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20 June 2007

28 May 2013
Well done girls !

Millie, Gill, Rosie and Viv all ran the 5 km Race for Life to raise money for cancer research on Sunday and it was a very impressive event, with over 3500 women taking part. There were fat ones, skinny ones, grandmothers, ladies on crutches, some in wheelchairs and some very young children, and most of them had someone dear to them represented on the back of their tee-shirts. It was all pretty emotional and I was very proud of the girls. (It was so well supported that they ran another run a couple of hours later). Photos are up so have a look.

On Monday we went off on a 4-hour bike ride and picnic followed by a woman’s basketball game in the afternoon between GB and Greece at the University. The girls absolutely loved it and it made a nice change from a normal bank holiday afternoon.

It was back to rain again today but Millie and I managed 3 holes of golf in a light drizzle this afternoon while Katie did a little putting and raked some bunkers. She’s a wickedly good little groundskeeper and should apply for a summer job.

Chris and Suzanne are arriving in the UK this weekend so hopefully we’ll see them at some point during their visit. Stay tuned.

PS Fernand Bonnevie, Nicole’s father has passed away. I’m not too sure how old he was but Fernand was well into his nineties and was a legend in Val d’Isere having taught skiing for many, many years and having played a now-famous role in an old French comedy, which was filmed in Val. (TJ can be seen standing in a crowd as a stand-in) His words (in French of course) “Plant your pole” are incredibly well know as the film is played almost yearly in France during the ski season. Our sympathies go out to the Ughetto and Bonnevie families.

21 May 2013
Back from Canada!

I’ve just returned from my trip to Canada to visit my family and found them all to be doing really well. It was a great visit with evening BBQ’s, games of cards, which my Dad normally won, and loads of sports on TV as it’s the ice hockey play-offs, the basketball playoffs, baseball season, as well as golf and Premiership football, the FA Cup final, plus Chelsea’s win. A sportsman’s paradise really! I saw friends I haven’t seen in 30 years and it was fantastic to follow up Andy’s visit to Val with catching up on other long-lost pals.

I took Millie and Katie out to play a few holes yesterday for their first time on a proper course. Millie played three holes while Katie played two, including two 450-yard par fours. It was great fun and the girls really enjoyed it followed by drinks and crisps at the 19th hole! Needless to say I was really pleased and they look like proper little golfers when they address the ball.

I’ve posted some new photos so do have a look.

And Happy Birthday to Andreas who turns 40 today!

8 May 2013
A wonderful last weekend was tragic for some !

While we were enjoying ourselves last weekend we were aware that there had been a fatal avalanche Thursday on the Grande Casse, but at that point didn’t know who was involved. It turned out to be Will Eaton, who was a good friend of Henry and been a HAT presenter over the years. Will was also a friend of Andreas and we always feel from a distance when news of an avalanche comes in, but it’s certainly different when it’s closer to home. Henry went to the Memorial Service yesterday and more news is on his site and various links.

I’m off to Canada to visit my family tomorrow and will be back on the 19th of May. Out-of-season photos are back as I’ll put some family shots up from time to time. Have a great summer from all at ‘Alpine’.

6 May 2013
It doesn't get any better !

Wow, what a fabulous finish to the season. The forecast posted around Thursday was for a poor weekend with grey skies and no re-freeze to speak of, and our prospects weren’t looking all that rosy. But Friday we had some powder with a minimal freeze and just enough light to enjoy ourselves, then Saturday was an epic day at the Fornet with the ‘cleanest’ spring snow on the big slopes that I can ever remember. In fact, one of Chris’ neighbours said he hasn’t seen the Grand Vallon in that good of condition for 40-years! It was stunning!

The forecast was then for clouds rolling in Saturday afternoon and a difficult day on Sunday, but the clouds stayed away, it froze overnight and the sun made an appearance through a slight haze. It was game-on again and my team of Tilly, Penny, Derek, Peter and Paul headed towards Tignes for a change of scenery and finished off the season in style. We had a great opener off the Borsat followed by two fantastic runs off my shoulder and two wonderful shots down the ridiculously steep slopes further skiers-right towards the chairlift. We then had a terrific run down from the Motte off the edge of the Genepy, followed by two perfect runs in the Campanules, a lovely run in the funky Familial and then a great top half of the Spatule before the freeze gave out and we needed to cut back to the piste. Derek said it was the best end-of-season that he can remember, and Peter stated that he can’t remember such clean spring snow run after run.

