A surprisingly good ski!

17 January 2011

The sun continues to beat down with the temperatures remaining unseasonable high, which is wonderful because if it’s not going to snow we might as well enjoy the weather. After wind, heat and tracks there isn’t that much on offer but all the teams enjoyed excellent skiing this morning. Thomas and Andreas went Tignes-way and ‘skinned’ to the Little Borsat West followed by the Familial while Chris and I had a good result in the Glacier Pers. (Jean was snapping away so he should have some good photos) Henry was out there as well although I’m not sure what he skied.

This afternoon I had Katie’s group and poor Chris drew the short straw and had the beginners as we took the local school children skiing. Thank god Gill showed up to help as I had my hands full trying to take care of five kids, non of whom could get on a lift on there own. You realize how dangerous the pistes are when you’re trying to keep such little people out of harms way with lunatics flying about. Bravo to all those, such as Tansy, who make taking care of children look so easy.

Sports Report- The Hammers are in trouble but my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in the AFC Championship game next weekend with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake. They had a superb win against Baltimore, winning 31-24 after being down 21-7 at halftime. Commiserations to Michael R, and Chris and Mikka, who’s Pat’s lost a tough one to the Jets.

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