Looking forward to seeing Chrissy!

26 January 2011

The sunshine continued today although first thing it looked as if some clouds might have rolled in, but they cleared off quickly. (Thank goodness!) TJ and Chris went out for an adventure and ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Suspendu (or Terre Rouge depending on what you prefer to call it) and they had a good long morning out. I skied the Sache and Familial while Thomas and Andreas ski on the Motte before a little Borsat West and Familial. We’re all grateful for a few soft turns here and there, which we’re still finding but it is getting tougher each day. Still, everyone is enjoying the solitude off-piste and once you return to the piste you realize how even limited off-piste is much more fun and relaxing than worrying about getting clobbered on the piste.

Chrissy is arriving tomorrow night for a few days and we’re all really looking forward to seeing her again and to get her skiing with her friends. Well done Chrissy, we’re all proud of you!

We may have an iffy morning tomorrow but no snow is on the horizon during the next week. Someone please do a snow dance or something!

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