Another wonderful morning!

01 February 2011

The sun returned and by this morning everyone in the resort knew where the snow was, but we headed back up to the Fornet anyway for another stunning morning. I almost turned back from the Pays Desert as there was a group of ten people in front of me, but I kept going and when the entire group dropped off early into yesterday’s tracks I couldn’t believe my luck and it was clear sailing. We continued on and up and had two excellent pitches in 50cm’s at the top before cutting out to the left for fresh snow all the way to where we ‘skinned’ up for five-minutes to access the lower slopes. (The lower slopes have much less snow, around 15 to 20) It was then decision time about going over the Col or doing another and we opted to stay put and ski the Pays Desert again. Brilliant! (My team of Jean R, Nick, Gideon, Gill, Chrissy and John E skied really well this morning but a joint ‘skier of the day’ award goes to John E and Chrissy. Bravo!) Henry was in the neighbourhood with an initiation group and I’m not too sure where Thomas was. (Great photos Jean and Gideon)

Meanwhile Chris, TJ and Andreas all headed over the Col and ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Pers. The snow isn’t as deep back-side but they had great skiing in 15 to 20cm’s (report from Chris) and wonderful ambience. They skied down all little further than the normal cut-out point and ‘skinned’ back up, while Andreas and his group of Vikings skied the Glacier Pers then ‘skinned’ back up towards the Gros Caval for some extra skiing.

Sports Report- Looks like both Liverpool and Chelsea will be happy with the last day of the transfer window, but Newcastle fans will be a little angry. It was a good window for West Ham as we picked up four or five good new players. (Unfortunately we need them)

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