delays!

I’m getting ready to travel and will be leaving here around 3:30AM on the 29th and will be driving straight through, so expect delays regarding e-mails and web updates for the next few days. Hopefully my internet broadband will be connected so that I can get stuck in on arrival but unfortunately I’ve had delays the past four winters and have needed to travel to Chris’ place to send and receive as well as post the daily updates. Fingers crossed that Teleconnect do the business this time round and sorry in advance for any delays.

The forecast looks as though it should snow a little over the next few days, which would help to kick off the season. Looking at the webcams this afternoon gives the impression of it being mild and not quite cold enough for snow in the village, but here’s hoping it cools down and we get a dump before the weekend. (I’d prefer it to come after my arrival as I’m allergic to chains)

Stay tuned for the Daily Diary and photos as of December 1st!

23 November 2012
Stay tuned for the 2012/13 Daily Diary!

My departure for Val d’Isere is getting closer and it’s getting a little frantic as far as organising everything I need to do, pack, and then not leave anything behind, such as the planning! With the dreadful weather of late I’m looking forward to some sunshine and of course, some skiing. The webcams show a good snow cover above 2500 metres and not much below, but it looks much better than it did at this time last season when we enjoyed fantastic skiing on the Pisaillas Glacier. I’m sure we’ll have a great start and hopefully a big snowfall is on the way.

I was sitting at the table with Millie (9 years-old) the other day and when she caught me daydreaming she said, “Dad, you look confused. You look like a moose that has lost its way in the woods!” Where did she come up with that one?

Anyway, opening day is almost here and the 20012/13 Daily Diary will be up and running again. Stay tuned!

PS As it’s ‘Alpine’s’ 20th season Chris has been updating some of the photos around the website with shots of days gone by. He’s also added photos featuring some of you so have a look around the site and see if you can spot yourself. And see if you can spot an old familiar face on the Guides page?

15 November 2012
Oh what a bummer!

Chris just sent an email with a photo of the top of Solaise and the snow cover looks absolutely brilliant for this time of year. The pre-Christmas part of the season is perhaps my favourite time of the winter and when conditions are kind the skiing is fabulous with wonderful ambience stemming from everyone being happy to be skiing again, the bar and shop keepers being in great moods because they are making money again, and the best bit is the resort is empty. If you’ve never tried skiing in early December, this might be a good time to have a go!

My darling 9-year-old daughter Millie needed to leave school early today with a toothache, which has had a few treatments on it already, and she had to have it extracted. Ouch! Gill was well impressed with Millie’s bravery (Gill hates the dentist and is extremely squeamish) and the dentist told Millie she was a better patient than most grown men. Bravo Millie!

Sports Report- This morning I played my last golf competition before heading back to France and for 14-holes was playing my best golf of the summer. But after scoring 35 Stableford points through 14-holes disaster struck, and I finished with a triple bogey, triple bogey, bogey, and triple bogey to ruin what had been an incredibly satisfying morning. Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! (I bet you can imagine what I really said under my breath) Still, I’ll remember the good shots and it was fun, but…!

12 November 2012
The snow cover is looking promising!

I was just looking at the webcams and it’s a stunning day in Val d’Isere with clear blue skies and what seems to be a pretty good covering of snow for this time of year. They’ve had the snow cannons running on the lower slopes and the Glaciers and summit of Solaise look great. Fingers crossed that it stays cold enough to keep the snow cannons operating and hopefully some more snow will fall before the opening weekend!

Sports Report- What a day yesterday with the Hammers picking up three points away at Newcastle and my man Roger giving Andy a reality check. I’m looking forward to watching some football in December with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and like the rest of you United supporters, I’m sure you’re all enjoying the view at the top of the table. And I was thinking of Derek last week as Glasgow must have been rocking after Celtics brilliant win against Barcelona!

5 November 2012
Looking good!

I was checking the webcams today and the snow cover looks quite promising for this time of year. Hopefully some snow will arrive because of a spin-off from Hurricane Sandy and if it remains cold enough for the snow cannons to operate we could be in for a terrific start. Fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to the new season now as the nights are drawing in and the golf is drying up, but hopefully I can squeeze in five or six more rounds before I leave November 29th.

I was looking through the site and Dan and Denise’s Silver Grey Sports Club website is developing nicely and they’ve collected some great stories from some very interesting characters, so do have a look when the boss is out of the office. Sylvie’s excellent website Just Val d’Isere will be featuring a link to my Daily Diary page this season, so hopefully we’ll gain some new readers to our ‘Alpine’ adventures. Thanks Sylvie!

Sports Report- Things are heating up nicely at the top of the table and all you United fans well be well pleased with yourselves, and especially now that Van Persie chose the red-side of Manchester. And you can imagine how happy I am with the Hammers start to their season back in the Premiership, but it’s early days and I don’t want to get too cocky and jinx the boys. But, come on you Hammers!

2 November 2012
Winter's approaching!

Now that the clocks have changed and it’s getting dark ridiculously early you realize that winter it just around the corner. There has been some snow already and if it stays cold enough for the snow cannons to work their magic we could be in for some great skiing on opening day. Normally the resort opens the last weekend in November but they’ve decided to push the starting date back to December 1st, which to me doesn’t have the same ring to it as November 30th. I thought they could have opened on the Friday just for the publicity of starting in November, but what do I know. Anyway, get your dates together, book early, and we’ll see you all soon. (I’ve posted some photos of our trip to Petworth Park last week.)

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