A jolly good 'sniff'!

27 January 2011

I don’t need to tell you about the weather as nothing as changed, nothing but blue skies and -10C. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and had a surprisingly good Pays Desert where we ‘sniffed’ out some lovely snow before going over the Col for a ‘pisted’ Col Pers. Meanwhile Andreas took John H’s team up to the Col des Fours where the snow is still good but you need to slot yourself between other skiers tracks. Thomas went down to Ste Foy and scouted out a new route, which was excellent but needs a good two-hours ‘skin’ to get to it. TJ went along as well but needed to take half of Thomas’ group to lunch as they were knackered after the Foglietta.

I had a bit of an emotional day today as we invited representatives from the various schools in town for a discussion after I told my story of my avalanche on December 26th. It was a good social as well as trying to turn it into a learning experience. Thank you to all who attended.

Chrissy has taken a big step and come out for a few days skiing. We had a lovely meal here tonight along with TJ and Doctor Laura and Chrissy is warming up on the piste with her friend Ginger tomorrow before skiing off-piste with me on Saturday. Bravo Chrissy!

Sports Report- Well, with my man Federer gone and Rafa also knocked out, that annoying Scotsman Andy just might win his first Grand Slam. (I’m actually hoping for him now but only because Roger’s out) And what about the Hammers, I went to bed with them ahead 3-1 at halftime only to find them finding a way to throw it away 4-3 in the second half. Come on you Steelers!

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