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20 June 2007

30 November 2016
My season is underway!!!

My season kicked off today with glorious sunshine and an empty mountain. I skied with Duncan and his mate Paul and we started off with some technique while waiting for the T-Bar on the glacier to open, and as you know I’m always happy to impart a little technique when I get the chance! Once they opened we headed out into the Pays Desert for a ‘double-skin’ and had some lovely skiing. The snow has been work by the wind but it’s loosening up and very skiable.

There is a ton of snow at altitude and the base is excellent as you can ski the Pays desert without worrying about rocks, which makes a change! You could find some if you tried hard enough but hopefully I’ll get through this early-season period without breaking a pair of skis, which I’ve done two years in a row.

With all the hype about snow the skiing lower down isn’t really happening yet but with a few more nights of intensive work with the snow cannons hopefully the lower pistes will be open for the weekend. It is extremely warm lower down during the day, which doesn’t help but I’m confident we’ll be skiing to the bottom soon.

I must run as I’ve a lot to do so stay tuned!

PS The rest of the boys were off today.

29 November 2016
A day of organisation!

After a wonderful sleep I had a productive day getting myself sorted. I started with the vievaldis cards for the family, then picked up the paperwork for the girls lift-passes (met Richard H and walked home with him) then passed by the shop to say hello and pick up my lift pass. I then went up Solaise to check-out the new lift and have a look around followed by one run on the Madeleine, followed by a trip up Bellevarde for a run off the Verte before heading back down for lunch. This afternoon I joined the gym again and had my first workout (I was pretty slack) with Jacques J for company.

As for the proper skiing Andreas was out ‘skinning’ around the Col du Palet with Mark and Daphne and they had a great outing. The sun is shining and with no one else around it’s a real pleasure just being in the mountains again. I’m skiing in the morning with Duncan and his pal Paul so stay tuned for more news and photos.

28 November 2016
Wow, that was close !!!

I had a fantastic journey, maybe the easiest and quickest I’ve ever had. The sun was shining the entire time (although in the eyes but it certainly beats flapping windscreen wipers) and I thoroughly enjoyed Ed Sheeran, Led Zepplin, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, Bob Seger and Bob Dylan driving me on. I did however have a panicky patch as I’d judged my fuel and was getting ready to pull of the autoroute to fill up only to find the station closed! I was running dangerously low and dove off the autoroute heading towards what looked like a small town in the near distance. My fuel warning light was flashing and I knew the end was near but managed to nurse my car up to a pump in a remote village. I’m sure I was running on fumes by this time and I can’t tell you how relieved I was. In the future I’ll save myself some serious stress gas-up a station in advance!

Anyway, I’m here so stay tuned for some news tomorrow!

27 November 2016
I'm arriving Monday!

For the first time ever Chris and I have missed the opening of the season. Chris and Suzanne are in Australia and won’t be returning to Val d’Isere until December 10th. I’ll be arriving Monday afternoon (the 28th) after spending the weekend with the family and I’ll be ready to ski on the 30th. We’ve enjoyed a lovely ‘bonus’ weekend with Chinese food, some extra golf and some unexpected time together. I think leaving them is going to be tougher this year than last and tonight is my last ‘sleep’ before heading off early tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for news and photos as my season kicks off.

Andreas and Thomas have both skied the opening weekend and for the first time in a few years there are some options besides the Pissaillas, which bodes well for our pre-Christmas period. Bravo boys and see you both in a couple of days.

18 November 2016
Well done girls !!!

It’s quite incredible what a few flakes of early snow does for the bookings. E-mails are coming in fast and furious so if you know your dates don’t hesitate to get in touch and make sure that you avoid disappointment.

The girls are on a good roll at school at the moment and Katie came home the other day and announced that she and a few others have been chosen to represent their school in a National Maths Competition. Bravo Katie! Unfortunately I’m almost past the point of helping her with her homework but I can still manage to help with the arithmetic-based problems. (Bravo Dad!) And Millie has been chosen with a few other Surrey girls to have a private golf lesson with Dame Laura Davies. That should be interesting but unfortunately I’ll be in France and won’t be able to escort her, but I’m sure Nana will take her if Gill is busy. Stay tuned for more news as the winter approaches!

