Way to go Mel!

24 January 2011

TJ had an interesting start to the day as he took Doctor Laura’s mad dog Mel into Chevallot, which was a big mistake as Mel usually waits outside. Mel went wild as mad dogs do and poor TJ had to pay for the gateau that Mel ate. Bonjour TJ!

As for the skiing it was Pippa and Karl’s first morning and we had a nice run off the traverse from the Borsat before a little ’skin’ to the Borsat West followed by the Familial. Chris skied the same along with Dave and Sandy while Andreas took Mikkel and his Viking pals to the Glacier Pers. Although we’re in desperate need of snow we’re still managing some frisset each morning and mixed with some good piste skiing everyone is enjoying themselves. (Rumour has it we may get a few flakes mid-week)

Sports Report- The Steelers won a tight thriller against the New York Jets last night and will meet the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl as the Packers beat the Chicago Bears in the NFC final. Brilliant stuff! The Steelers are my most favourite sports team in the world and have given me enormous pleasure over the past 35-years or so. (It’s much easier being a Steelers fan than a Hammers fan, that’s for sure!)

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