Way to go West Ham!

03 February 2011

I was always going to have a great day after the Hammers 3-1 win away at Blackpool last night and I had a little extra bounce in my step this morning. The sun was shinning again and I headed up to the Fornet with my team to ski the Glacier Pers. We had Shane and Stephen along for the first-time with ‘Alpine’ and for their first-ever ‘skin’, and they had a wonderful time and signed up for more again tomorrow. The snow on the top pitch was excellent before becoming a little bit more dense lower down, but all in all, it was jolly good top-to-bottom. It was nice to have Catherine K along, as well as Remy, Jean, Gideon, and Gill. (And as usual Jean did a great job with his photos.)

TJ was up at the Fornet as well with Bunny’s team skiing the Pays Desert before going over the Col while Chris, Tejina and Suzanne ‘skinned’ up towards the Ouille des Tretetes. (I assume that’s where Chris was sneaking off to this morning although I haven’t had a report!)

Andreas has been having a great time this week with his Norwegian team of Olav (regular Diary reader), Thomas, Eir and Joakim, and today they ‘skinned’ up to the summit of the Sana. It took them just under three-hours and they had a well-deserved rest while admiring the stunning views from the top. Skoal Vikings!

Millie and Katie are skiing with their school again in the afternoons this week and they are both getting on really well at school now. Both are speaking French in class and occasionally in public, and they’re loving the skiing, ice skating, swimming, tobogganing, and of course the social life. (Millie’s also getting into some piano next door with Gideon while Katie is threatening to sing) Good girls!

It clouded over this afternoon with thin and high white cloud and the temperatures are much warmer than a few days ago, but still no snow is in the immediate forecast.

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