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20 June 2007

27 June 2016
Thank goodness for the 'World of Sport' !

I’m sure that most of you are still in shock over the result of the referendum. The extent of the damage will be clearer over the days and months to come, and on a personal note hopefully the affect it will have on my children’s futures won’t be a drastic as it feels right now. And hopefully it won’t affect myself and Alpine, and the rest of you too seriously in the years to come. Time will tell!

As life goes on the girls have just had a big weekend of sport. Gill has injured her back again and pulled out of the mixed-double’s final but did put on a back-brace to contest the ladies double’s final at Merrow. She shouldn’t have been playing but she and her partner put up a good fight before losing 8-6 in a tie-break in the third set. Well done Gill! Katie gave me a fright at her riding lesson as she was thrown from her horse in an extremely violent manner. She went over-the-top and hung upside-down for what seemed an age before completing a somersault and landing flat on her back. (I’ve posted a photo of her on her horse twenty-minutes before she was bucked off and I think you can see trouble brewing in the horse’s eyes, although I don’t know anything about horses!) Katie bounced right back up and mounted the horse as if nothing ever happened, and I guess that confirms that she’s in this ‘horse-game’ for the long-term! Meanwhile, Millie played in an inter-Club Stableford Competition at Surbiton and after a tough front nine scored 22 points on the back nine. Blimey Millie, well done!

As Northern Ireland and Ireland bowed out of the Euros after proud and very competitive performances that thrilled their home nations hopefully England can beat Iceland tonight and join Wales in the last eight. And bravo to the English rugby team and their supporters who had some welcome distraction with their brilliant result down-under! Stay tuned!

24 June 2016
Oh no, what have we done?

Blimey, life is about it get incredibly complicated. Fingers crossed that Europe doesn’t collapse into a weak chaotic mess! And what about the UK?

23 June 2016
Voting day!

What an incredibly thunder and lightning storm last night, and what a perfect backdrop to today’s historical vote! I’ve struggled with some of the issues but both Gill and I have voted to remain.

On a cheerier note the Euros have been absolutely brilliant with the ‘under-dogs’ of the tournament achieving in spectacular fashion. Well done to both the Irish teams, Wales, Iceland and Hungry for making the non-fancied teams national heroes in their own countries. And the Irish fans have made themselves incredibly popular with their banter, humour and passion. I am loving it all but must admit that my wife is looking forward to the return of Holby City!

Hopefully the world will still be turning in the morning, no matter what the outcome of today’s vote!

7 June 2016
Golf, riding, tennis and hopefully some sunny weather!

I thought I’d post a little news as leaving the blank page that pops up at the start of a new month looks a little naff to say the least! I’ve settled back in and we’ve had a couple of nice ‘family days’ with a trip to Portsmouth and a tour of the HMS Warrior and the World-War II submarine followed by another day on the coast walking and lunching in a lovely old pub that served brilliant food. I’ve played in a team golf competition with Millie and her golf is really starting to improve. She has her clubs in her hand four or five times a week and is starting to look like a real player. (See photos) Katie is thoroughly enjoying her horse-back riding as well as her gymnastics, and at the moment she’s off on a week-long school trip to Purbeck in Dorset. With the lovely weather she should have an outstanding time and Millie said it was brilliant when she went a couple of years ago. Gill is working, walking with her friends, and playing quite a lot of tennis.

The girls and I are off to Canada July 28th for 10-days before we have a family holiday with Gill in August. Chances are we’ll go back to Val d’Isere for an ‘active’ holiday as we all love the walking in the mountains combined with the stunning scenery, swimming, biking and a chance for the girls to keep up their French.

I’m looking forward to the Euros followed by Wimbledon, the Open and the Olympics, and it should be a fantastic summer of drama in the world of sport. Stay tuned!

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