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20 June 2007

22 July 2014
Off to Canada!

Millie, Katie and I are off to Canada to visit family and friends on Thursday the 24th and we’re really looking forward to it. When we return we’ll be going to Val d Isere with Gill for 18 days and it will be the first time Gill has been back during the summer months since Millie was born, and she’s desperately looking forward to an active holiday with mountain walks and some tennis. Stay tuned for holiday news and photos and continue to enjoy a great summer with this stunning weather!

And thanks to Michael Rosen for a lovely lunch and get-together at his place in Oxford. It was great to see you and your lovely daughter, as well as your annual luncheon guests. Thanks Michael!

11 July 2014
Happy Birthday Millie!

We had a fantastic day today celebrating Millie’s 11th birthday. It kicked off with early morning presents and after school we had a lovely BBQ and cake followed by some fun in the park. Millie then had three of her friends stay for a sleep-over, and that’s where we stand right now as I’m writing and they’re upstairs plotting how to stay up most of the night! Gill and I are ready for bed but the 11-year-olds have ideas of their own. Stay tuned! (See photos)

7 July 2014
A great weekend of sport and Harry Potter!

We had a terrific weekend with Katie getting back to her riding lessons, both girls had sleepovers, Millie’s was working on her golf at the range, and Ray took us to Harry Potter World on Sunday as a birthday treat to himself and Millie. Thanks Ray! The Wimbledon Final was absolute class as my man Roger went down to Djokovic in a real thriller, the Tour de France looked fabulous against the Yorkshire countryside, and I’ll be looking forward to the World Cup games mid-week. And I’m sure some of you will have enjoyed the Formula 1 as well! Stay tuned for more news and photos soon.

3 July 2014
Oh Canada!

Wow, what a summer so far! Brilliant weather, a fantastic World Cup, a superb Wimbledon with two Canadians threatening to make history while my man Roger is rolling back the years, and fun on the golf course. Millie is very pleased with her new school, we’re off to Canada July 24th for ten days before heading to Val d Isere for two plus weeks, then I‘m off to Scotland for a few days to play golf with Adrian, Al and Ian. It doesn’t get much better! Stay tuned for more news soon.

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