14 November 2016
Arriving a few days late!!!!!

Although the webcams are showing stunning early-season conditions I’ve decided to delay my arrival by a few days. I don’t have any bookings (boohoo!) for the first few days so I’ve decided my time would be better spent spending time with the girls. Instead of arriving on the 24th I’ll come on the 28th, ready to ski either the 29th or 30th. It’s a little weird not being there for the opening but it’s a long season and I’ll still be skiing in November!

Just a note on the end of the season, the resort will be open for the bank-holiday Monday. Normally the season ends on the Sunday but this season you can benefit with an extra day of skiing on the long weekend. Good news really!!!!

13 November 2016
The opening weekend is looking promising!

Having looked at the webcams the past couple of days I am starting to get excited about the upcoming season. It is such a reward for the faithful to have good early season conditions as it can be one of the highlights of the season. The resort is empty, everyone in town is in a good mood, the snow is exceptionally light and the ambience is soft with the sun low in the sky. It is always one of my favourite parts of the winter, even when conditions are difficult, but this pre-Christmas period might turn out to be quite memorable.

In the meantime I’m finishing up my golf season on a high as I have had some good results lately, and Millie and I are playing in a competition together this afternoon. Katie goes for a Pony Club test this afternoon while Gill’s tennis has been cancelled.

We’ve had a lot of work done on our house over the past week but I still have a lot of tidying up and painting to do. Bummer as it seriously cuts into my golf! Stay tuned!

PS Andreas went for a little ‘skin’ up towards the Folie Douce yesterday and laid down a lovely ‘solo’ track. Check the Facebook page as he is posting a few photos as the new season approaches.

12 November 2016
What a start!

Check out the webcams!!!!


3 November 2016
Three weeks today!

It’s that time of year when I need to prepare to switch from my ‘summer-life’ to my ‘winter-life’ as seamlessly as possible. I don’t really think or talk too much about it leading up to my departure because it upsets Gill and the girls and usually I wait until I’m in the car listening to Dr. Karl en-route to the tunnel before I flick the switch from one life to another.

At the moment we are having damp issues, lighting problems and a leak upstairs that’s staining the living-room ceiling so we’ll be having workmen coming in-and-out. Besides being expensive it is playing havoc with my golf routine as I’m trying to fit as many games as possible before I leave but I now have quite a bit of painting to do behind the workman. I’ve had to cancel a game with Mark and Daphne, which is a bummer as I was looking forward to seeing them.

Speaking of golf, Millie has had a brilliant summer and has won a few events and done well in others, she has represented Surrey, and has been asked to be the Girls Junior Vice-Captain this year. She’s already getting her head around the speeches that she’ll have to make and I think she’s looking forward to it all. She and I have a fun-competition still to play together and we’ll try to get out for a couple of rounds before I leave. Meanwhile, Katie is enjoying her riding but I think her real passion at the moment is her gymnastics. She loves her new gymnastics club and she’s doing some pretty impressive manoeuvres. Katie spends hours in the living-room doing ‘walk-overs’, handstands and that sort of thing, or watching gymnastic footage on the computer. Gill is playing tennis at least once a week and walking with her friends whenever she can.

I leave three weeks today so stay tuned for further updates!

1 November 2016
Good news!

Due to the shocking referendum result and subsequent drop in value of the pound we have decided not to raise our prices this season. Skiing is already a seriously expensive sport and with the local French bars and restaurants raising their tariffs the last thing you need is ‘us’ costing you even more money. We’ve always believed that we are great ‘value for money’ and with most of our clientele being British now is not the time to hike up our prices, even though our ‘core’ prices have remained steady for several seasons. So that’s good news for you and not such good news for us, but we want you to feel good about reaching into your pocket when it comes time to settle your bill!

The opening weekend is right around the corner and we all look forward to seeing you soon. Stay tuned!

PS Katie had a fantastic time trick-or-treating with her friends last night. She had a brilliant costume that she put together herself and did all her own make-up before heading out into the darkness with the possibilty of some ‘clowns’ lurking about. Needless to say that Gill, Millie and I were tucked up in front of the fire doing our best to avoid the entire Halloween scene! (Photo at the bottom of the Out of Season Photos file)

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