Henry talked me into it and skied in Tignes as well on Sunday while Jenny, Suzanne, Louise and Chris returned for more splendour at the Fornet. It was truly remarkable and I’m sure everyone involved will be returning same time next year!. (PS I just got off Skype with Chris and he said he’s never done a Vallonnet like he did yesterday.)

It was an outstanding season all-round and one to be remembered, even if we didn’t see much sunshine. Stay tuned for periodic news over the summer and some photos of family life during the inter-season. Enjoy your summer and winter will be back before we know it!

5 May 2013
Should be a great finish !

The forecast for this weekend was terrible but yesterday was sensational and today the sun is out after a decent freeze so we should have a great ski again today. I’ll update later if I can and try to get some photos up. Time for breakfast and I’ll be out the door shortly.

What a great win for Wigan yesterday and several teams are now looking over their shoulders. Brilliant drama being enjoyed from the luxury of safety!

See you in the morning girls!

PS Stunning, stunning morning! Photos are up and update to follow.

4 May 2013
Wow ! A rare morning of perectly 'clean' spring snow.

Yesterday’s drizzle cleared off overnight and we had an excellent re-freeze with beautiful sunshine this morning, and it all added up to some superb spring skiing. It’s rare to have such ‘clean’ conditions and with the layer of fresh snow that fell yesterday every exposure was perfect from the start. After a tester off the Laisinant we were straight into the Combe du Signal, which was fantastic, followed by a brilliant Col Pers of the highest quality. From there we had four fantastic runs taking various routes in the Grand Vallon and Peter, Paul, Derek, Tilly, Penny and I covered a huge amount of terrain at a good pace and without many stops. It was a remarkable morning of perfect snow and big slopes, and fingers crossed for something similar to finish our outstanding season with tomorrow.

Chris’ team skied at the Fornet as well and Henry finished his morning that way too. Derek, Peter and Paul went off to close the Folie Douce and I wish them luck as it should be a fairly serious session.

I’m tidying and shutting down my apartment ready for a departure tomorrow after skiing and I’ve one eye of the West Ham v Newcastle match. Come on boys! (Photos are posted)

PS I may not have time for an update tomorrow but log on from time to time during the summer for family news and photos.

3 May 2013
A light freeze at altitude !

I made it back to town last night much later than planned, as Peter C and I had a bit of a nightmare flight. First off we were almost an hour late taking off because too many people tried to bring on more carry-on they allowed. Then just as we were approaching the runway in Geneva they closed the airport due to thunderstorms and heavy run so after circling for a while we diverted to Lyon to take on some more fuel. To cut a long story short we were over three hours late while Paul and Derek were waiting for us in Geneva.

As for today’s skiing, the weather was better than forecast and we had just enough of a freeze and vis on the Pissaillas Glacier to have a cracking good ski. After tests off the Laisinant we skied 2 in the Combe 3300 and two Pays Desert, finishing just as the freeze gave out around 12:30. Chris’ team of Fay, Jenny and Suzanne were in the neighbourhood as was Henry, who was on a scouting mission for tomorrow.

I’m off soon to my annual co-pro meeting, which normally takes a good three hours!
Stay tuned and photos are up.

2 May 2013
JC here (Chris)

Wayne has just called and has finally landed in Geneva 3 hours late due to heavy thunderstorms.
Today we had superb unexpected spring conditions. One Col Perce and 2 Grand Vallons, top to bottom including one on Millie’s ridge (no mistakes!).
My team included Jenny, Fay and Suzanne. Now it is drizling a little it will be interesting to see what nature brings in the morning……. The adventure continues.

1 May 2013
Well done Chris and team !

It looks as if Chris’ only option was the Grande Motte again as the Fornet was socked-in and not very inspiring, but the Rosolin came through again with a clean canvas and some sunshine. Fay is back and it’s good to see Jean-Yves and Jenny are still skiing.

I’m meeting Paul, Derek and Peter C tomorrow afternoon in Geneva and I must say I’m a little worried as they’re very persuasive blokes and with the weather forecast I’ve the feeling they’re not really coming for the skiing! Ouch!

Henry has posted a very impressive avalanche shot taken of the Spatule, which has gone big-time. There is also a photo of Chris’ team standing in front of the debris on the photos of the day.

I played golf in shorts this afternoon under beautiful blue skies and it was a real pleasure. My new course is looking fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting the girls out playing.

Stay tuned for more skiing news over the weekend.

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