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20 June 2007

31 December 2015
Snow is on the way!

For the first time in ages we had a flat-light day, but fortunately the vis was not too bad. I’ve had a really good run of late so I took it easy today with a little technique mixed in with a short ‘skin’. We’re expecting a sunny day tomorrow followed by up to a metre of snow over the next four or five days, and the most optimistic forecast I’ve heard is up to 2-and-a-half metres over the next nine days! Wow, that would change things! (But even half that would be seriously welcome!)

Thomas and Andreas had imaginative mornings today, bravo boys, while Chris skied around the Motte. Pietro has been skiing out of Tignes and I’m not too sure what Henry was doing today.

Apparently yesterday’s photos didn’t upload properly so I’ve added them to the Nov/Dec 2015 file and they come up first.

Happy New Year to you all, and stay tuned!

30 December 2015
We're still finding excellent skiing!

After a cloudy night the sun was back in full force this morning and we all enjoyed another cracking morning in limited conditions. Bravo boys! Andreas, Thomas, Henry, Chris, Pietro and I were all in action and I must say it was a jolly entertaining morning! (See photos) I’m still in ‘code-mode’ as we’ve still tomorrow to go before any chance of some sort of fresh canvas, so stay tuned!

Thanks to John and Margaret for a lovely evening last night!

29 December 2015
Not for the faint-hearted!

A little snow is forecast for Thursday night so hopefully we don’t have too many more days to soldier through before we get some relief. I decided to head over the Col and try skiing all the way to bottom and I’m coming out of ‘code-mode’ on this one because anyone who wants to go over the Col is welcome to it. We’ve been over the Col several times so far this season and have had some great skiing, but the entrance is starting to become a deterrent and definitely not for the faint-hearted! My team dealt with the Col admirably and we enjoyed some lovely skiing before ‘skinning’ up to the Grand Torsai. From there on down it was always going to be interesting but it was surprisingly good until the last steep slope and the last Combe down to the bottom. We needed to take off our skis and do a little scrambling and then some side-slipping, but all in all it was a good outing and everyone enjoyed it. (See photos) Meanwhile, Andreas, Thomas and Chris ‘skinned’ in the same sector and I’ve no idea what Henry and Pietro came up with this morning.

Gill, Millie, Katie and I had a nice walk this afternoon up on the Balcon. It’s an easy 40-minute walk and a great idea for anyone who’s had enough skiing by lunch time.

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow before some clouds on Thursday (maybe a few flakes during the night) and some snow on the weekend and perhaps into next week. Fingers crossed as we are getting rather desperate.

I’m a happy Hammer today as West Ham came back from a goal down to beat Southampton 2-1 last night for our first win in about two months. It comes after five straight draws and we climbed back up into 7th place. Stay tune for more news tomorrow.

28 December 2015
Blimey, that was fun!

Wow, what a morning! Just when I thought I was running out of tricks we were rewarded for a forty-minute ‘skin’ with a stunning morning of wonderful deep goblet. (see photos) Apparently the resort is quite crowded at the moment but we spent the morning alone and didn’t see anyone else. Chris was half-an-hour behind my team and Henry was 30-minutes behind Chris so we didn’t even see each other! Meanwhile, Thomas was back in action today and he and Andreas skied Tignes-way, and I’m not too sure what Pietro skied today. Everyone put together another solid outing as we all wait for some relief to fall out of the sky, and some snow may come towards the end of the week. Fingers crossed!

I’d like to give a special mention to Penny who won the ‘ass-kicker-of-the-morning’ award. She was second up our 40-minute ‘skin’ behind Craig, who is a Tri-Athlete, holding the boys off over the last 10-minutes, and then skied brilliantly all morning. Bravo Penny, I was really impressed!

The girls had an absolutely fantastic time yesterday. After skiing in the morning they took themselves swimming with their friends in the early afternoon, then they all went tobogganing before finishing off with supper out at the Burger Bar! Gill and I ended up eating alone and having a pretty relaxed evening!

It’s a big day in the Premiership and England is starting to resemble a good Test side again as they take on South Africa. Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

PS We’ve just received an email from David O who reports a ‘brilliant’ morning with Thomas and is now looking for space for the rest of the week.
Well done boys!

