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20 June 2007

18 October 2017
It's been 25 years!

This season marks the 25th anniversary of Alpine Experience and it is amazing how the season’s have raced by. I just remembered this recently and I should sit down and write something about how the years have passed and some notably Alpine ‘landmarks’ but today isn’t that time as I’ve too much on the go at the moment.

Hopefully we’ll have our new website up to mark our 25th anniversary and we all look forward to skiing with you all soon.

Stay tuned!

PS Henry will be back in the UK doing his avalanche presentations and beeper-search sessions so check his HAT website for further details.

7 October 2017
A long-delayed price hike!

After delaying a price hike for several years we have finally decided that the time has come and we need to raise our morning prices. We had planned on raising our tariffs last year but changed our minds at the last minute due to the shockwaves of the Brexit vote, and although the pound is still suffering we feel we need to go ahead. Our prices have been lower than our competitors for several years now and even with a price hike we are still on par or slightly lower than the other schools and guiding services.

Please check the website for full details and we look forward to seeing you all soon. Stay tuned!

2 October 2017
Gill's weekend cancelled!

Unfortunately Gill’s friend Catherine was ill so Gill needed to postpone her weekend in Toulouse until mid-November. The weather in Toulouse over the weekend was terrible so hopefully both Catherine and Gill will have better luck then!

Meanwhile Millie and I played in the Adult/Junior Greensome’s at Burhill and although we weren’t at our best we did play some good golf and had a great time.

I’m busy at the moment refurbishing furniture for Katie has we’re redoing her room and have created some extra space for her.

Keep those booking rolling in and see you all soon. Stay tuned!

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