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20 June 2007

19 September 2015

Wow, my sporting world couldn’t get much better! My beloved Blue Jays are flying high and heading towards the post-season for the first time in 23 years. They’ve played brilliant baseball since the All-Star break and look as if they’ve a serious chance of going deep into the playoffs. And after beating Arsenal away, and Liverpool away for first time since 1963, the Hammers have done it again, by beating league-leaders Man City away as well. Blimey, it’s seriously dreamy in Hammerland at the moment! To top it all off I’ve had my three best rounds of the summer over the past ten days and have earned myself a nice little handicap cut. It just doesn’t get much better !!!!!

11 September 2015
I'm going to miss the girls!

We had a superb 11 days in Val d’Isere late-August and came back to the shock of the back-to-school routine. However, both girls settled in quickly and are doing really well.

My 60th birthday passed quietly but it was a lovely weekend with fantastic weather and a great family BBQ at Gill’s parents place. Thanks to Fred for doing a splendid job on the cooking and to Liz for organising my most extraordinary cake. (see photos)

The biggest new I have to report is that for the first time since the girls were born they will not be spending the winter in France. Millie’s schooling has changed in the UK and she says she wants to concentrate on her studies and her golf, while Katie’s place at school wasn’t going to be protected and the entire situation causes Gill a huge amount of stress. (Along with Gill’s job situation). It wasn’t a decision we took lightly because everyone is fully aware of what they’ll be missing, but we have booked their flights for Christmas, half-term and Easter, which does soften the blow, and they’ll still get over 35-days skiing, which isn’t too bad.

Next up for the Watson’s is our trip in India on October 16th until November 1st, which we are extremely excited about. Beware that all emails will go unanswered during this time so please get back in touch in case I’ve missed your booking in my absence.

And on the sports front I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the Toronto Blue Jays quest for a first American East Pennent and trip to the play-offs for 23-years. They’ve built an exciting team and checking the box scores is the first thing I do every morning. Come on you Jays!!

Stay tuned for more news and the new website, which I must admit is going to need a lot of work before we can launch it!

3 September 2015
Summer trip to Val !

We’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to our winter home. Photos are up and a report will follow. Stay tuned!

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