A difficult walk but worth it!

28 January 2011

We had a long hard day today but very satisfying. Chris, Andreas and I went down to Ste Foy to ski Montseti and with the Foehn wind blowing in our faces it was a tough walk up. There were clouds trying to roll in form Italy and we thought about aborting our tour early on but decided the clouds would be held back, but it was still a worry most of the way up. Anyway we made it up in just over two-hours with fantastic scenery all the way, and we arrived to good visibility, which made all the difference. The snow was excellent most of the way and by the time we arrived at the bottom of the road it was close to 3PM.

Gill had a great ski with Chrissy, Ginger, Pastie, Shaun while TJ skied with Richard Finlay, and Suzanne has returned from a week sorting things out in Normandy

I had a lovely drink in the Bar 15 with Pippa and Carl and Joy and Al stopped by to say goodbye as they also leave in the morning, while John, Margaret, Richard H? and Clive arrive tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for grey skies and Foehn wind so I’d better get a good night’s sleep!

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