What a wonderful surprise!

31 January 2011

Wow, what a morning! It had been socked-in up at the Fornet for the past 36-hours so we knew a few flakes had fallen, but we didn’t expect to find between 30 and 60 cm’s up on the Pissailles Glacier. (Check Jean’s photos if you think I’m exaggerating!) I thought we’d find between 15 and 20cm’s, which would have been nice, but what a wonderful surprise. Andreas, TJ, Henry and I all skied the Combe du 3300, Combe du Geant, and Pays Desert and TJ and Andreas then went over the Col for a late finish. We skied the morning away in flat-light knowing the rest of the resort had much better visibility and in some places sunshine, but we’ve just had three-weeks of sunshine and it was a pleasure to get something soft underfoot again. My team returned to town via the up-and-over chair (Leissieres Express) and we went from flat-light and deep powder to sunshine without hardly a flake of new snow. Quite incredible really.

Unfortunately it cleared up around 1:30PM so the Fornet will probably be hit hard this afternoon, but we should still be able to ‘sniff’ out some good snow up there for another few days or so. (At least the clear skies this afternoon will make for a pleasant time for Millie and Katie’s ski with the school) Tomorrow’s forecast is for a return to clear skies.

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