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20 June 2007

24 May 2018
Follow it all on the webcam's!

John Yates Smith’s YSE Photo of the Day showing John’s yellow car on the road to the Col de L’Iseran is really very impressive with incredible walls of snow on either side. And if you want to follow the progress of the new bubble-lift at La Daille go to the Office of Tourisme website and you can follow the demolition of the staff quarters and construction of the new lift on the La Daille webcam.

16 May 2018
What a relief!

Paul was discharged from hospital yesterday and should be able to fly home within the next few days. He’s had a scare and after ten days in hospital and 10 weeks away from NZ he can hardly wait to get home. Good luck Paul and see you next season!

15 May 2018
Good luck Paul!

After skiing in Val d’Isere for 8 weeks Paul G drove back to the UK with me and went to visit his friend Peter for a few days before flying back to New Zealand. Unfortunately about ten days ago Paul had some breathing problems during the night and has been in the East Surrey Hospital ever since as they are investigating potential heart conditions. I went to visit him on Sunday morning and he is in good spirits and seemed fine although he is very anxious and desperate to get back to his wife in NZ. He was sent to London for a scan yesterday and I’ll keep you posted on how he is getting on. Good luck Paul!

4 May 2018
Back in the UK

I’m back in England after a long but pretty easy drive back on Wednesday. Paul came with me and we set off at 5AM and fortunately didn’t need our wipers until we arrived in England! We arrived in time to catch a train an hour earlier than booked so that was a nice bonus. I haven’t played any golf yet as my back feels a little vulnerable after all that time in the car so Millie and I will try to play nine-holes on Saturday. I’ve a board comp next Wednesday so I need to get practicing!

The planning has been printed so anyone with dates for next season can get in touch and David B is the first one in the planning, again!

I’ve made some corrections on the May 1st post as I wrote it in a hurry and made several mistakes.

I think it’s still possible to donate to Ghiselle’s Brain Tumour Trust Fund so please do if you haven’t already done so.

Have a great summer and stay tuned for periodic updates!

1 May 2018
Job done on another wonderful season!

For some reason yesterday’s update didn’t upload, which is a bummer as I’d spent some time on it. We had a fantastic day yesterday skiing great powder and some spring snow lower down at the Fornet. It was non-stop all morning starting with the Combe du 3300, followed by the Combe du Geant, then another before going over the Col Pers and out through the gorge, then the Vallonnet and a Oh My! to finish. It was a stunning day and for some it was their best day of the season!

As for today’s finale we weren’t so lucky on the weather-front as it was grey and overcast and pretty jolly cold in places. My first thought was the Glacier Pers but on the webcams the Charvet had been in the sun for a couple of hours before the clouds rolled in and I thought it might have taken enough heat to have softened a little so Chris and I decided to ski our first Face du Charvet of the season on the last day of the season. Better late than never except it was on the firm side but a good adventure anyway. We then headed up to the Fornet and went over the Col and Chris ended up ‘skinning’ to the Glacier Pers, which was excellent powder followed by great spring snow to the bottom. I was coming along as well but when I arrived at Lechoir I only had Derek behind me. Sylvie eventually showed up to say she couldn’t see Paul and Dawn behind so I ended up walking back to look for them worrying about one of them being injured. As it turned out Dawn had had binding problems and thought they were broken so I dug out my duck tape to tape her in but fortunately it turned out that they were just jammed up with snow. Anyway the ski down was brilliant and we had a good chamois and bouquetin show at the bottom. It was a great last run and I wondered if anyone wanted to do another but fortunately everyone was cooked and we finished our season at 12:50.

It was another great season as that’s the only kind we have in this most wonderful place and I’ll write more soon. I need to get going as the car needs packing, the flat needs tidying and I haven’t really started yet! Have a brilliant summer and stay tuned!

PS Yesterday’s photos are up along with four from today.

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