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20 June 2007

30 November 2015
A great finish to the opening weekend!

After a couple of tricky days negotiating in the flat-light the sun returned in all its glory today. Our trip to the Fornet was in jeopardy due to wind but we all headed up that way anyway and were rewarded with some great skiing. Andreas, Chris and I all headed straight up to the Glacier, which has been closed for the past two days because of high winds, hoping for the best. The wind had indeed ravaged the glacier but we did manage to find some nice snow in the upper-half of the Pays Desert before skiing more ‘educational’ snow in the lower section. After a short ‘skin’ out we headed to lower altitudes and skied two rotations in some fantastic snow in the Lower Combe du Signal and meadows below, and it topped off a really good morning.

Although we have much more snow this season the quality up on the Pissaillas isn’t nearly as good as what we’ve been treated to the past few seasons, and we are going to need some snow to freshen things up in that sector. I think I’ll go the other way tomorrow as the snow was very good Saturday and Sunday when we skied in the flat-light, and as it’s Jean R’s and Richard H’s first off-piste of the season I certainly do not want to subject them to anything at all ‘educational’. Wish us luck!
Sun is forecast for the next few days with much warmer temperatures, and the wind should die down. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- What a wonderful achievement for the GB tennis team! Absolutely brilliant and what an experience for the Murray boys to be part of it all together! And I watched a stunning first-half West Ham performance yesterday, what a shame it’s a game of two halves!

PS Pietro is in town skiing with Maeve and Adrian. He’ll be here on-and-off this season and it’s great to have him back!

29 November 2015
Come on Andy!!!!

Chris, Andreas and my teams all had another cracking good morning skiing around the Bellevarde, Borsat, Lower Chardonnet and Familial in fairly tough conditions. It was grey with flat-light, and there was much less light filtering through than yesterday making it a little more difficult to ski positively as we needed to be cautious as noodling yourself isn’t a desired option. There is too much trouble lurking underneath and we are all looking forward to some better vis tomorrow and a chance to check out conditions towards the Fornet.

I missed the gym yesterday but enjoyed a superb steak dinner at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s, followed by the football. Thanks John, what a meal!!! I’m off to John’s again this afternoon to watch the Hammers play before meeting Chris at the gym as we’re on a new fitness campaign.

It’s snowing lightly at the 13:50h’s and hopefully we’ll get ten cm’s or more before the sun pokes through in the morning. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Andy and the boys this afternoon!

28 November 2015
Flat-light but a great start to the season!

After being teased with a stunningly blue sky yesterday the season started off with grey skies and flat-light. Andreas, Chris and I all eased ourselves into it for the first hour but then we started to get some light filtering through the clouds, which made an enormous difference, and by the end of the morning the sun was poking through. Fortunately the snow was fantastic and after a metre of snow over the past ten days or so the coverage was better than I had expected. Everyone had a great morning and it was another one of those mornings that was significantly better than expected when you pull back the curtains and peek out first thing in the morning.

It was quite evident this morning the difference in the risk-factor between a flat-light day and when the visibility is decent. Even though the coverage is better than last year, the little gullies are severe and there are holes and dips everywhere so we needed concentrate and feel our way around. I for one was very pleased when the light improved about half-way through the morning and everyone’s spirits soared as their skiing suddenly improved. Funny thing that!

It did clear up for the afternoon so much of the resort will be tracked but fortunately a little snow is forecast. Unfortunately grey skies and 60 kph of northerly wind are forecast as well for tomorrow, but the sun is expected to shine Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

I’m off to the gym this afternoon followed by dinner and football at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’ tonight.

26 November 2015
Blimey, it's looking good!

Last night I spent a wonderful evening with the girls as Millie and I went to the golf course for 40 minutes of chipping and putting followed by a superb meal. It’s always tough before I leave, but especially this season because for the first time the girls won’t be here for the winter and will just be visiting during the Christmas, half-term and easter holidays, but we had a lovely meal and a bit of family-time in front of the ‘idiot box’.

After an emotional farewell with the girls this morning Chris and I piled into the car to start our journey, and after 724 miles we have arrived safe and sound. I introduced Chris to Doctor Karl on the radio between Guildford and the tunnel, and then it was a bit of chat followed by rock n’ roll all the way to the Alps. We were delighted to see snow in the hills outside of Chambery, and then snow all the way up to Val d’Isere. The mountains look fabulous and we should be in for a very promising start to the new season. The bottom of La Daille looks well groomed and ready for the opening on Saturday and I should have more news about what will be open this weekend tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Happy 18th Wils and Rosie!!!!

23 November 2015
Up and running!!!!

Fortunately enough snow has arrived to kick-off the new season and we’ll all be ready to go next Saturday. Looking at the webcams this morning it looks stunning with clear blue skies and a fresh blanket of pure white snow. Fingers crossed for similar weather on Saturday!

Don’t forget TJ is coming and will be skiing from around the 11th of January until the end of the month so let me know if you’d like to ski with TJ again, and Pietro is going to help us out from time to time this season. He’ll need some notice and either private bookings or large enough groups to make the trip from Italy worth the journey and family disruption.

See you all soon!

19 November 2015
Hopefully just in time!

As I’m sure you’re aware there has been a prolonged period of unseasonably warm weather in the Alps. Unfortunately whatever early snow that fell has now melted away, except on north and west-facing slopes at altitude where a little snow has remained. But the good news is that heavy snow is forecast next week, and that the STVI are confident that the forecasted snow will be enough to open on Saturday the 28th as planned. Yahoo!!! The place just never seems to let us down!

I’ve checked several websites and forecasts, and the amount of snow expected varies quite drastically, from a day or two of light snow to over 200 cm’s, but let’s stay positive and hope for the best!

I’ll be arriving with Chris on the 26th and will be ready for opening day, and of course the 2015-16 Daily Diary will be up and running with news, weather, sports and photos. Stay tuned!

3 November 2015
Wow, that was sensational !!!!

We’ve returned from an absolutely wonderful trip to India, and it couldn’t have gone any better. The girls both embraced the Indian culture and dealt with everything that was thrown at them. They loved the people, the colours, the sounds, the bird and wildlife, the cities, towns and villages, and the farming communities. They enjoyed the stunning food, the brilliant weather and the adventure, the unimaginable sights, and the organised chaos that happens every time you step into a car. It was incredibly educational, and best of all it was fantastic fun!

Mary Anne from Mahout put together a brilliant package for us and worked it all into our budget. We stayed in some fantastic properties, ate in great restaurants and were really well taken care of. If anyone is interested in visiting India do not hesitate to get in touch with her. She knows the market from top-to-bottom and will put the perfect package together for your needs.

I’m only subjecting you to around 230 photos out of 2000, so hopefully I won’t bore you too much with them!

Stay tuned as the winter is rapidly approaching and the early snow cover looks pretty good. Fingers crossed that it keeps snowing and see you all soon!

2 November 2015
What a trip !!!!!

We’ve just returned from a stunning trip to India! I’m about to tackle all the emails that came in during my absence so your inquiries should be dealt with today. Stay tuned for holiday news and photos soon!

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