Still scratching out some great skiing!

19 January 2011

We had another really enjoyable morning and managed some lovely pitches of frisset. After warming up with some testing snow in the little Borsat Nord, Chris and I headed up to the Grande Motte and skied some good piste en-route to the Rosolin. I left Chris with both groups, while I skied down to test the snow because of the ‘dreadlocks’, and after finding the snow wasn‘t fit for connoisseurs I cut out and met the rest back on the piste. From there we sniffed out some nice souffle and a few turns of soft snow here and there before a 10-minute ‘skin’ up to the Little Borsat West. There we had a 15-turn pitch followed by a 55-turn shot in excellent snow, then we finished off with a very nice Familial. Meanwhile Andreas skied the Sache with Peter and Olivia and found some good snow as well before finishing with the Familial.

The girls wanted to go to the new swimming pool this afternoon and they had a fantastic time. I finally got them out two-hours later and dropped them off with Joy and Al, who kindly bathed them, washed their hair, fed them and entertained them. Thanks you two! Adrian and Charlotte were there visiting and thought the girls were absolutely delightful, which is a total contrast to what Ruth, Stuart and Dave witnessed a few days back when Millie threw the worst tantrum of her life! Millie has now settled in at school, which is a great relief, and she is doing really well with her French, while little Katie has taken it all in her stride. Bravo girls!

The forecast for tomorrow isn’t so good with grey skies and wind on the horizon, but we’ll hope for the best.

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