27 December 2015
Three cheers for our clients!!!

Another day and more unbroken sunshine! When you look at the flooding in England on the news after a solid month of rain and no sun, we can’t help but feel incredibly fortunate to be in such a beautiful place with stunning weather, pretty jolly good pistes and just enough off-piste to keep us going. We’d all love for it to snow but people are still having a great time and finding the skiing better than they had expected.

Today was no exception as Chris, Andreas, Henry and I were all in action. Andreas had a good ‘sniff’ in his chosen sector this morning, and a good ‘sniff’ at the moment is hugely satisfying and thoroughly appreciated by the troops. Once again, the boys are doing a fantastic job keeping everyone happy, and the positive attitude of our clients helps us out enormously. Bravo to Michael R who has now skied 15-days on the trot, Penny who has just clocked up 9 straight days, Jean who takes a day off every 8 or 9 days whether he needs one or not, and all of you who keep hanging in there! We’ve ‘skinned’ every day, climbed, side-slipped, scrambled on rocks, had entrances and exits that aren’t for the faint-hearted, and people keep coming back for more. Thank-you to you all!

Gill and I had a nice walk on the Balcon this afternoon while Millie and Katie took themselves swimming with their French pals. We ran into Nikki Pitts who was out enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise, and she was a bit miffed about the negative attitude of the British press. She also commented on how most people were having a wonderful holiday and were happy to be dry, and certainly much happier than they would be stuck in England. Here! Here! But with that said, let it snow!!!! Stay tuned.

26 December 2015
Our first family ski of the season!

Brilliant sunshine is still the theme and we enjoyed another fantastic day on the mountain. Chris, Henry and I were all in action and with my team claiming fatigue I took it easy on them, but we still managed a pretty good morning. (See photos)

Gill, Millie, Katie and I had our first family ski of the season this afternoon. It was great to have them off-piste again and we skied a mix of off-piste with dynamic piste skiing.

I must say a huge thank you to Laura and Mike for hosting a superb Christmas dinner last night. It was fantastic as usual and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks also to Penny for feeding all the boys, who said it was a brilliant evening with wonderful food and drink.( I thought everyone did pretty well this morning considering…)

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and come on you Hammers!!!!

25 December 2015
Merry Christmas to you all!

The sun was shining brightly for our ‘Christmas’ ski, and Andreas, JM, Chris and I all went up to the Fornet for a fairly adventurous morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great last morning for the Cook family. I must say we’ve had tough conditions but the boys have done a fantastic job entertaining the troops and everyone is going home happy, having had much better skiing than they were anticipating.

I’m keeping it short today because it’s almost pressie time, but it was a cracking morning. (See photos)

Merry Christmas to you all and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

24 December 2015
A pretty good 'sniff'!!!

Fortunately the forecasted ‘jour blanc’ never materialised and we enjoyed another beautiful sunny day. We all went different directions this morning and I managed to ‘sniff’ out a new variation, which turned out to be pretty jolly good, so I was rather pleased with the morning. All the boys reported good skiing and with colder nights a few more options are opening up, plus a few spring slopes are now in the mix.

We had a lovely drinks-and-nibbles evening at Jean Sports last night and thanks to JM and Maryse for bringing some excellent food and wine from the Pyrenees. Millie and Katie always enjoy a drinks party and they had a great time.

Andreas has his Dad and Tansy’s parents down at his place and they’re having a three-day celebration that is part Swedish, Scottish and French. Sounds fantastic and have a great time down there!

Have a great Christmas and stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow.

23 December 2015
Not the easiest exit!

It was colder overnight and the snow cannons were blowing full-blast this morning as we skied down the Verte trying to keep the artificial snow out of our ears and eyes. JM, Andreas, Chris and I all headed in the same direction and did various options in our chosen sector. It was another glorious day and we all ‘skinned’ to our destinations to find pretty decent skiing, but the escape routes aren’t getting any easier. (See photos)

Thanks to Red Ray who took Millie and Katie skiing this morning and then to lunch at the Roxy/Billabong Burger Bar. They all had a great time and that freed Gill up to go for a strenuous 8-mile walk with Terry (Dawn’s boyfriend). Gill showed up exhausted but satisfied with a huge grin on her face at the end of the morning.

