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20 June 2007

25 July 2017
Off to Canada!

Millie, Katie and I are off to Canada July 27th and we’re all really looking forward to it. Unfortunately Gill isn’t coming but has a trip to Greece late-August to look forward to and we’re thinking of a long trip to Canada next summer starting in Calgary but then heading to Vancouver and then the Whistler area to visit my friend Tony and his family. That will suit Gill a lot better as there will be new places to see and lots of out-door activity.

Millie is in a golf tournament today and she and I have played in several together so far this summer with at least two more to come in August, while Katie loves her gym club and her trampoline in the garden, and has now graduated to back-tucks and back lay-outs. She also spent a day at tennis camp, which pleased Gill. Gill’s wrist is slightly better and she managed a 40-minute gentle hit with Millie yesterday so fingers crossed it continues to improve. My hip seems to have settled down for the most part and I can’t tell you what a relief that is!

Needless to say I was extremely pleased with Roger Federer’s win at Wimbledon. It was another stunning performance as he won the tournament without dropping a set, which hasn’t been done since Borg in 1979, and Roger’s Slam tally is now a 19 and counting. He couldn’t win the US Open as well could he? It’s incredibly that he and Nadal are back at the top of the men’s game after so many years of dominance by Djokovic and with a few Slams mixed in from Stan-the-Man and Murray there hasn’t been too many opportunities for Rafa and Roger until this year where they’ve rolled back the years to the delight of tennis fans everywhere. (Well, at least Penny G, Penny Mc, and I)

Millie has been taking her health and fitness very seriously and has just today launched her own website that she designed totally by herself. Bravo Millie! If you want to have a look you can find it here It’s pretty cool Millie!

I won’t be answering emails while I’m away so don’t think I’m ignoring you if you don’t get a reply. I’ll be back August 10th and will catch up on any ski school business then.

Have a happy summer and stay tuned!

PS Millie scored 36 points today and says she left a few out there!

12 July 2017
What an evening!

We had a fantastic birthday celebration with Liz and Fred and Millie thoroughly enjoyed her presents. Gill made wonderful paella and we washed it down with some fabulous wine. Mils a made a stunning avocado cheesecake for dessert and it was a cracking good meal! Millie is hosting a BBQ on Saturday with a few of her friends to wind-down her birthday week, and then she and I are in a Mixed Qualifying tournament on Sunday.

Millie enjoyed her D of E walk and her team managed to make it through without getting lost, which is pretty good going in itself. And Katie had a great time at her gym club and is really making progress now. The trampoline in the garden has improved her front-tucks enormously and she’s starting to develop some real strength in her thin body. The two of them are quite inspirational with their fitness and it’s rubbing off on Gill and I. Thanks girls!

And what a great match for Konta again yesterday. Her last three matches have all been seriously tough and she’s shown fantastic courage and character to get through them. Hopefully she can beat Venus and I’m hoping Federer can beat that Canadian chap this afternoon. Come on Roger!

PS And happy birthday Connie!

11 July 2017
Happy Birthday Millie!

It’s hard to believe that Millie is fourteen-years-old today! It seems like only yesterday when Gill and I were heading off to the hospital, and then the nurse announcing, “it’s a girl!”, and me bursting into tears when I saw her little nose that looked exactly like mine! What a day that was! Millie is off on her Duke of Edinburgh walk and returns home this afternoon for birthday celebrations with her grandparents.

What a great few days of sport as Wimbledon is my favourite sporting event of the year. It’s hard to beat two-weeks of sporting drama from early-afternoon until 9 o’clock and I’ve thoroughly enjoy watching Konta’s matches along with the absolutely sublime Roger Federer, who seems to be still improving as he approaches his 36 birthday. And what a finally set with Muller and Nadal last night! The final set was as long as many matches and it was high-tension all the way through. Brilliant! I’ve also been playing golf with my nephew Wils and lots with Millie and we have another Mixed Comp coming up this weekend which unfortunately will make it impossible to watch the Men’s Final, but it’s always better to be a player than a spectator, especially if you’re playing with your daughter. Gill and her Mum Liz are going to the Men’s Final and fingers crossed that they’ll see Roger play! I also managed to see the last test of the Lion’s tour at the golf club and what a fantastic final match that was that sent everyone home happy except the Kiwi’s!

I’ve posted a couple of photos of Katie on her trampoline, Millie on her way to her D of E walk and one of the girls before leaving to the theatre in London.

Katie’s off to gym club tonight before Millie’s birthday paella! Stay tuned!

PS And Happy Birthday to Ray on Bastille Day!

6 July 2017
Finally an update!

It’s been a while since the last update and if my photos were easier to deal with I’d probably be a little more motivated! I’ve posted a few but must admit to not really taking many photos so far this summer. There are some photos of the girls District Sports Day, some golf shots and a day at the beach with Millie’s friends for her birthday, which is next week (July 11th)

The girls have a few weeks of school still to go before we head off to Canada July 27th, and then we’re going to Greece for a week in August with Gill’s family to celebrate Liz’s 75th birthday. Unfortunately we won’t make it back to Val d’Isere this summer but we do have a fantastic summer to look forward to! Meanwhile, Millie and I have been playing lots of golf, while Katie is seriously into her gymnastics and has now taken up Aerial Hoops. She also has a trampoline in the garden, which she’s been after for ages and we finally gave in. It’s been keeping her off her electronic devices and it’s been a huge success! I’ll get some photos of her in action and post them shortly.

Gill still can’t play tennis due to her wrist and it’s a real disappointment for her. She loves her tennis and it’s her main form of fitness, and to make matters worse it bothers her at work as well. What a bummer! I had some good news on my hip x-ray which showed there hasn’t been any real deterioration since 2010 when I last had it looked at. Gill was spot on with her diagnosis saying my pain wasn’t coming from the joint, which is great news as I thought I might need an immediate hip replacement and was really worried about next winter. It needs constant stretching and occasionally gives me some serious grief after painting or too much gardening, but it’s much better than a month or so ago.

Stay tuned and I’ll try to update a little more regularly!

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