A good relaxing ski and great company!

29 January 2011

The forecasted gloom never arrived and we were thankful for another stunning sunny day. After yesterday’s exertions we took it easy today and had some lovely skiing. I took my team to the Sache via some good pistes and we skied the main couloir after climbing straight up from the chair. We then ‘skinned’ for five-minutes to access some nice soft snow then cut-out early to avoid the bottom section. From there we skied more piste before finishing a really good morning with some steep training under the Tommeuses Chair and into the Familial. Meanwhile Andreas finished a great week with his Scottish team up at the Fornet where they skied the Pays Desert and Col Pers. The boys had a fantastic time and walked really well when called upon. Neither Chris’ or TJ’s new clients showed up this morning so along with Suzanne they had a ‘birthday ski’ ski up in the Fornet.

Gill, Millie and Katie had a terrific ski this morning with Kiera and Anna. It’s amazing how much terrain they can eat up in a morning, and it’s now quite rare that any of the girls fall over unless they’re messing about and getting in each other’s way. Bravo girls! We then had a trip to the farm this afternoon and Serge in Jean Sports was complaining that we all smelled like cows!

I’d like to wish Chris and Gill’s Dad Fred a very Happy Birthday today. Enjoy your celebrations this evening boys, with Fred going out for a curry and Chris dining chez Laura’s. Bon appetit!

Today’s uninspiring forecast has now moved to tomorrow but with the clear blue skies we’re enjoying this afternoon it’s hard to imagine flat-light and grey skies.

PS. I just got off the phone from a chat with Thomas and I’m really proud of what he’s been up to lately. He’s been exploring in Ste Foy for a few days and has come up with some good routes and has also been to Les Trois Vallees, where he’s come up with some interesting skiing as well. Good effort and bravo Thomas! Thomas was also hit hard by my accident but he’s recovered well and is doing some great skiing.

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