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20 June 2007

28 May 2014
Keep those booking rolling in!

Well, in my last update I mentioned the stunning weather we were enjoying and that obviously jinxed us on that front as it’s been dire ever since. Sorry! Anyway, we managed a lovely bike ride last Sunday (see photos) and went to Birtley House for a sculpture exhibition in the beautiful house and around the stunning grounds. (It’s the home where Penny’s Mum Peggy spent her last years.) From there we continued on to a Prostate Cancer fund-raiser where a local Mum was playing with her band ‘One Eyed Dog’, and that too was great entertainment.

Yesterday Millie and I played four holes of ‘team-golf’ in a drizzle, but she really enjoyed it and of course we finished off with a trip to the 19th hole!

I’m receiving quite a few early bookings, which makes me think about skiing already and how quickly not only the summer passes but life in general, so get out there and enjoy yourselves!

And happy belated birthdays to Andreas and Stephen O!
21 May 2014
Back in the Groove! (Almost!)

Well, after another fantastic season I’ve had time to settle into my other life, and having some wonderful weather certainly helps. The girls are busy at school, Gill is back to work and I’m getting my Pilates classes up and running, getting the garden in shape, and trying my best to find some lost form on the golf course. To say I’m a little rusty would be a serious understatement, but I’m getting there bit by bit and really enjoying it.

We’ve booked our holidays with Millie, Katie and I going to Canada for 11 days before Gill and I take the girls to Val d’Isere for 18 days. It will be the first time back in the summer since we’ve had children so we’re both really looking forward to the entire alps-in-the-summer routine, which is truly magnificent, and the girls are excited as well.

I’ll be getting the planning printed this week so do feel free to send any ski dates along and get yourself booked in early. We’ve already had several bookings so don’t delay.

Have a wonderful summer and log-on once in a while for photos and a bit of news. Stay tuned!

5 May 2014
A wonderful end to another brilliant season!

May 4th’s end to the season was one of the best I can ever remember, and considering last year’s fabulous finish in Tignes, that speaks volumes! Chris and I both skied at the Fornet where we had good supporting snow with an excellent cushion of fresh snow enabling us to attack huge slopes with gusto and safety. We were able to cover a huge amount of ground as we skied hard without many stops and the boys all thought it was one of the best days of the season. Blimey! (See photos) My team skied off the Laisinant, the Grand Vallon, Katie’s Run, the Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert, the Vallonnet, and then the ridge between the Vallonnet and the Vallon to finish, and all by 12:30!

Thanks to you all for another wonderful season and stay tuned for periodic updates and photos during the summer. We’ll also post some family orientated updates on Facebook from time-to-time. Have a great summer!

4 May 2014

Two teams out today in Val d’Isere. Perfect weather and snow for our last day out. Will post more photos on facebook soon. Looking forward to our forthcoming 22cnd winter season for Alpine Experience and seeing our regulars and new clients. Have a great summer or winter for those in the southern hemisphere. The Alpine team.

4 May 2014
Truly Magnificent!!!!!

Stunning, stunning finish and I’ll post when I get back to England and Chris will post this evening.

What a season!

3 May 2014
Another wonderful morning without great expectations!

Powder doesn’t really last more than a day at this time of year, and even without sun yesterday what was powder snow had set-up into supporting snow that was extremely pleasant to ski. My team showed up a little late and slightly worse for wear so I decided to head towards the sunshine in Tignes to save them from the effects of flat-light mixed with hangovers, and we had a cracking morning. We had great spring snow off the Verte and in the Borsat and we knew then that we were in for a good day. Next up was some nice pseudo-powder on the top of the Col des Ves en route to the big face of the Balme, which supported with some soft snow on top. Then we headed up to the Motte for a few powder turns before skiing a very good Cairn back into Tignes. Derek headed to save their table at the Folie Douce while Peter, Paul, Colin, Stephen and I finished off with a terrific run in the Campanules. We managed to stay in the sun most of the morning needing only to deal with a couple of patches of drifting fog, which pleased the boys. (Check photos)

Meanwhile, Chris took his team up to the Fornet and they had a great morning as well. Chris had to deal with some flat-light here and there but they managed the Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert and a run over the Col.