Radio Val is calling for a jour blanc tomorrow but the forecast is calling for a partially cloudy day. I must say we need snow but flat-light without snow is nothing to look forward to, believe me! Fingers crossed on that one.

22 December 2015
A fantastic change of scenery!

After a good but tough day in the flat-light yesterday it was back to glorious sunshine today. JM, Chris and I headed towards the Fornet for a change of scenery while Andreas skied in Tignes. Everyone had a great morning and the little precipitation we did receive yesterday afternoon did help, filling in some tracks, softening up some firmer snow and in places the wind blew in 10 centimetres or so. We seriously need a proper dump but in the meantime we’re doing our best and everyone is enjoying themselves! (see photos)

Chris and I were out this afternoon and I ran into Thomas who is skiing on-piste this week with some teenagers from Thailand.My girls are having a great time and after a ski this morning they’re both out visiting friends this afternoon.

What a good win for Arsenal last night and stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow!

21 December 2015
It's great to have the girls back!

I picked the girls up last night and was in bed by 2AM, and fortunately the light was better than forecast this morning. It was still fairly flat and our session today turned out to be a ‘travelling-safely-in- the- mountains’ experience as we were a long way from the pistes, the light wasn’t the best and the snow was ‘educational’ in places. Bravo to everyone for a great effort. Chris had David from South Africa and Dimtri from Moscow and they did really well for the first time on ‘skins’. JM was out there somewhere, as were Thomas and Henry.

The girls had a quick ski this morning with Ray and we’re decorating the tree this afternoon, followed by a lamb supper tonight. Sounds great!

The sun is forecast for tomorrow and we were hoping for 5 to 10cm’s this afternoon but I wouldn’t count on it. It is sadly starting to clear up and whatever snow that was in the area seems to have missed us. Stay tuned!

20 December 2015
Boy, I enjoyed that!

I had a cracking good morning today as the sun was beating down and it was an absolutely stunning day. The Cook family are back and being their first day we skied the Diebold, Piste H, then from the top of the Grande Motte cable car down to the Vanoise chair, all on sublimely groomed piste with lovely texture. We then went off for a couple of short ‘skins’ to find some very nice snow and it was just one of those days that was fun and satisfying. (The pistes were empty this morning, which was a pleasant surprise but more people should be arriving today.)

Chris was skiing this morning as was JM, Thomas had a group of teenagers from Thailand, Andreas was off and I’m not too sure what Henry is up to these days.

Cloudy skies with some precipitation are forecast for tomorrow before a return to sunshine on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that something falls out of the sky, anything will do!

I’m off to Geneva to pick up Gill, Millie and Katie (along with Red Ray) and it will great to see them again after three-plus-weeks and I’m really looking forward to packing in as much fun as possible. Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

PS Thanks Chrissie for a great meal the Friday night, it was the best bangers and mash I’ve ever eaten!

19 December 2015
A good roll of the dice!

Chris accompanied me this morning and we rolled the dice again and tried another new sector, and again were rewarded with some great skiing and ambience. We worked for our turns this morning but it was a very satisfying and everyone is appreciative that we’re coming up with some good skiing when conditions are very limited. (See photos) Andreas was out this morning with Jerry and Fi and they had a good outing as well, while JM, Thomas and Henry are all off.

I’m in last-minute-mode as the girls arrive tomorrow and I’ve still a lot to do.

Stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow as the sun promises to beat down again. It’s relentless at the moment and it’s getting a little ridiculous. Fingers crossed for a change in weather sooner than later!

PS I thoroughly enjoyed the Lindsey Vonn show last night in the center of town. I missed the prize giving but watched the girls draw their ‘start numbers’ for a hat, and as usual Lindsey was pure class the way she worked the crowd and posed for ‘selfie’s with everyone who approached her.

PSS Jean has just phoned to say that Raya is in the hospital in Bourg with a broken arm. She broke it in the flat! get well soon Raya.

