Please think carefully about your postings!

18 January 2011

(It’s becoming clear that I haven’t totally expressed myself properly below. I’m not feeling sorry for myself as 90% of what’s been written about me has been complimentary. I’m speaking about the way people are throwing comments about, both in the press and on forums, without knowing the facts. I’m concerned about not only myself, but Didier and anyone who may be in a similar situation in the future.)

It’s come to my attention that there is a lot of ‘blogging’ going on through the various European ski websites regarding the recent avalanches here. Unfortunately very few people know the facts and even fewer can form an educated opinion worth posting on a website. Peoples lives are being talked about, their professional reputations, and perhaps even more importantly, how people are going to cope with the future are being affected by what people are now saying.

I’ve had wonderful support and have read every email, card and letter that I received. I’ve avoided reading the papers and have tried to read as little as possible. But I have read selected articles and postings that have been recommended to me by Andreas or others close by, and have very much appreciated postings such as Lou P’s fantastic entry and that of Tom S, and David P on Henry‘s site. The positive emails and postings allowed me to get out of bed after one day off and ski off-piste again. In fact I’ve skied off-piste every day since but two, when I went back to England to be a pallbearer at David’s funeral.

I’d started to sleep at night again and the healing process had begun, but I’m losing sleep again over blogs, discussion forums, and press articles that have been written without the facts. I know exactly what went on in my avalanche, which I’m happy to talk about, and I know what went on in Didier’s from Top Ski. He and Kiera are good friends of ours and Gill and I took care of their daughter for two afternoon/evenings while they had to deal with the horrible things one must deal with in these situations. Kiera told me everything that happened over a couple of afternoons.

I understand these discussion forms are to help keep you skiers informed and to educate, but they can also be dangerous if uninformed opinions are thrown about without adequate thought and knowledge of events. Please refrain from unnecessary comments that may do damage to those who are trying to get through a difficult time.

I know very few Alpine skiers are involved in these forums but I hope this reaches others that may read this diary.

As for today’s skiing, we had another decent day with Andreas skiing the Glacier Pers and Chris skiing the Pays Desert and Familial while I stopped early after the Pays Desert of prepare myself for the school children. (Good photos Jean!)

PS I’m not just speaking about myself as far as blogs go, but about others who have had problems.

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