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20 June 2007

25 May 2016
Good-bye to the Solaise Cable Car!

I’ve been back now since May 2nd and have got stuck in with spending time with the girls, playing golf, getting the garden sorted, and getting used to life without my daily ski-fix and mountains! That can be difficult sometimes as we’ve a very special thing going in the winter and it’s not easily replaced!

It’s great to be back with the girls and I’m really pleased with their progress in their various endeavours. Millie is making rapid progress with her golf and is starting to look like a real player now, and her tennis is coming along as well. She’s also taken up guitar lessons with a friend of ours and she’s really enjoying her time with Jesse. Thanks Jesse! Katie is riding and thoroughly enjoying it, as well as her gymnastics which she seems to perform non-stop anytime, anywhere. And to top it all off both of the girls are doing really well at school, which I’m very pleased about as I was a rubbish student! Gill is keeping herself busy at work and by playing quite a bit of tennis, and is happy for me to be back making the pack-lunches, doing the school runs, going to the supermarket, (so far I’m quite a useful chap) and trying to help with the disciplining of the girls, which I’m also rubbish at!

Derek emailed a photo (which I’ve posted) of the Solaise cable car today just before the demolition work starts. It has been a fantastic lift over the years and has been a landmark for over 50-seasons, but it will be replaced with something incredibly high-tech and like many old and wonderful things it will be forgotten fairly quickly. I must say I haven’t used it for quite a few years now and I’ll miss the Solaise Express even more as I thought it was still a pretty useful and efficient lift. Anyway, thanks Derek, and it looks like it could have been a good powder day today on the 25th of May!

The planning for the 2016/17 season is up and running and I’ve already taken quite a few bookings so don’t hesitate if you know your dates.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos soon!

2 May 2016
A grand finish to a fabulous season!

After making it to the Tunnel in just under nine-hours I’m sitting in Starbuck’s as there wasn’t an earlier crossing. Bummer, but I’d rather be here than still driving! It was an easy drive as I had thoughts of a wonderful season and fantastic final weekend in my head, but mostly being on my way back to Gill and the girls kept me rocking on. My playlist started with Johnny Cash followed by John Denver for my trip through the Tunnel du Chat. Next up was Bob Dylan, then Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Rivival, The Eagles and finally Led Zeppelin. I’ve another hour to go before my train so I thought I get the update done.

It was terrific final weekend and all those who were involved will probably be back next year hoping for more of the same. It was a first-time to late-season skiing for Alistair and John, as well as John D and they all had a superb time as well as late-season regulars such as the Campbell’s, Paul W, Pascale and Steve. We missed Derek but he did the right thing by staying home and I know he’ll be back for next season’s end-of-season-celebration.

On Friday we had some lovely winter snow in the Glacier Pers followed by a nice mix of spring snow and powder in Tignes on Saturday. At this stage it was already a brilliant weekend but Sunday was very special as at least 30cm’s of fresh winter powder awaited us and we had a ‘maximum-turn’ session to finish off the season. We skied three fantastic runs off the Fontaine Froide, one off the Diebold, and then opened up the Campanules, which was excellent. Then we headed up the Motte for two great runs top-to-bottom off the Genepy before finishing up with bonus turns from Tommeuses down. We had a perfect mix of enough cloud cover to keep the sun off the snow but just enough light to navigate and ski positively. The snow did start to warm up towards the end of the morning, especially down low but on the 1st of May no one was complaining. Both Clare and Pascale thought it was their best morning of the season, and that says a lot as it was a stunning season with so many outstanding days to look back on.

I’ll remind you all about the late-season skiing early next April because it is a wonderful time to be in town as there is a festive atmosphere with a great bar and music scene and the skiing is fantastic. Mark it down now in your calendar and make sure you come out and join us.

Another 90-minutes of driving and I can sneak in and give the girls a kiss!

Have a fantastic summer and stay tuned for some summer updates. And come on Leicester!

1 May 2016
What a finale!!!!!!

Wow, what a finish. Photos and report to follow tomorrow after I’ve arrived in the UK. Wow!

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