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20 June 2007

28 September 2016

You all know I’m a huge fan of Big Sam and I’m incredibly disappointed today. Big Sam was a very naughty boy and it’s such a shame that his time as England manager has come to a grinding and unexpected halt. I think Sam would have accomplished good things for England and I was really looking forward to watching his time trying to revamp the country’s fortunes. I feel he was the right man for the job and would have made a difference.

I know Big Sam made some foolish decisions but I find the targeting and entrapping of an individual by the paper and reporters an absolute disgrace. I can’t believe it’s all about Sam and no one is questioning the integrity of the Daily Telegraph, and I find the behaviour of the Telegraph much more worrying than Sam’s!

Stay tuned!

26 September 2016
A lovely weekend away!

Gill and I had a lovely night away last week, which was a birthday present from her sister and brother. We did a couple of beautiful walks, enjoyed fantastic food and drink, Gill had a spa-treatment, and thanks to Nana for taking care of the girls.

I had my annual Pilates weekend in London while Millie was chosen to represent Surrey in an Inter-County Junior Girls golf competition. It was a six-girl team with four of the six scores counting towards the total and Millie’s score was good enough to count. Surrey came third out of eight counties and she was pretty pleased with herself. Gill, Katie and Nana went to support her and it was fantastic for Gill to see her daughter in action! Katie watched as well and had a great time ‘ball-spotting’, which kept her out of trouble.

Katie is enjoying her gymnastics club and her riding and has a Pony Club day this Sunday while Millie has another golf competition, and Gill is off to Toulouse for the weekend. Stay tuned and photos are at the bottom of the Out of Season Photo’s file.

18 September 2016
TJ is coming to town!

Just a quick one to let you all know that TJ will be in town and ready to ski from January 9th until February 3rd. If you’d like to ski with him during that time please let me know and I’ll book you in.

And I won’t bother with a West Ham report!!!!!

Stay tuned!

12 September 2016
Time for an update!

It’s been a while since the last update and the page looks fairly naff when it’s blank so it’s time for some news. We had a fantastic family holiday in Val d’Isere with world-class walking and stunning weather, and it was rather spectacular! We had a lovely visit with Andreas’ family as Tansy organised a brilliant day out before ending the day with a BBQ at their place with Thomas’ family as well.

I’ve just returned from a wonderful weekend playing golf in St Andrews and Gleneagles with Ian Noble, Adrian Louden and Al Scott. Thanks you boys for such outstanding hospitality and it was a real privilege to play on such stunning courses! Ian and his partner Chuck made it down to the last 4-pairs in the Calcutta Cup competition last week played over the New Course at St Andrews. It was a massive achievement as nearly 300 teams started the comp, and to get down to the last four against stiff competitors is impressive. Bravo Ian!

Speaking of golf, Millie and her partner Jack won the Bramley Junior Mixed Open yesterday. There were teams from clubs such as Wentworth and Burhill to name a couple, and they scored 46 points on a 4-ball-better-ball format. Bravo Millie and Jack!

Katie has started a new gym club, is riding and has started secondary with Millie. She loves her new school and it’s great we’ve found a space in a gym club for her as she’s gymnastics-mad!

I’ve added photos of our trip to Val d’Isere, the girls and a few golf shots including Millie’s trophy. They can be found at the bottom of the Out of Season Photos album.

Stay tuned!

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