18 December 2015
A bit trickier today!

It was partially cloudy today although for the most part the sun was shining for most of the morning, making for another beautiful day in the mountains. My team enjoyed a good morning and we didn’t see a soul all morning long. The new snow from Tuesday night didn’t really help today as there has been some wind and some humidity due to the warm temperatures, and the snow was slightly more compacted than I was hoping for. Still, the team did the business and we had a great ambience being the only people in sight.

I’m not too sure what JM and Oli skied today, Andreas went out to get his feet back in the snow after doing his hours for the World Cup, Chris is not feeling well, Henry was off and Thomas was helping with the Ladies Downhill. Speaking of Downhill, don’t forget the prize giving in town tonight around 6 o’clock. It’s great fun complete with dancing girls and Bald Eagles!

A rather pleased as the Calgary Flames have won seven games in a row and gone from last place to a play-off spot. Mind you there are still 50 games to play but it’s great to have them back on track.

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and I’m planning a little excursion for the morning. Stay tuned!

17 December 2015
What a lovely change of pace!!!!

After spending almost the entire season so far in Tignes (and with good reason as everything else has been extremely poor!) it was time to roll the dice and head back to the Fornet. It was an adventurous morning and the team was well rewarded with fantastic scenery and ambience and so pretty good snow as well. I’m not going to say anything about where we’ve been because times are tough so it’s back to ‘code mode’ and photos. JM and Oli spent the day at the Fornet as well while Thomas was busy trying to get a new ‘Alpine’ brochure sorted out and Andreas was doing his community service days helping with the Women’s World Cup Race preparations.

Katie finished her last performance last night in her school play with Gill and Millie in the audience. According to Gill she was brilliant, and I’m sure that is a totally unbiased opinion! (See photos)

Stay tuned for more fun tomorrow!

16 December 2015
Five centimetres makes a huge difference!

Hallelujah, it snowed 5cm’s overnight! You know times are tough when you consider 5cm’s an event but it made a big difference today, both on-and-off-piste. There was some wind during the night as well that helped to blow in a little extra snow and cushion the lee-slopes, and the soft layer helped to take the bite out of some of the firm pistes. Generally everyone was in good spirits this morning and although we started off with overcast skies it didn’t take long for the clouds to clear off and for the sun to dominate as it has for pretty much the past three weeks. It all made for a good morning and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. (A fresh canvas would be a gross exaggeration but the new snow has opened up some options, even if it’s re-visiting the circuits we’ve been using)

We really do need a significant snowfall but there is no snow on the horizon and the most pessimistic forecast I’ve heard is the middle of February. Now that’s a depressing thought! The most optimistic forecast is for another five centimetres tonight. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Tonight is the last performance of Katie’s school play. She has a fairly big ‘speaking’ role and so far the critics love her. Well done Katie!

15 December 2015
That was a bonus morning!!!

We had a terrific ski today, made that much better because the ‘partially cloudy’ forecast turned out to be stunning blue skies with great visibility. My team had a fantastic ski in the Sachette couloir and all the way to where we normally cut out. Olivier had come up with a summer path that bypassed the horrible icy patches the lead into Les Boisses and although we needed to do some bush-whacking it was a great result. (see photos)

Chris’ team was some way behind us and JC’s ski popped off in the couloir and ran all the way to the bottom. Bummer because he missed some good skiing and ended up with a pretty tired leg! Bravo to Ros who absolutely creamed the big slope under the couloir. She skied it top-to-bottom and never missed a beat!

I’m not at all sure what anyone else skied today but Andreas was with his Thai clients on-piste while JM, Oli and Thomas were all in action.

What an absolutely brilliant football match last night and everyone but Chelsea fans will be purring over Leicester’s performance. They are quick on the ball, enthusiastic with a great team spirit, and fun to watch. They’ve made a lot of fans this season and Jamie Vardy is turning into a workingman’s hero. Brilliant!

Fingers crossed that we get 5cm’s of snow tonight but the latest forecast doesn’t seem so confident. Surely five centimetres isn’t too much to ask for!

