A brighter afternoon!

05 February 2011

There was a high thin cloud, which partially blocked out the sun this morning and after days of beautiful sunshine it wasn’t very welcome. I decided on a change of scenery after what seems to be weeks on end at the Fornet so I headed towards the Motte on a scouting mission. We skied piste en-route to Tignes followed by some souffle off the cable-car before a 10-minute ‘skin’ to the little Borsat West, where we had some good soft snow. After returning to Val via piste we had a little play in the Jardin de Borsat to finish. (Penny was on great form after returning from a terrific week in Canada and Jean is back with his photos)

Meanwhile TJ and Catherine ‘skinned’ for two-and-a-half hours towards the Sana and had good skiing while Andreas’ team of Jeremy, Jerry and Lou had a nice morning ‘skinning’ to the Col des Fours.

I had a superb afternoon skiing with Millie, Katie, and Doctor Laura. The annoying cloud cover had cleared off during lunch and I was surprised by the girls progress as I haven’t skied with them for about ten days. (Wouldn’t it be nice to make major progress every ten-days!)

It’s a big weekend in sport as the Premiership title and relegation battles rage on, the Six Nations is under way, and my Pittsburgh Steelers are trying for their seventh Super Bowl on Sunday night. Come on West Ham and you Steelers!

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