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20 June 2007

26 October 2013
I'm off to Canada !

As of November 1st the diary page will go blank until the 7th of November as I’ll be away in Canada visiting my Dad. I leave early on the 1st and will try to get something up before I go to the airport to avoid the ‘blank-page syndrome’, which looks a bit naff!

I was rather pleased with myself last Wednesday as I came 2nd out of 64 players in a golf competition at Bramley. I scored 39 points with the winner scoring 40, but I left a putt hanging over the edge of the cup on the 18th to take a double bogey and missed out on the trophy. Bummer!

Millie has been on crutches again with a growth problem and is off sport for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame as she’s been playing basketball, running a sports club at school, running with the Guildford Athletics Club, playing golf and just being an active kid. We need to get her sorted now so it doesn’t affect her skiing. Katie on the other hand is loud and proud and a real handful most of the time.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

12 October 2013
What a wonderful sight!

I was checking the Val d’Isere webcams this morning and was surprised to see a very positive covering of snow. The snow cover for this time of year is excellent although there is still time for much of it to melt, but the early snow will certainly help the glaciers even if it does warm up. There isn’t a cloud in the sky today and blue skies above the bright white snow is absolutely stunning and certainly gets the juices flowing!

In case you missed it check out October 3rd’s update for a great deal on your lift pass. Don’t delay and tell yout ski pals as the offer expires October 25th.

9 October 2013
What a ride!

Matt Chilton sent me an email today about some superb avalanche footage and what an air-bag can do for you. It really is some very impressive video with a definite ‘wow’ factor. Thanks Matt! Log-on to www.theskichannel.com for an incredible ride!

If you haven’t seen it, check October 3rd’s update for a great deal on your lift pass.

7 October 2013
What a wonderful result for Hammer's fans everywhere!

What an incredible day it was yesterday for long suffering Hammer fans. What a performance and what a result, especially against a very strong and in-form Spurs team. It was brilliant and very much needed to help right a listing ship.

Check the update of October 3rd for an excellent deal on your lift pass.

3 October 2013
A great price on this season's ski pass!

Richard H emailed today about an excellent price for your ski passes for next season. His email is below:

‘I’ve just bought my ski pass for next season for 840 Euros, the rate prevailing until 25th October. It looks to me as though this rate is not limited to owners but is available to anyone. You just click on “lift passes” in the “book on line” section of the Val website. I had to upload a photo, but no proof of ownership. If I’m right, at this price, a season pass looks to me like a good buy for anyone who’s planning on skiing in Val more than about 3 1/2 weeks this season.’

This looks as if it would suit many of you so log-on and check it out before the 25th. Thanks Richard!

1 October 2013
Time for an update!

It’s time for an update as this page goes blank on the first of every month, which gives one the impression that no one is at home.

Millie and Katie are back at school and both are busy with their various activities. Millie is playing some golf with weekly coaching and she’s just joined the athletics club in Guildford, which she is really enjoying. Katie is climbing once a week and has started weekly horseback lessons. They are both playing basketball at school as well as participating in the cross-country club.

We’re in the middle of school visits trying to decided where Millie should go next year. It’s a little daunting but the good news is that there seems to be some very good options so Gill and I are less stressed about it than we were a month or so ago.

I must run as school pick-up is looming before Millie and I head off to the golf course while Katie goes off to a friend’s place for tea. Stay tuned!

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