14 December 2015
Pretty jolly good!

The sun continues to beat down and with limited conditions it is imperative to have good visibility, so no one was complaining this morning. After a couple of great days in the same sector I headed towards the Motte for a change of scenery and ended up have a cracking good morning. (see photos) Charles H made a return after eight years away and it was lovely to have him back. Chris was back in action today after a few days off with a nasty cough and he skied around the Motte as well. Meanwhile, JM and Oli headed over the Col du Palet to spend the day ‘skinning and sniffing’ about, and I’m sure that they’ll have had a good day out as well.

Andreas was on-piste today with his Thai family while Thomas and Henry have the day off.

There is a possibility of a few flakes Tuesday night and Wednesday so do pray or dance to whatever snow God you use! Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated and even 5cm’s would make a difference. Stay tuned!

13 December 2015
Much better light than forecast!

It was forecast to be grey and gradually turning into a jour blanc, but fortunately the light improved during the morning and we finished off in sunshine. Oli and JM have a group of their regular touring clients, Andreas went off to ski the couloir he scouted the other day, Thomas was off, Chris is still ill and gone missing in action, and I had a lovely day with Jean and Michael R, who has just rolled into town. We need snow but the show must go on and everyone is doing a great job making the most of it. And bravo to all our fantastic clients who know the score and just enjoy what’s on offer and it makes our lives so much easier and certainly less stressful.

Speaking of scores, I can’t believe that van Haal character at Man U. Last week he substituted Mata, his most creative player with 30-minutes to go and yesterday he took off Fellini who was United’s best player. Everything that was positive went through Fellini, who had already scored and he looked the most likely to get an equaliser. Blimey, I’d go nuts if I was a United fan!

My girls arrive a week today so I’m getting pretty excited about their visit. I do have some serious tidying up to do however!

More sunshine is forecast for tomorrow followed by a slight chance of some precipitation on Tuesday.

12 December 2015
Wow, that made a change!!!

The sun keeps beating down, which isn’t hard to take, but we are desperate for snow! Being Saturday a few more lifts opened and all the boys took advantage showing our clients some great skiing. I’m not going to give away where we’ve all been skiing as times are tough and any little stash is precious at the moment. I will say that we all had some fantastic snow this morning with terrific ambience.

I must say there is only one way down to Les Boisses and anything else is extremely dangerous as the snow cannons have been leaking water (or the mixture is totally wrong) leaving sheet ice that is a bloody nightmare. If you arrive from an off-piste itinerary chances are you’ll end up in this mess and if I wasn’t so worried about getting Jean and Pascale down safely I would have taken some photos to publish on the World Wide Web. It was really shocking as that sector was reported as open with both the Brevieres and Boisses bubbles working. Anyway, it was a great morning and we’ve worked out a better route!

JM, Oli, Andreas and I had our meeting last night followed by a yummy chilli with salad. We are now targeting next winter for our new site as there is too much to realistically do during the winter and too many high-quality photos to find amongst thousands that are buried in our archieves.

I’m off to watch footie at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’ this afternoon but I’ll head off to the gym first. Stay tuned for more sunshine and news tomorrow!

11 December 2015
An emotional day!

The sun is still shining and it’s getting more difficult every day. We really need some snow but the boys are doing a great job making the best of the situation. Today Thomas headed for the Tour du Balme, JM skied the Pays Desert en route to the Col des Fours, Andreas, Sasha and Tony were trying a new couloir in the Chardonnet, I went over the Col du Palet, Chris was under the weather and I’m not too sure what Oli was skiing. Hopefully a few more lifts will open tomorrow, such as the Aiguille Percee sector and Les Brevieres, which would give us a change of scenery and terrain. Fingers crossed!

I received a photo this morning from my sister-in-law of my Dad’s 80th, which was about 15-months before he died. It brought a tear to my eye and I’ve had a fairly emotional day ever since. I’ve been doing pretty well but I’m now missing and really looking forward to seeing the girls who arrived on the 20th. And fingers crossed we get some snow before then.

Sun is forecast for tomorrow, which will be perfect for the Men’s World Cup race. Stay tuned!

PS We’re having a meeting tonight about launching our new website but unfortunately Chris is ill and Thomas can’t come as Muriel has just returned home from the hospital and needs help with the children. She’s had an appendix operation but is now thankfully on the mend!

