A day of firsts!

30 January 2011

The day was nowhere near as bad as forecast and with the Fornet looking dark and cloudy we headed towards the sunshine and better light in Tignes. Chrissy was back in the saddle skiing with her pals Ginger, Pasty, and Shaun as well as Jean R and Richard F, and we trained on some steep slopes before skiing a couloir in the Sache. We then had a couple of pitches of soft snow before skiing some more steep en-route to the Familial. Brave and well done Chrissy! Meanwhile, Thomas took some Vikings to the Glacier Suspendu (Terre Rouge) where they had a good day out and TJ skied with Doctor’s Mike and Laura, as well as Richard Finlay.

Andreas took his two-year-old son Victor for his first-ever ski in Ste Foy followed by a family lunch, and Victor did the business and managed to stay on his feet. Well done Victor! Meanwhile Millie and Katie (Katie’s first) went ice-skating and had a great time with their friend Anna. I must say for a Canadian I’m an absolutely rubbish skater. In fact I’m embarrassed and blamed my poor performance on the rental skates!

This afternoon Millie had a piano lesson with Gideon and learned her first tune, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and then played her first recital for Gill and I. Brilliantly played if I say so myself and thank you very much Gideon.

A few flakes fell in the Fornet today and I’m sure we’ll be heading that way in the morning in search of something soft.

Sports Report- Bad day for Andy, good day for the Hammers. And well done Kim C!

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