A change of scenery!

25 January 2011

The teams spread out today in search of soft snow and it’s getting a little more difficult with each passing day, although we can hardly complain when we come across our own tracks from days gone by. TJ and I headed up towards the Gros Cavel at the Fornet, while Chris ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours and Thomas and Andreas tried Mont Roup.

For TJ and I it was a matter of a few turns here and a few turns there, mixed in with some good longer pitches, but the scenery was stunning and everyone thoroughly enjoyed being out there on our own. Karl made some very good progress this morning and found some rhythm and patience deserving of a ‘skier of the morning’ award. Well done Karl!

Chris had some great snow but he had to move back and forth to find it as it’s slowly becoming tracked out. Andreas and Thomas were in a similar situation on Mont Roup with John H and Mikkel’s teams.

I had a lovely email from Roddy Finlay today and I just wanted to say how much everyone misses the Finlay’s team in town. They’d been here a long time and had a huge following among Alpine clients. Richard F is arriving this weekend so were all looking forward to seeing him. Thanks Roddy.

No snow is in the immediate forecast although we may have a duller day tomorrow with 1cm of snow. (That’s Gideon’s forecast) I’d rather go without 1 cm and have sunshine instead!

Jean is off for two days so there won’t be any photos of the day.

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