10 December 2015
Back to bright blue skies!!!

After a day stuck indoors preparing walls it was great to get out skiing again today, especially with bright blue skies and 2 to 5 cm’s of fresh snow. Don’t laugh as that’s considered a dump at the moment! Anyway, we all had a pleasant morning out and it was great to have John E back off-piste, and it was Pascale’s first session of the season as well. We skied off the Verte, the Lower Borsat and then my shoulder before ‘skinning’ to the Borsat West. Andreas, Chris, Thomas, Oli and JM were all out this morning and everyone is doing a cracking job to entertain their troops in tough and limited conditions. Bravo boys!

I’ve added a couple of photos from Millie’s Bramley’s Junior Golf Christmas Dinner and prize giving. Jean Hooper, who runs the Junior section is a wonderful woman who puts in an enormous amount of time to organise and encourage the youngsters. She has had a massive influence on Millie and is a big part of the reason that Millie is enjoying her golf so much, which pleases me more than you can imagine. Thanks Jean!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and if it isn’t going to snow at least we have stunning weather!

9 December 2015
D.I.Y !!!

After who knows how many days of lovely sunshine today was forecast to be overcast with light snow so Jean and I decided to take the day off and regroup for Thursday. I spent the day preparing the walls to paint my apartment, which is always like a huge can of worms and much more time consuming than expected, but once started it’s too late to turn back!

Bernie also came over to help me get my stereo ready for proper listening. My speakers have been too high and narrow as I’d placed them in a safe place for when Millie and Katie were small and liable to knock them over, but now that they’re older I can safely place my speakers in the appropriate spots. Bernie organised new speaker wires and drilled some holes for the wires and plugs to tidy things up and I’m really looking forward to cranking it up. It sounds bloody good if I say so myself and thanks to Geoff who organised the Amp and speakers all those years ago, and thanks very much Bernie for your time and expertise!

It was forecast to clear up around noon today but it stayed overcast and at 4:45 PM there are a few flakes drifting about. Hopefully enough snow has fallen to make a difference and after a day stuck inside I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Well done to Oli, JM, and Thomas who were all out there all day long!

PSS I’d like to thank Margaret for a great meal Sunday night, and Laura who entertained JM, JC, Pietro, Olivier, Sasha and I on Monday, and Johnnie ‘Alpine’ for a fantastic meal followed by football last night. I’m truly spoiled!

8 December 2015
Maybe a little snow tonight?

After a terrific day yesterday I opted for a change of scenery again and Jean, Chris and I headed to scout out the Crete du Genepy. We ‘skinned’ for about 45-minutes to access a steep little couloir that we don’t ski very often because the snow on our normal routes didn’t look very appetising. We had some good ambience and some decent snow but it wasn’t the easiest skiing of the season.

We met Henry who was out with Anna and Percy on one of his HAT days and they were examining the snow crystals, discussing the evolution of the snowpack, and generally having a lovely day out in stunning weather. Meanwhile Andreas was skiing with Philip N, Oli had a group of French clients and Thomas and JM are skiing with the Ski Club.

There is a possibility of ten centimetres of snow tonight and tomorrow morning and overcast skies are forecast. Ten cm’s isn’t much but anything will do at the moment and that much on supporting windblown snow would help improve conditions. Stay tuned!

PS There was an accident yesterday with the Funicular in Tignes and it looks as if it will be 4 weeks before they can get it running again. Not great news with the Christmas holidays right around the corner!

7 December 2015
A needle in the haystack!

After a cloudy night the sun was shining brightly again today, and although we need snow the beautiful blue skies aren’t too hard to take! Having had a tougher morning yesterday trying for a change of scenery it was straight back to Tignes this morning and considering the conditions we managed a brilliant morning. We skied the Campanules, off the Motte to Wayne’s Shoulder before ‘skinning’ to the Little Borsat West, and then a run in the Familial. The Familial needs snow now as it’s pretty thin and it wasn’t the best of the morning, but all in all we had a cracking good ski. (see photos)

Thomas and Jean Marc started with the Ski Club this morning while Olivier, Pietro and Andreas had private clients, Chris had a small group and Henry was doing one of his ‘HAT’ days. That’s a pretty good early season morning for the Alpine team! Bravo boys!

