Well done Catherine, John and Jeremy!

04 February 2011

Everyone headed back to the Fornet again this morning for another day in the sunshine. My team spent the entire morning in the Pays Desert where we used our ‘skins’ twice and hiked out at the bottom. We had pretty good snow most of the way and John E and Catherine K shared the ‘skier of the morning’ award as they both performed brilliantly! (Jean R had the morning off so there aren’t any ski shots from today)

David’s son Jeremy and his great friend Jerry skied this morning with Andreas and they started in the Combe du Signal before heading upstairs and over the Col to the Glacier Pers. They had an excellent morning and finished off with lunch at the Edelweiss. Nice one boys and well done Jeremy! (Olav and Thomas finished a great week today and we look forward to seeing them again next season.)

Meanwhile, Thomas and Chris took their teams for a ski down to the Refuge de Prariond before ‘skinning’ back out to the Grand Torsai and TJ started at the Fornet with Bunny’s team before finishing with the Tour du Charvet.

The forecast is for continuing sunshine until at least next Thursday so I wish a few more people would make an effort in keeping their tracks a bit closer. There is still some nice snow about but it makes me mad watching what’s left being wasted. Stay tuned!

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