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20 June 2007

23 June 2013
What a disaster !

My parents have been flooded out of their home in Calgary with one metre of water on the ground floor. Horrible situation and just what they don’t need with my Mum in hospital for a hip replacement. 75,000 homes have been evacuated and the damage to homes, businesses and roads and bridges is astronomical. The road to Banff is closed and the Saddledome (Flames hockey arena) is flooded up to the thirteenth row! Millie, Katie and I are scheduled to visit in five-weeks time but my parent my not be back in their home by then.

Meanwhile, all our problems seem pretty petty at the moment although Katie is having an almighty tantrum at this very minute. Blimey! Gill’s knee has settled down nicely and she is walking and cycling on it and she will return to work next Tuesday.

Sports Report- What a fabulous win for Justin Rose in the US Open last week and a great win for Ernie Els today with the Open looming. Wimbledon starts tomorrow, the Lions tour is in full swing, the Toronto Blue Jays have won ten-in-a-row and look like a team again, and the Hawks and Bruins series in on a knife edge. Brilliant! And I’m well pleased with the Hammers signing Andy Carroll. (New photos are up)

19 June 2013
Glorious golf !

Just a quick update as Gill had a op on her knee yesterday to clean up some cartilage and take out three small cysts but it turned out that her ACL has been ruptured for the past twenty years leaving her with grade 3 degenerative changes. Below is physio-speak from Gill about what they found:

‘Findings were old rupture of my ACL (can’t believe how many times I’ve suggested this over the last 20 years). Too late to reconstruct. Grade 3 changes on my tibia, gd 2 changes medial fem condyle, and 3 cysts which apparently keep forming in response to the ACL injury ! So he did small amount of microfracture on my tibia and lots of coblation and tidied it up.’

Meanwhile, Katie has started climbing at the Surrey Sports Park on a Friday afternoon while Millie and I play a few holes of golf, and it’s my favourite afternoon of the week! I had a fantastic afternoon of golf with Dave D, and Richard and Deborah Finlay on the 9th. We played at Dave’s course in Surbiton, which is a beautiful course and it was in great shape following their Club Championships. I had a chance to half the match on the 18th after an excellent approach shot but sadly had a rush of adrenalin and stroked my putt ten-footer way too hard. It hit the back of the cup and popped up into the air, threatening to drop into the hole, but it flopped out a couple of inches to the side. It was a lovely afternoon and Dave and Deborah play were deserved winners on the day. Deborah played beautifully, Dave sank some crucial putts late on, Richard was solid and Deborah kept saying, “he doesn’t drive like this when he’s playing with me!” and I missed so many fairways I’ve since taken my driver out of my bag and am now teeing off with my three-wood. Thanks Dave for a wonderful afternoon!

And speaking of golf, bravo to Justin Rose for a magnificent performance to win the US Open. Stunning achievement!

7 June 2013
What a great weekend!

We had a fantastic time last weekend visiting Caroline and Charlie and their twin daughters Amelia and Grace, at their fabulous home. The girls had a wonderful time playing together and I spent an afternoon watching Charlie keep wicket for his local team. It was a brilliant weekend with great company, excellent food and beautiful surroundings. Thanks ever so much Charlie and Caroline!

It’s been wonderful to finally have some beautiful sunny weather, although it has drizzled most of today. I’ve been out playing some golf (badly unfortunately) and Millie is on a school trip to Iron Bridge, which apparently is a fantastic living museum of Victorian life, so we’ve both made the most of the good weather. Unfortunately Katie is in school and Gill has been working but the forecast looks great for the weekend.

Andreas turned 40 in May and Tansy has organized a fabulous trip for him in the UK in early July. She has tickets to the Men’s Semi-Finals, which is always the best day of Wimbledon, followed by a pre-race day out crewing on Jeremy R’s racing yacht, then a day on a track with a professional race car instructor followed by a few laps in Peter B’s Ferrari. Tansy organized it all without Andreas getting wind of it so it was a total surprise. Well done Tansy and have a great time Andreas!

Chris and Suzanne popped by for a visit yesterday and they’re off back to Normandy today and Suzanne will be heading to Australia next week for the summer. She will be working towards her Australian Ski Instructors exams while Chris manages the Gite.

Stay tuned for more news and don’t forget to check the photos.

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