22 January 2011

We had another stunning day weather-wise and some fantastic skiing as well. Chris and I headed up to the Col des Fours and TJ came along to keep us company. TJ was forced into action as Joy and Al had ‘skin’ problems so he stayed behind then guided them down. Thanks TJ! Meanwhile the teams left some great tracks and it was nice to do a bigger tour again. Couteaux were necessary on the last traverse to the Col and we shared them around so everyone had at least one for the left foot.

Andreas ’skinned’ to Mont Roup and had a great ski as well on Peter and Olivia’s last morning. It was also Harry and Ian Noble’s last day and they’ve all had an excellent week. (Thomas has just reported decent conditions on the Foglietta as he did a reccy this morning)

We understand people’s concerns after the accidents so far this season, but the avalanche risk has dropped to 2/5 and believe me, we are taking it easy and skiing gentle slopes for the most part. (In fact, Andreas has just informed me that the risk is dropping to 1/5 tomorrow) It’s unfortunate that certain articles have misrepresented what is really going on here so please don’t be put off from skiing off-piste. (Believe me, 99% of the time you’re safer off-piste than on!)

I’m off for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants in town and Gideon has taken over from Red Ray as girl-sitter. Thanks Gideon!

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