Andreas and Jean Marc are on their way back from Norway after a great trip and Andreas has posted a few photos on our Facebook page.

I can’t believe that tomorrow morning is the last of what’s been another wonderful season. The longer I’m here the more I seem to love this place as it never lets us down. I’m travelling right after skiing tomorrow so Chris may do the update and I’ll post something once I get settled in back in England. Stay tuned and Come on Big Sam!

2 May 2014
A fantastic morning in winter powder!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect this morning as Radio Val reported only three centimetres of fresh snow at altitude, and that wouldn’t be enough to help as we were in for a flat-light morning and needed a cushion. Fortunately there was more like 15 to 20 cm’s and although the vis wasn’t great, it could have been worse and we enjoyed a cracking good morning. I was skiing with Derek, Paul, Colin, and his brother Stephen and we knew we were in business off the Verte with some lovely snow on a smooth base. We hooked up with Chris’ team (Rupert, Jean-Eves, Jenny and Suzanne) and climbed up to the Borsat Nord, which was excellent top-to-bottom. From there we headed up to the Motte to ski my shoulder, which was jolly good and after cutting the track we circled back around for another run. This time we skied the combe skiers right and I tried and succeeded in cutting off a nice little plaque just above the traverse, which reminds us there are still two days to go! We skied down from the Motte with some great skiing just off the Genepy, and then finished a terrific morning with the Familial.

Today at altitude the snow was still winter powder but by the end of the morning the snow was warming up significantly on the lower half of the mountain, but it still skied very well. With fairly overcast skies and flat-light (see photos) very little sun made it through the clouds so the snow quality remained consistent throughout the morning. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for sunny periods so the snow will change drastically as the morning goes on and chances are we’ll be back to spring snow for Sunday’s finale. Stay tuned!

PS For the first time in roughly 8 weeks the avalanche risk has been bumped up to three.

1 May 2014
A massive bonus day at the Fornet!

The forecast was for some intermittent sunny periods this morning so absolutely no one was complaining when greeted by clear blue skies. What a bonus! Chris (with Suzanne and Rupert) and I (with Jenny, Jean-Eves, and Louise) headed up to the Fornet hoping for some powder but we were surprised at how quickly the snow set-up yesterday afternoon, and we had to settle for supporting snow with a lovely cushion on top. Poor us! Anyway, it was a stunning morning off the Laisinant, the Combe du Signal, and the Pays Desert. I then skied the Vallonnet while Chris stayed in the Col Pers, then we both skied the big slopes that border the Vallonnet and Grand Vallon, and then I finished off a super morning with the Super L. (See photos)

It stayed fairly cold at altitude so the 15 to 20 cm’s of fresh snow that is forecast tonight will fall on a stable base which bodes well for tomorrow. One thing for sure is we won’t be diving into the Combe du Signal in flat light tomorrow because it’s now full on avalanche rubble. Chris and I had a couple of great powder mornings lately in the Combe and I’m thankful we saw it in sunshine today because anyone who tries to ski there tomorrow could seriously injure themselves. (Take note if you’re skiing that sector tomorrow)

It’s amazing how quickly conditions change at this time of year and each and every day are so different. With three days to go hopefully we’ll continue to get conditions that we can work with and be able to show everyone a cracking good end to the season. Wish us luck!

PS There’s a fantastic atmosphere as the streets are full of people sitting at tables eating or drinking, or both, and listening to live music. There’s a motorcycle and old car show, which people are enjoying, and the town is much more lively compared to even five years ago. It’s going to be dangerous as Derek and Colin roll into town with Paul, Andy, Steven, and Peter for Colin’s stag weekend. Thank goodness he’s already been married and had a baby daughter! Mind you they’ll be celebrating!

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