Come on you Steelers!

06 February 2011

It’s hardly worth mentioning the weather as the weather continues to be bright and sunny, and except for the lack of snow, perfect! I returned to the Fornet after my exploratory mission in Tignes yesterday with Penny and Jean and we had a relaxing ski in very good snow in the Pays Desert. We did three short ‘skins’ and had soft snow top-to-bottom.

Meanwhile Andreas went to Bonneval with Jeremy, Jerry, John D, and Lou and they had a great day out. Unfortunately they had to wait a couple of hours for their helicopter back as their pilot was busy rescuing 11 people from the gorge. (It’s that time of year again!)

Thomas skied some steep slopes in Tignes and TJ had a piste ski with some French wine makers from Bordeaux. Sounds promising!

Gill skied with Katie this afternoon while I took Millie to the ice rink where she met up with Anna. They had a great time together, which relieved me of my duties on the ice, thank goodness! We then met up at John and Margaret’s for tea and homemade treats. Thanks Margaret. (And thanks for a great meal last night Laura, bummer Mel ate Millie’s glove for dessert!)

Sports Report- After a brilliant mid-week victory the Hammers weekend was a total nightmare. First off, Wigan won, then the real kick in the goolies was Wolves beating Man United, and then to top it off West Ham lost 1-0 at home to Birmingham. Woe is me! I’ll feel better tomorrow however if the Steelers win the Super Bowl tonight!

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