We had another really good day of skiing

29 December 2007

We had another really good day of skiing with Chris and I skiing way skiers-left on Mont Roup while JM and Andreas skied at the Fornet. Pietro is back in action but I’m not too sure what he skied today. His family is here for a holiday and Andreas’ Dad left this morning after spending Christmas with Andreas, Tansy and the lovely Ness. Gill and I took Millie out for a little ski yesterday but she was tired and it wasn’t our best outing. Gill also managed her first off-piste session of the season this morning, thanks to Julia. And Jean R and Raya had an excellent drinks party tonight, merci beaucoup. We may see a little snow and flat light tomorrow before returning to sunshine on Monday. Fingers crossed for a little snow because a change of conditions would be welcome and skiing in flat light with what’s on offer will not be easy or very inspiring.

Sports Report- You regular followers can imagine how pleased I am about being able to write this report. What a day of Premiership action! First up of course is West Ham beating Man U 2-1 at Upton Park. After going down a goal after ten minutes I crossed my fingers and hoped that the flood gates wouldn’t open, and what a performance to hold United and get two headed-goals from defenders. Rob (father of nephew and Hammers fan Wils) was so cocky he told Wils if the Hammers won today he’d give him his ski chalet and his apartment in London. I hope ten-year-old Wils asks his Dad for the deeds! And what a win for Arsenal away from home against one of the hottest teams in the league. They won 4-1 vs Everton to go back on top when many thought they were about to fade away. Towards the bottom of the table both Sunderland and Boro won massive matches against tough teams that will give them confidence when they most need it. Sorry Radio Will but I haven’t a clue what happened in the rugby today but I am starting to pay attention. Ohhh, I’m feeling good tonight!

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