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20 June 2007

27 July 2016
Off to Canada!!!!!

The girls and I are off to Canada tomorrow until August 7th. If you email about a booking I’ll be out of touch until then. Stay tuned!

20 July 2016
The Ladies Champion !!!!!

Millie had a fabulous day yesterday competing in the Bramley Ladies Golf Championship. She was allowed off school for the day and together with two other juniors played against 50 other ladies in 33 degrees of heat. The competition was originally set for 36 holes but because the extreme temperatures they shortened it to 27 holes.

Millie played beautifully and was leading after 18 and then played well again over the last nine-holes in the afternoon, and ended up winning! Her friend Daisy came second and when it came time for the prize giving the Junior Organiser felt that it would perhaps cause some problems if two juniors off of high handicaps walked away with all the prizes, so Millie and Daisy were taken out of the main draw and given some vouchers for the Pro Shop instead. Millie was upset about not getting her name on the board in the Club House that dates back to 1913, as well as the trophy, but she took it all with grace and is incredibly proud of her accomplishment.

Millie started the day at 34.1 and played so well that she was cut to 25.7 over just 27-holes! Anyone who plays golf knows that that is a serious day’s work! She would have won even if she played off of 25 for the day but she’ll be back for another attempt next year. Bravo Millie and your Mum and I are extremely proud of you! (see photos)

11 July 2016
I can't believe she's thirteen!!!

It’s Millie’s 13th birthday today but she has gone off on a school trip to Norfolk until Friday. She had her party last weekend with Connie (see photos), which was a great success and this weekend we had an annual family day in Gosport, which is always a fun day out. Liz and Grandpa Fred came over Sunday morning for presents, coffee and cake to celebrate.

Poor Nana had a terrible fall at the family day and landed face-first on the stone steps in the garden. Gill and her cousin Anna whisked her off to the hospital and luckily she wasn’t too damaged. Her face was black-and-blue on Sunday so I haven’t put up any photos of her, but she was incredibly good-natured about it all and never made a fuss. Blimey, she is tough!

Millie, Katie and I are off to Canada on the 28th of July before heading off to France with Gill August 17th. Before we know it the summer will be over and another ski season will be right around the corner, but I hope we get some nice sunny weather first! Stay tuned!

3 July 2016
Still bummed but life goes on!

Millie had an early birthday party disco last night shared with her friend and blog follower Connie, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She has golf today while Katie has a stable day at her riding club.

What a brilliant tournament for Wales and hopefully they can go all the way to the finals. Just shows the power of team spirit and unity over a collection of so-called ‘superstars’! Can you believe how many penalties the Germans missed last night and still managed to win?

Photos to be posted later, stay tuned!

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