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20 June 2007

23 October 2014
Golf and ABS bags!

Even though the weather is changing I enjoyed two great days of golf this week. First up was our annual Match Play competition with Dave Downing partnering Deborah Wilson (Finlay) against Richard Finlay and myself. The weather was kind and we had a brilliant match with Deborah and Dave wining 3-and-2. Richard I and threatened to move three or four holes ahead early on but Deborah halved each hole with some fantastic pressure putting, and totally stole our momentum while Dave started to fire and they played really well to finish us off. Deborah won ‘Man of the Match’ and backed up her 1.8 handicap cut that she’d received the previous weekend for winning a Club Stableford with 42 points. Bravo Deborah and I felt sorry for Richard on the long car journey home!

Yesterday I played in my last competition before winter sets in and came joint-third (5th on count-back) with 36 points, two points behind the winning score. I should have done better as I wasted a great day on the greens with a few stray shots, and visiting 7 bunkers during the round didn’t help!

I’ve heard that ABS are recalling some Vario based Airbags from 2011/12. Check yours and if the serial number starts with 612 or 712 you need to get in touch with ABS and they’ll send you replacement parts.

Keep those booking rolling in and see you all soon.

8 October 2014
Buy your ski pass now and save 25%!

Richard H has just bought his season pass on-line and I’ve pasted his email for those of you interested in the early-bird discount. Thanks Richard!

I’ve just managed to buy my ski pass for next season. Like last year, I think some of the readers of your diary are likely to be interested.

The system for season passes is the same as last year: 25% discount if you buy before the end of October. The discounted price has gone up to 880 Euros. I can’t see the “holiday” prices yet, but last year the season pass was worth buying if you were going to be skiing more than about 3 1/2 weeks.

You need to click on the drop-down list headed “book on line” on the left of the screen of the Val website, and click on “lift passes”, then order your pass.

The only other difference I’m aware of this year is that they haven’t sent out letters to owners (at least I didn’t get one).

2 October 2014
Boy, that was close!

As this wonderful weather continues I’m squeezing in as much golf as possible before winter sets in and really enjoying my time at the club, especially when Millie comes along. She’s taking lessons and practising 2 to 3 times a week and will be a proper golfer one day. I did have a scary moment the other day when practising my bunker shots on the training ground. I’d softly lofted several shots out of the sand and was feeling fairly pleased with myself (always a kiss of death on the golf course) when I thinned one out of the bunker. In slow-motion I watched in horror as my ball flew across the putting area, zeroing in on Veronica and hitting her square on the head. Fortunately and miraculously she was uninjured and managed to continue and went out and played her Medal round. She was incredibly good about it (she was my partner in a Ryder Cup fun day last Friday), which was a huge relief as I was shocked and feeling terribly about what had happened. Blimey, it’s time for some golf insurance!

And what about the Ryder Cup! What a stunning display of how the game can be played!

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