It’s forecast to be partially sunny tomorrow (which means partially cloudy but being a half-full kind of guy I’ll stick with the sun!) and we may get a chance of a little snow on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for sun in the morning and snow on Wednesday! Stay tuned!

PS The best news of the day is that Chris found his radio! He decided to retrace his steps one last time and saw a little dark speck in the snow, gave it a probe, and low and behold it turned out to be his radio. That’s what happens when you have some good karma in the bank, well done JC!

6 December 2015
A change of scenery!

After spending the last week in Tignes it was time for a change of scenery so Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet to find out exactly why we’ve spent so much time skiing in Tignes! The Fornet sector hasn’t improved at all, and in fact it’s actually worse. Richard, Jean and I ended up in a little gorge above ice and water and negotiating our way through was interesting and a good ‘travelling in the mountains’ experience. Bravo Richard! After a run on the piste we tried the Arcelle, which has taken the sun with all the afternoon heat we’ve had for the past few days. We did manage about 100 metres of great snow but we ‘skinned’ out before running into the nasty stuff. (see photos) Andreas changed sectors as well and skied the Borsat Nord from the top but we all realised how good the skiing that we’ve been sniffing out in Tignes as been. Still, we needed to have a look elsewhere in the resort and although it didn’t quite come off it was a good effort and a fun morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Man U V West Ham match that we ‘streamed’ at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’. It could have been 3-3 but a draw at Old Trafford is always a good result. And Chris still hasn’t found his radio.
More sun is on the way for another couple of days and after that who knows? Stay tuned!

PS We tried the new Fondue Factory restaurant that has replaced the Perdrix last night. They’ve spent a fortune on the place and it’s pretty impressive, and the food was excellent. Thanks Paul, Derek, Peter and Clare for a great evening, even if I wasn’t quite at my best this morning!

PSS Apparently checked shirts are no longer ‘cool’ and Paul and I took some stick last night, but I thought we were the hippest dudes there!

PSS Paul had his air-bag checked and was shocked to find that the canister was totally empty. Make sure you stop by the shop to have your air-bag checked before you kick off your season.

5 December 2015
A few centimetres made a difference!

It snowed between 2 and 5cm’s overnight and it really made quite a difference in freshening up the off-piste. The snow is slowing regenerating and what was plaque a few days back is slowly softening up and the little cushion of new snow mixed in nicely and really did help.

The day started off grey but with decent light and my team tested the snow off the Verte, which was a ‘thumbs-up’, so we then headed into the Campanules to find some great snow. We then skied around the Tignes alti-port before skiing a nice line off the Chaudannes lift. The boys were a little tired so we headed back early after another satisfying morning. Meanwhile Andreas headed into Tignes to ski the Chardonnet, the Palafour, and a route off the Aiguille Rouge. The Campbell’s are back in town so they had an excellent first morning, and with the skies clearing around 11-ish, everyone profited from the improved visibility towards the end of the session.

Chris has just stopped by in a bit of a panic as he lost his new radio this morning. He’s come to borrow mine to retrace our steps and hopefully he’ll be able to locate it by speaking and praying for a response from his radio, which will be lying under the snow. Bonne chance JC!

We are expecting another two days of stunning weather before a partially cloudy day Wednesday, followed by a very overcast day on Thursday.

I’m off to the gym for a light session before watching Man U v West Ham at Johnnie ‘Alpine’s’, followed by dinner out with Paul, Derek, and the Campbell’s. Sounds like a fantastic finish to a jolly good day. Stay tuned and I think Chris will need more luck than the Hammers, and that’s saying a lot!

PS Pietro, Chris and I had a lovely evening last night eating, drinking some wine, and cranking up the stereo!

