Almost Canadian cold!

21 January 2011

It was -25C at 3000m’s this morning, burrrrr! Chris and I decided to stay in the sun so we skied some great piste en-route to the Sache where we protected from a chilly easterly wind. The big slope at the top was nice supporting soufflé and after a five-minute ‘skin’ we enjoyed some good frisset to the bottom. (Good photos again Jean)

Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas decided to give the Col des Fours a go and they had some wonderful snow. (Check Andreas’ Facebook page) Well done boys as besides Mont Roup three days after it’s the first time we’ve felt ready to spread our wings again.

TJ arrived yesterday afternoon and had a little putter about this morning and last I heard he was lunching with Dave, Stuart and Ruth and the Noble boys, Ian and Harry were going to join them. That sounds potentially dangerous to me!

The children’s ski school was cancelled this afternoon due to cold weather and the forecast is for more of the same over the next week. At least some forgotten areas are starting to regenerate and places that were un-skiable a few weeks ago are loosening up, which will give us a few more options.

Last night’s torchlight was a moving experience and there was a great turn-out.
There was a minutes silence before lighting up our flares and I’ve never skied the Face so quickly in my life and was well pleased to arrive in one peice at the bottom. Luckily TJ didn’t show up in time because it wouldn’t have been a nice frist-run of the season.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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