Ambushed by the cold!

20 January 2011

The forecasted gloom never appeared and under bright skies Chris and I headed up to the Fornet with the Glacier Pers in mind. Big mistake! It was freezing cold, much colder than anticipated so we skied some nice souffle down to the Grand Torsai to get back into the sunshine as soon as possible. From there down it was dreadful as usual and we then bussed around to Bellevarde to finish with a lovely Familial.

It was chilly as well this afternoon and I cut my session a little short with the school children and Chris had his beginners up the mountain. Well done Chris!

I’m in a hurry as we’ve a torchlight parade in memory of ‘lost friends taken by the mountain’. Andreas and Thomas are also coming along while Chris man’s the shop and Henry has a radio interview.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more news!

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