4 December 2015
Boy, that was close!!!

Derek and Paul kicked off their season this morning, and along with John and Margaret’s grandson Luke we had a great morning with a little bit of everything. We dynamically skied perfectly groomed pistes until about 10:15 when we headed up the Palafour for some frisset followed by a couloir with some smooth winter snow, and then a little frisset on the meadows at the bottom. From there we retraced our steps from yesterday and cut over to the Aiguille Rouge area for some lovely frisset and goblet before ‘skinning’ out. We finished off with some good piste skiing before heading into the Familial, which is coming back around nicely after the wind damage. (see photos)

I looked like a tourist getting onto the Tichot lift in Tignes and came very close to doing myself some serious damage. The little gate didn’t open properly and my pole became stuck, then the next thing I knew one leg was being pulled away by the moving carpet and for fear of being ‘wish-boned’ and hurting my knee I threw myself to the ground. My shoulder is quite sore and it wouldn’t have taken much more to have had a significant injury. (Thank goodness it wasn’t Jean or Pietro who both have delicate shoulders!) Anyway, after having a go the lift operator who was standing there doing absolutely f-all we continued on our merry way.

I’m off to the gym with Pietro for my 6th session in 8 days. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon but I’m going to make the most of it.

It has clouded over this afternoon and we may get five centimetres of snow tonight, which would help.

And Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!

3 December 2015
Desperate Dan!

The sun was beating down again today and we enjoyed another stunning day with clear blue skies and extremely warm temperatures. It was warm enough to eat lunch outside, which is a real pleasure at this time of year, and we all shed layers while skiing.

It was great to see Thomas for the first time this season at the Gourmandine as he and Andreas were going out on a little reconnaissance mission together. He’s in good spirits and is looking forward to the season and will be joining Jean Marc and Olivier next week as they entertain the Ski Club of Great Britain. Pietro was also there this morning as he finished his four mornings with Maeve and Adrian.

I headed out towards Tignes with Jean, Richard and Margaret and after skiing some immaculate pistes I took them out for a little adventure. Times are tough at the moment so we made it up as we went along and ended up doing a funky little tour across from the Palafour to the Aiguille Rouge Chair. From there we skied some lovely frisset and goblet off the edge of the piste before ‘skinning’ back out for 20-minutes. The Aiguille Percee sector down to Les Brevieres is still closed and there are some nice slopes of protected snow, but it’s a bit of a pain to get in and out. It was Desperate Dan stuff but good fun!

It looks as though we’re in for sunshine until next Wednesday when some snow is possible. Fingers crossed on that one but in the meantime we’ll enjoy the glorious blue skies.

2 December 2015
Another beautiful day!

It’s pretty quiet at the moment and the piste skiing is absolutely fantastic. The pistes are well groomed and totally empty and it’s a very rare sight indeed! The bottom of La Daille is a little firm but apart from that the piste skiing doesn’t get much better.

Margaret, Richard, Jean and I, along with Chris who came out for some fresh air and company, skied piste into Tignes before heading up the Motte and skiing off-piste from the Genepy. We found strips of soufflé doux and corridors of frisset and it was a jolly good outing. We cut across the Lower Borsat and ‘skinned’ over the Col des Fresse to avoid some pretty horrid conditions on the closed piste below, then finished with some piste to the bottom.

It was very warm this afternoon and I had lunch on the terrace before meeting Chris at the gym. Hopefully we’ll be fit by the time you arrive! Stay tuned.

1 December 2015
Pietro's back!

The wind that blew over the weekend stiffened a lot of snow on the Pissaillas so I headed up Bellevarde, but unfortunately yesterday’s wind did a lot of damage and ruined much of what was excellent snow in that sector as well. Jean R, Richard H and I took it easy and skied some lovely piste before diving off the edge of the piste to find some nice gullies here and there. We waited until 11 o’clock to head to the Fornet to ski the Combe du Signal and meadows in sunshine. It was a very good morning but times are tough out there at the moment unless you are young, fit, technically precise and happy in ‘skiers’ snow! If that’s the case there are some adventures to be had, but meanwhile the piste skiing is excellent.

Pietro is back for a just over a week and he’s skiing with Maeve and Adrian before skiing with Fiona M. JM and Oli arrive on the weekend and along with Thomas they’ll be entertaining the Ski Club next week.

The sun is forecast to shine for at least the next five days so new snow is expected for at least a week, but the snow cannons are running non-stop and laying down a fantastic base for the pistes. Stay tuned!

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